Zoho Mail Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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  • Strong encryption keep your data safe
  • Fair priced


  • Only 200+ Server

Zoho Mail is a reliable, trusted, and secure integrated email solution for your business’s communication needs. It features Bookmarks, Notes, Contacts, Tasks, and a Calendar, making your organization’s communication easy. It also has an extensive collection of solutions and apps. Zoho is more than an inbox!

Review Video Zoho Mail – What Is Zoho Mail?

Enjoy quick migration from other email providers and easy implementation. It’s ideal for organizations looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable and easily configurable mail program. 

Features of Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail comes with several features, some of which were introduced in August 2021. These features ensure that you enjoy flawless communication with your employees. These features include:

  1. Domains

Zoho Mail allows you to create domain-based emails for your workers and create email groups for various departments in simple steps. Features such as domain and email aliases enable you to manage custom domains easily.

  • Hassle-free Migration

Transferring emails from your former email service provider is simple with Zoho Mail’s migration tool. You can transfer your emails via Outlook Exchange or IMAP/POP server smoothly to your Zoho Mail.

  • Privacy Assurance

Zoho Mail‘s servers enable you to access data, and at the same time, keeps it secure. Zoho Mail encrypts information fully and never sells or discloses it to advertisers, emphasizing the respect it has for your data. Zoho Mail has superior security like TLS, S/MIME, EAR, AND 2FA, and GDPR compliance, adding protective layers to all your data.

  • 24-hour Customer Support

Zoho Mail has a technical support team available 24 hours a day; the team will assist you, whether over the phone or via email. Contact Zoho Mail at [email protected]!

  • Communication and Organization Features

Zoho Mail allows you to track your daily work using a robust calendar, bookmarks, notes, and tasks. Use these features to communicate with your workers and run things smoothly.

  • Zoho Apps

Zoho Mail apps like Docs, Projects, Creator, and CRM enable you to perform several actions from your inbox.

  • Team Up

Hang out and collaborate with your better. Zoho Mail allows you to share notes, create events, assign tasks, or make announcements with your workers. Your teammates can share, comment, or like in a social-media style via Streams.

  • Share

You can share your drafts to have them reviewed before sending them. You share your drafts to converse without confusing replies and forwards. You can also send several emails at once or share folders for discussion.

  • Explore

The explore feature in Zoho Mail allows you to organize your attachments in one spot, by type, which means no more looking for files. You can resend, upload to the cloud, share, or preview your attachments. This feature allows you to explore and do more with your attachments.

  1. Clean-up Features

Set up rules or filters to organize your emails; this feature ensures that your incoming emails are directed where they need to be, which keeps your inbox clean.

  1. Out of Office

You can set the Out of Office alert to let your contacts know you’re not available and that you’ll get back to them.

  1. Advanced Search

Zoho Mail has the Advanced Search feature that enables you to search for anything in your inbox.

  1. Authoritative Control Panel

Use the Zoho Mail control panel to create and manage your business’s mail accounts. The Control Panel is a cloud command center that gives you access to all devices, be it the Zoho Mail Admin app, Apple devices, web, Android devices, or desktop.

  1. User Management

Admins and Super Admins can view every user’s access, remove, or add users, reset email accounts passwords, and create email aliases.

  1. Group Management

You can create Zoho Mail accounts for different teams and assign users as members or moderators.

  1. Email Policies

You monitor everything via audit logs, control your organization’s sending and receiving email parameters, and customize GDPR-compliant Zoho Mail policies.

  1. Two-factor authentication

This feature lets you guard your organization’s data and ensure that all users have secure access to their Zoho Mail accounts.

  1. Streams

Zoho Mail has extensive integrations not just with apps but with other renowned platforms like Zapier; this enables you to connect your email with over 750 3rd party apps and come up with personalized workflows.

  1. Reminder Options for Streams

Zoho Mail has two reminder options for bookmarks, events, notes, and messages, allowing you to set reminders for yourself or other users.

  • Editable Stream Content

If you have made an error in your Streams comments or posts, you only need to click on the Editoption in the Action menuto fix it quickly.

  • Zoho Sheet

You don’t have to download your XLSX/XLS files to use them anymore! You can view, share, and edit your excel attachments by copying them to Zoho Mail’s Zoho Sheet directly from the mailbox.

  • EML Viewer Mails Compose Options

Zoho Mail comes with Forwarding, Reply All, and Reply options. You can forward a single email to all users, making it very convenient.

  •  Keyboard Shortcuts for Snooze and Scrub

After choosing an email, you can use the keyboard shortcut b + w to snooze and scrub your emails.

  • Deliver & Deny Emails Options

The Deliver and Deny is a new Zoho Mail option that allows you to perform different operations concurrently.

  • Export Tab

Zoho Mail’s Export Tab feature accommodates all your emails that need to be exported, and you can download them at any time.

  • System-Level Spam Rejection

This feature provides an additional security layer by discarding unwanted Zoho Mails before they reach your inbox.

  • Email Snooze

This feature enables you to store the not-so-important emails in the Snoozed folder. You can spot the crucial emails easily, saving you time and making it very convenient.

  • Block/Unblock Option

Zoho Mail’s block/unblock feature enables you to block or unblock users directly from the emails you receive from them.

  • HubSpot BCC email address

Zoho Mail’s HubSpot BCC email address feature allows you to send emails from the HubSpot extension. You can add the BCC mail address and attach your emails to matching HubSpot contacts.

  • Unified Calendar

The unified Calendar makes your scheduling intuitive and more manageable; it unifies all your events in a single place, enabling you to manage them efficiently.

  • DRE Connectors

Are you looking forward to improving or accessing the data of Zoho Mail or 3rd party services?  Use the DRE connectors feature and integrate your email with any application that you prefer.

  • Access CRM Templates

Integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Mail has been made easier. With a single click, you can flawless insert the Zoho CRM templates from the compose window.

  • Easy Navigation

You can easily navigate Zoho Mail and access the most-used applications by pinning three extensions at the right-hand side pane. You don’t need to go to the e-widget section to achieve the same results.

  • Empty Sent

Are you looking to empty your Sent folder in your Zoho email? With a single click of the Empty Sent button, you will delete all your sent messages.

  • All Archived View

This is a new Zoho Mail feature that enables you to view all archived emails from any of existing folders.

  • ZeptoMail

Zoho Mail’s ZeptoMail is designed to enable you to send transactional emails from your application or application without any hitches. With Email API and SMTP setup options, it has never been easier!

Pros/ What We Liked/ Ideal For

  1. Mail Merge

The Zoho Mail Merge feature enables you to send personalized emails to many people at a go! It could be payroll alerts, interview calls, or holiday wishes; you only need to add your template and the file source and send your personalized email at a go!

  • Zoho Show

Zoho Mail’s Zoho Show feature allows you to use your PowerPoint attachments flawlessly. You don’t have to download PPTX/PPT attachments to use them. The Zoho Show feature enables you to open, edit, and share presentation-based attachments directly from your emails.

  • Signatures

Zoho Mail lets you add email signatures with your company’s links to websites and logos, making them look professional.

  • User Profile Selection

The user profile selection feature enables you to check in and check out, change the availability status, and monitor the office timings from your profile; this is a critical aspect since it allows you to work remotely.

Pricing & Plans of Zoho Mail

Verdict of Zoho Mail

Having been a commercial email provider for over a decade, Zoho Mail is prepared to solve any challenges relating to enterprise privacy and protection.

Zoho Mail ensures that you manage complex workflows, large data volumes, and user accounts easily. Zoho Hub is undoubtedly one of the best email options for business owners.

Overall Zoho Mail Rating

Rated 2.7 out of 5
2.7 out of 5 stars (based on 18 reviews)
Very good17%

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