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  • Great Newcomer VPN
  • Easy To Use Client
  • Great Selection Of Servers


  • No possibility to choose specific server

Cloud storage has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Everyone uses cloud storage services to share digital documents and multimedia files from remote computing devices from businesses to individuals. People also use cloud storage services to create a backup drive for their essential data. When you store a file on the cloud, you can access it anytime from any device of your preference.

Choosing the right cloud service is essential, and you will find many services these days. Some cloud services are free like Google Drive. Google Drive is beneficial for individuals, though it does not offer exceptional data security. Mega Cloud storage has become popular of late. Find information about this cloud storage service in the following section.

About Mega Cloud Service

In 2013, Kim Dotcom had launched this cloud service. When launching the service, Kim Dotcom had claimed that Mega Cloud Service comes with top-class security. With most cloud services, security has been a matter of concern for the users. But, Mega Cloud Service assures top-notch data security through end-to-end encryption.

Before launching Mega Cloud Storage, Kim Dotcom had another cloud storage service, namely Megaupload. However, Megaupload used to be a file-sharing service with many drawbacks. Unfortunately, the service provider discontinued Megaupload in 2012. After a year, the company came with the new cloud storage service known as Mega. The cloud storage service is about to complete a decade of existence, and it has become quite popular among cloud storage users.

Among the leading cloud services, Dropbox is the most popular service with around 500 million users worldwide. Mega has emerged as a competitor Dropbox, as the company claims to have more than 130 million users. Find features, pricing, and other aspects of the service below.

Features Of Mega Cloud

Mega cloud service comes with many unique and advanced features. The biggest rivals of this service provider are Google Drive and Dropbox. So, you can expect similar features available with Mega cloud service.

Mega Cloud Service comes with end-to-end encryption. Due to the end-to-end encryption, users can obtain better security. Files stored on the cloud storage will stay prevented from any unwanted third-party access. Nevertheless, hacking and phishing will not be easy with mega Cloud services.

You can use a browser to access your account. Desktop users can download and install the desktop application, which will help you manage your uploading and downloading activities. Smartphone users can find Mega file-sharing applications in Play Store.

Plans and Pricing

Mega cloud service has both free and premium plans. The best thing is that the free plan comes with arrays of features. The premium plans have more features, though free plans are suitable for individuals. If you want cloud service for professional reasons, you should switch to premium plans. Find the details of the plans below.

  • Free Plan: Mega free plan for cloud storage comes with 20 GB storage space. When you compare the storage space with others, you will find that Mega storage space is higher than others. If you use a desktop app, you will get an additional free top-up of 5 GB storage for a year. Using the mobile app will give you another free 5 GB storage for one year.
  • Premium Plans: The Mega premium plans have been designed for small and medium scale businesses. The premium plan starts at $4.94 per year with 400 GB of storage. Depending on the requirements, an enterprise can move to the higher plans with more storage space. The highest storage plan offers 16000 GB of storage space.

Ease of Use

Mega desktop app has a minimalistic and straightforward interface. However, it also looks a little outdated compared to the interfaces of the other cloud storage services. The interface has been kept in such a manner for many years to render user-friendliness.

Even though the interface looks simple, it gives exceptional user-friendliness to the users. You can easily find the features on the dashboard. Instructions are clear and well-visible. Mega cloud service deserves a decent rating on the “ease of use” parameter for all these reasons.

You can access your Mega account through a browser, and using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers are recommended. The Mega dashboard you access through the browser is smart and minimalist. You will easily find the navigation features and options on the screen.

Users’ experience will not be different with the mobile app of Mega cloud service. The mobile application is fast and free of bugs.

File Sharing and Sync

Users will not find problems with the file sharing and syncing process. You can share files and folders in many ways while using this cloud storage service. The most prominent method of sharing a file is creating a link for the receiver. Share the link to the receiver, and the person will be able to download the file.

When you share a document with someone, you can limit the access of controls of the receivers. For example, you can share a read-only document with someone through the Mega cloud storage service.

Along with arrays of sharing features, you will notice the absence of a few key elements. For example, you can set the download limit for the files shared with someone. The person can download the file as many times as he wants.

For syncing files and folders, the Mega cloud storage service comes with the MEGAsync application. Using this app, you can create folders on your local drive. In this folder, you can share the files that will be synced with other devices. You can sync both files and folders using the application from the Mega cloud storage service.


Uploading and downloading speeds with Mega are decent. If you have an excellent interest connection, you will find no hassles in sharing large files. When tested with a 1GB file, Mega rendered 6 Mbps upload speed, while the download speed was 32 Mbps.


The access to Google drive is not secured. But, the Mega cloud storage service is different. The cloud service has a secured access point, which will get authenticated through a two-tier login system. You have to give a password and OTP (received on your cell phone) for login. Mega cloud storage service also offers excellent security to files or folders through end-to-end encryption.


Mega cloud service makes collaborations easier and more secure. Collaborations allow the users to avail the real-time sharing facility. Through real-time sharing, the users can exchange confidential documents or information with each other.

When you share the download links with someone, the link will come in an encrypted format. Users can add passwords to add more security to the downloadable files. Overall, Mega comes with advanced security and privacy features.

Customer Service Of Mega Cloud

Mega has a dedicated customer service department, and it is accessible for 24 hours. So, users can call and express their concerns anytime. You cannot reach the technical support experts through live chatting.

Pros & Cons


  • A high storage space with a free account
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Top-class file security
  • Decent upload and download speed
  • Offline access


  • Password recovery is complicated
  • No live chat support
  • No file download limit control

Final Verdict

Overall, the mega cloud service offers a decent cloud storage facility. The free account comes with all significant features, and thus you individuals can use Mega for free for file sharing. Businesses can choose premium plans, and those plans are affordable for small businesses. If you are looking for a decent and reliable cloud storage service, Mega is a good option.

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