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  • Great Password Manager
  • Easy To Use
  • Supports Many Websites


  • Limited Free Version

Review video of 1Password – Where safety comes first

When it comes to keeping your passwords safe online, 1Password stands out as one of the best password managers. Just like other password managers, 1Password is dedicated to ensuring a secure environment for its users. It allows you to store passwords for social media accounts, billing addresses, card details, and even WiFi passwords.

Launched in 2005 by AgileBits Inc., the app/site is available in more than seven languages, including Italian, Deutsch, Francais, and more.

The primary goal of 1Password is to offer a storage space where you can encrypt and decrypt your data effortlessly. Along with its user-friendly interface, the security measures are up-to-date, ensuring the safety of your data.

It employs top-standard algorithms like AES 256-bit methods to protect your information from various threats and theft.

While the master pin/password makes your account highly secure against attacks and leaks, it’s worth noting that 1Password does not support fingerprint authentication.

Therefore, it’s more commonly used by people with desktops or PCs. Many organizations and businesses, such as IBM, PagerDuty, and GitLab, rely on 1Password for safeguarding their personal data.

Interesting Features and characteristics

1Password is a great choice for keeping your information safe from any kind of threat or breach, making it a worthwhile tool to use. When you visit the site, it feels welcoming and homey. The top priority of 1Password is the security of your confidential details, and like other password managers, it offers some excellent features to its users.

Personalized Storage Space

With 1Password, customers can create different sections in the vault for various types of data. For instance, you can manage and organize personal data in one section and work-related passwords and details in another.

1Password keeps your data neatly organized into separate sections, making it easy to find when needed. You even get unlimited virtual memory, up to 1 gigabyte, which is more than enough for most users.

Secrets Automation

If you are running a business, then you should trust 1Password because it keeps and protects the secrets information within and it can be retrieved whenever needed. From the emails passwords to personal certificates and API tokens; everything will be in safe hands.

Granular Access control

It allows the user/users to access specific amount of data at a specific time. For example administrator grant access to only some sections of the data for particular user, they will only look in to the available data without harming the restricted data. This make data breaching impossible when you are outside country by hiding it from other users.

Password monitors

Your data is in secured hands but if some one try to break or crack your passwords, an alert notification is send to you about any issue regarding the data. Like weak or duplicate passwords are also identified on regular basis, so you can maintain your data for further use. The strength reports are generated on regular basis to check the old, new, strong, weak or duplicate passwords.

Your passwords are monitored 24/7, so no one can break into them but the 1Password never look into your data or never use it for personal issues. The audit company also audit the passwords and high standard dashboards are also available for the 1Password users.

Importing data

Once a ID or password is entered in to the encrypted vault of 1Password, then you never need to write it while logging in to any social media site. It will auto save and then fill it for your ease. If you give it the access to import information from the browsers, it will also save in separate section for your further use. It also fill different documents and forms for your ease.

Sharing data

You can share your encrypted password to other users too without getting attacked by any hacker. As 1Password uses the two factor authentication technique for the security of data, that’s why it is impossible to crack it from any external source. A person who knows a master password can open the vault and access the data.

The AES 256 bit technique used by 1Password makes sure that the data is in safe hands. As 1Password provides the customers with 34 digit master password/pin that is used to open your encrypted vault. So you can trust and rely on the security policies and add your data into the vault without any doubts.

Usability – Come forward towards protection

No matter where you lives and where you working, 1Password works everywhere. Signing up process needs an email and a six digit code, that will send on your email for verification. Once you go through the set up process, you just need a master password to open your vault. An emergency kit generate a secret key for you, just save it some other place. If you forget the master key, you will use the secret key to access the account.

1Password make it easy for you because it is accessible from most of the web browsers including chrome, safari, opera, Firefox and edge etc. The browser extensions are easy to use and perform all of the main functions  it offers. If you want to use the app, you can download it on your desktop and mobile too.

Whichever OS user are you, it promises to secure your passwords and details. Just save your credentials and 1Password will autofill and reuse them whenever needed. So most of the organisations and businesses prefer using 1Password for saving their important data and details.

How much 1Password costs?

The only drawback of 1Password is that it doesn’t has free version but the only way to use it, is to buy it. So if you are a single user then use 1Password personal. It keep your data secure regardless of which browser or OS you are using. Just buy it in $2.99 per month and have a storage of 1GB, which is a very cost effective plan for new users too. There is a money back guarantee for almost 14 days.

But if you want a sharing plan, in which family can share data or group of people want to share data simultaneously then you should buy the family plan with a money back guarantee. But it in just $4.99 per month and make a connection of more than five devices at a time. It also allow you to assign different permissions to the other members like view only, edit the file etc.

For any organisation where more than 9 users share the data, then you should buy the teams started pack, that allows the 10 users to connect simultaneously and share the credentials without any worry. Just pay $19.95 per month and get unlimited storage with different permissions. Share whatever you want to share with in huge space.

If you are running a business then you should buy flexible business plan that is available in $7.99. The VIP security and permissions are available for this plan with a maximum storage of 5GB. No matter which plan you are using, the security level and authentication is up to date.

Customer support

The support system of 1Password is very professional, as it provides bundles of articles and blogs. So you can search any of your issues and problems. But if the matter doesn’t resolve then you can email them about your concerns. Huge collection of FAQs and forums will help you to find the answers to your all questions. But live chat option is lacking here but the FAQs and articles will surely solve your problem.

Our verdict

If we talk about the interface, features and plans 1Password offered, then surely it is on right direction. The main concern of 1Password is to provide you with highly secured zone that allows sharing of data without cracking.  As 1Password also ensures that the data is end to end encrypted and no body including 1Password can be able to access your credentials. The only access power is the person, who made the account. So have trust in 1Password and try it for once. Its easy-going design and plans will surely help you to find a best password manager in the market.


Is 1Password available for free?

Unfortunately the free version of the 1Password is not available. But 1Password allows the custo.ers to buy a plan with 14 days of trial. If you don’t like the app, then with in 14 days you can claim your money back.

Is 1Password safe to use?

As the 1Password.com says that security is not a feature, it is their foundation. The actual purpose of 1Password is to provide a online vault where you can save your details without any worry. The security methods and encryptions used by 1Password are higher standards protocols that no body can break.

How 1Password is travel mode?

1Password allows you to restrict the access of specific information to particular user. It also allows you to give specific permissions to users like view, edit etc.

Overall 1Password Rating

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What Users Say About 1Password


Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 26, 2023

1Password has transformed how I manage passwords and sensitive information. The user-friendly interface feels like a secure home for my data. The emphasis on security, with AES 256-bit algorithms, ensures robust protection. I love the personalized storage, making it easy to organize various data types. The unlimited virtual memory, up to 1 gigabyte, provides ample space. In a digital age where data security is paramount, 1Password offers a seamless and secure solution.

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