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  • Strong encryption that protects your data
  • Excellent Spam Protection
  • Old mail provider with good history


  • Not the cheapest solution

Are you using a free webmail account like Gmail? Are you wondering why to switch to a premium webmail account like ProtonMail? Well, we have a reason for you.

With a free webmail account like Gmail, you escape the costs of a premium account. However, you authorize your service provider with the power to dig into your emails. This invasion of your privacy is what a premium webmail account saves you from.

With complete protection to privacy, these premium webmail accounts also help block and remove unnecessary ads due to your recent activity. Well, that’s what ProtonMail is for.

Review Video ProtonMail – What Is ProtonMail?

ProtonMail, a webmail account service, offers you end-to-end encrypted mails with zero access encryption. Besides, it also comes with a file storage system and calendar. So, without delay, let’s get started.

Being the world’s largest email service with total security and privacy, it is committed to increasing its privacy features. Well, you may consider it as a better version of Gmail,, etc.

Now, let’s look into the features of ProtonMail.

Features of ProtonMail

While we have discussed a hell lot about ProtonMail, it’s high time to look over its benefits. So, along with privacy and security, the benefits includes:

1. End-to-end Encryption: With an end-to-end encryption feature crawling into your email service, no one except you and your recipient can read or dig into your mail. Not even the developers can do this.

Well, that’s what it offers its users. You might be wondering that this end-to-end encryption is only for emails exchanged between ProtonMail users. But, ProtonMail also provides these services to a user who wishes to send a mail to a non-ProtonMail user.

A link is sent to your non-ProtonMail recipient, directing him to an encrypted message on his browser. The mail will be decrypted when you share your passphrase with your recipient. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

2. PGP Support: It comes along with a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption software. Once a user enables this option, all the messages of the user get encrypted.

The user is provided with public & private keys. While sending an email, the user would exchange a public key along with his recipient. The recipient decrypts the mail only when he supports the public key with his private key, adding another layer of privacy.

3. Customized Labels: Along with the folder options available for group emails, it also includes labels that you can add to any specific email. You don’t need to fear its interference with your original folder categorization. Even deletion of the label won’t affect the emails in the folders.

4. Quick Filters & Keyboard Shortcuts: The traditional email services have zero-knowledge encryption of mails. As a result, the index or search of any email content seems impossible.

However, ProtonMail comes to the limelight with its fantastic search capabilities, where you also have the option of saving keywords.  These great filter options & saved keyboard shortcuts help you search any email with other details about them.

5. Two-factor Authentication: Adding an extra layer to its privacy features, it pops up with its two-factor authentication. Now, no hacker or anyone can crack your passwords until they have access to your phone. Once you get an authenticator app on your phone, your account is completely secured.

6. Shortened Domain Addresses: With ProtonMail, you can shorten your mail addresses from [email protected] to [email protected]. In addition to that, you don’t need to limit your number of lessons from a single account.

7. Easier Migration of information: It comes along with a proprietary app by which you can transfer all data, even from other email inboxes, to a new place. So, if you are a busy businessman, this feature might lure you into getting ProtonMail.

8. Anonymous & Self Destructing Messaging: With no records of any personal data during the initial step of setting up, it allows you to send anonymous emails to anyone. An add-on to this feature is that it also doesn’t track your IP address which ensures zero chances of invasion of your privacy.

Like Snapchat, it has the feature of self-destructible messages where a message is removed from the recipient’s box after a fixed time. These features are alluring and protective.

9. Multiple Themes & Layouts: With six different themes for both dark & classic theme lovers, it has become more attractive. Besides additional enhancements in themes, the user also can customize layouts of icons, composers, and others.

10. ProtonVPN: While registering for ProtonMail, you also get access to its free VPN service, which protects your privacy even while browsing the Internet. Isn’t that amazing and alluring?

Pricing & Plans of Proton Mail

Storing your mails and information under the guidance of such high privacy mail services will surely cost high. If you are thinking this, you are wrong. ProtonMail comes along with a free version apart from its pricing plans.

However, there are some limitations to the free version. Let’s look closer into its pricing plans and choose the best one suited for you.

The various pricing plans are as follows:

1. ProtonMail Free

2. ProtonMail Plus

3. ProtonMail Professional

4. ProtonMail Visionary

Let’s discuss each of these plans along with the features offered by them.

ProtonMail – Free

The features offered by it in its free version are:

1. 1 user, one address: This free plan is most suitable for personal uses. That’s because only one user can acquire an email address to suit his daily needs. Besides, the user enjoys the privilege of categorizing his files only in 3 folders.

2. Storage of 500 MB: It might not sound great. But yes, it’s enough if you clear your mailbox daily. In cases of transfer of high-resolution data, you may need to remove your mail repeatedly.  It has a fantastic feature where the storage is constantly shown to the user. Hence, you can quickly know when you need to delete and clear your mail.

3. 150 mails per day: For personal uses, isn’t this space enough? It must be enough for most people. However, in case you need more privileges, you will need to upgrade your plans.

However, there is a disadvantage to using this version. That’s the limited customer support. Although you will have many FAQs to solve your fundamental problems, the customer service in the free version is not much appreciable.

ProtonMail – Plus

At a reasonable price of $4/month, the  Plus plan offers you a lot of services. You get handed over five email aliases. With 5GB storage and 1000 emails per day, the numbers skyrocket drastically.

You also have the option of sending encrypted emails to non- ProtonMail users. With priority & dedicated customer support, you also enjoy the benefits of having 200 folders for your files.

ProtonMail – Professional

Want to enhance the email security of your business? The Professional plan is only for you at the rate of $75/ year. With storage of 5GB, five addresses for about 5000 users, the user gets the benefits of sending unlimited messages in a day.

Adding on to the features, you also get two customized domain names, autoresponders, and excellent multi-user support. With this plan, you have no minimum count of folders that you can use for your mails. Besides these, the customer service and priority for this plan are pretty better.

ProtonMail – Visionary

With a luring storage offering of 20GB, unlimited folders & messages, ten custom domains & ProtonVPN, here’s what the ProtonMail Visionary plan surprises you with.

Apart from this, you also get autoresponders, multi-user support, and catch-all email for six users and 50 addresses. All of these features come at the price of $288/year.

Verdict of Proton Mail

ProtonMail comes along with unique features at reasonable prices. Now, let’s peep into the advantages of using it over other webmail services. The benefits of using ProtonMail are:

1. Your data & mails belong solely to you. Hence, only you can read them.

2. With zero-access encryption, ProtonMail offers improved security in cases of breaches of privacy and data.

3. With VPN services and anonymity, the issues of hacks from attackers are fewer now.

4. Being protected by Swiss and European privacy laws, the cases and privacy features are addressed more stringently.

5. Along with its data security & neutrality features, ProtonMail is user-friendly and easy to use.

Disadvantages of using ProtonMail

Along with its numerous advantages, ProtonMail also comes along with some disadvantages or drawbacks. These are:

1. It uses a phone number for the verification process.

2. The subject lines in emails are not encrypted.


ProtonMail is a great secure webmail assistant. Although it has two drawbacks, it’s seriously not a deal-breaker. With its database based in Switzerland, you seriously don’t need to bother about privacy and privacy checks.

Rest assured! You and your data are in the safe hands of ProtonMail. But before you get ProtonMail for yourself and your business, look into the pricing and features offered by each pricing. It will help you choose your plan better.

FAQ ProtonMail

Is using ProtonMail safe?

Yes, ProtonMail is safe for users as its database is based in Switzerland.

What’s the price of ProtonMail Plus?

The price of ProtonMail Plus is $48/year.

ProtonMail or Gmail: Which is safer?

Undoubtedly, ProtonMail is safer because of its end-to-end encryption.

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