How to Watch Disney+ Abroad

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Disney+, the magical world of Disney’s vast content library, may pose challenges when trying to watch it abroad due to geographical restrictions.

To continue enjoying Disney+ from anywhere in the world, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Why Use a VPN for Watching Disney+ Abroad?

Disney+ restricts access to its content based on your geographical location due to licensing agreements. A VPN allows you to change your IP address, making it appear as if you’re accessing Disney+ from within the country where the content is available, thereby bypassing these restrictions.

Choosing the Right VPN

Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
$2.99 / month$6.29 / month$2.03 / month
50 Countries105 Countries91 Countries
5,000 Servers7,500 Servers6,000 Servers
AES-256 EncryptionAES-256 EncryptionAES-256 Encryption
6 DevicesUnlimited DevicesUnlimited Devices

Selecting a reliable VPN is crucial for a seamless streaming experience. NordVPN is recommended due to its robust security features, extensive server network, and user-friendly interface.

Steps to Watch Disney+ Abroad with NordVPN

1. Subscribe to NordVPN

Visit the NordVPN website and subscribe to a plan that suits your needs. Create your NordVPN account during the subscription process.

2. Download and Install NordVPN

Download the NordVPN application on your device. Install the application following the provided instructions. NordVPN supports various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

3. Log in to Your NordVPN Account

Open the NordVPN app and log in using the credentials you created during the subscription process.

4. Choose a Server

Once logged in, you’ll see a list of available servers. Choose a server in a location where Disney+ is accessible. Opting for a server in the United States is often a reliable choice.

5. Connect to the Chosen Server

Click the “Connect” button to establish a connection to the selected server. NordVPN will secure your connection and assign you an IP address from the chosen location.

6. Access Disney+

Open your web browser or the Disney+ app and navigate to the Disney+ website. With NordVPN connected, you should be able to access Disney+ as if you were physically located in the server’s country.

7. Enjoy Disney+ Abroad

Congratulations! You’ve successfully unlocked Disney+ abroad with NordVPN. Now, you can continue to watch your favorite Disney movies, TV shows, and exclusive content, regardless of your actual location.

What to Watch on Disney+

  1. The Mandalorian – Exciting space adventures with Baby Yoda.
  2. Frozen – A magical journey with Elsa and Anna.
  3. Toy Story – The classic tale of toys coming to life.
  4. Moana – A brave girl’s oceanic quest.
  5. WandaVision – Marvel superheroes in a sitcom twist.
  6. Coco – A heartwarming story set in the Land of the Dead.
  7. The Lion King – Join Simba on his epic journey.
  8. Soul – An animated journey through life’s purpose.
  9. Zootopia – A bunny cop and a slick con artist solve a mystery.
  10. Pixar Shorts – Bite-sized animated delights for all ages.

These are just a few gems waiting for you on Disney+!


By following this guide, you can easily watch Disney+ abroad using NordVPN. Overcoming geographical restrictions becomes a straightforward process, allowing you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Disney from any corner of the globe.

So, whether you’re traveling or residing outside the country, grab your device, connect to NordVPN, and enhance your streaming experience with Disney+!

FAQ Watch Disney+ Outside of the US

Can I use NordVPN to watch Disney+ in regions outside the country where Disney+ is typically available?

Yes, NordVPN enables you to watch Disney+ from regions outside the country by connecting to a server in a location where Disney+ is accessible.

Is NordVPN legal to use for watching Disney+ abroad?

Yes, using NordVPN to watch Disney+ abroad is legal, allowing you to bypass geographical restrictions without violating any laws.

Does NordVPN offer additional security features while streaming Disney+?

Yes, NordVPN provides advanced security features like Double VPN and CyberSec, enhancing your online security while streaming Disney+ content.

Can I access the full Disney+ content library using NordVPN, including movies, TV shows, and exclusive content?

Yes, by connecting to a server in a location where Disney+ is accessible, NordVPN should grant you access to the full content library, including movies, TV shows, and exclusive content.

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