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  • Great Newcomer VPN
  • Easy To Use Client
  • Great Selection Of Servers


  • No possibility to choose specific server

If you have ever searched on any search engine regarding which is the best cloud storage option, then pCloud must have caught your eyes. There are a plethora of factors that make pCloud indeed one of the best and most popular. You can sync any folder with the help of pCloud without bringing about a change in the structure of the folder, you can also decide by yourself which are the files you would like to protect with the use of zero-knowledge encryption.

Doesn’t that already sound amazing? Don’t be even more surprised when you know that pCloud uses a virtual hard drive for space extension that too up to 2 TB.

Before you get boggles with much such information, let us have a detailed look at why pCloud is one of the best cloud storage options right now:

Features Of pCloud

The file syncing feature of pCloud is indeed one of the most buzzed features of this cloud storage system. However, this is not the only noteworthy feature. There are plenty of others as well. Let us have a look at the unique features of pCloud that distinguishes it from other cloud storage:

Media Features: There is probably not one pCloud user who would not mention how much they love the music player of pCloud. Use the pCloud audio player to play your favorite music tracks either online or from your cloud storage. Connect it with your smartphone app for better access. You can enjoy all the features present in dedicated music applications.

Rewind: pCloud rewind is another crucial feature of this cloud storage If you have deleted any file by mistake or it has been removed for some reason, you can easily get it back through the pCloud Rewind feature. However, this feature comes with the pCloud paid version and not the free account. With pCloud premium, one can rewind files for up to 30 days. After being restored, the files are not automatically organized, you have to arrange them all.

pCloud Save: Another useful feature of pCloud is this Save feature. pCloud gets extended with your browser – be it chrome, firefox, etc. With the pCloud browser extension and the save feature, you can easily save any image or information directly from the browser search result to the folder named “pCloud Save Folder”. With this pCloud save feature one can also set backup for images from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Pricing Of pCloud

The price of pCloud is indeed one of the best in the market. Sync com is the only cloud storage that is cheaper than pCloud. You can avail yourself of some great plans at cheap prices. Such amazing features at affordable prices are indeed one of the best according to market standards. Like most of the other cloud storage providers, pCloud offers a free trial plan that you can use well to explore all the features of this cloud storage provider, and only if you like it, invest in the premium plans. Along with affordable packages, pCloud also offers various lucrative discounts like 5 GB extra space when you verify your email account to get started. There are multiple tiers of the paid plans as well. Also, you can avail of the lifetime membership which becomes much more affordable. For business houses, you can avail of the pCloud Business Plans. The business plans come with many additional features that are customized for access by a team of employees. Overall, pCloud is value for money

Ease of Use

pCloud is quite easy to use. Right from signing up to using the features, there aren’t many complex steps involved. It is mostly straightforward. There are few areas of improvement but those loopholes are not grave and do not interrupt the overall functioning of the cloud storage provider. For enhancing the ease of use, one can use the pCloud Web that allows you to access all your files seven if you are not in the vicinity of your system. With this web folder, you can access all your files easily. For better usability, pCloud also has a mobile app. This mobile app is perfect for both android and iOs interfaces. The wen interface and mobile app have an almost similar layout for ease of understanding, operation, and access. If you want you can modify a few files for offline access.

File Sharing and Sync

In this aspect of sharing and syncing files, pCloud performs extremely well and is probably the best in the industry. pCloud uses a virtual model of drive and that makes it incredibly easy to share and sync files and folders on your computer. The ease and agility of the file share option in pCloud are one of the best in the market and outs it far ahead of its competitors. The virtual drive model eliminates all the problems associated with the redundancy of online storage. pCloud Drive is extremely well adapted to sync everything with your PC even when you are not around. That makes file sharing and syncing incredibly easy with pCloud.


The performance of pCloud on grounds of speed is pretty satisfactory. With a download speed of 80 Mbps and upload speed of 6 Mbps, the upload time of 1 GB file takes close to 24 mins and the download of 1 GB file takes 1min 30 sec approximately. The speed is unlimited by default, however, you can always modify the speed from pCloud settings that are especially useful when handling files of very large size. Another amazing feature that pCloud uses to enhance the speed is the block-level sync. With proper settings, speed is never a restraint for pCloud.


pCloud also offers a zero-knowledge encryption feature. This means even pCloud will not be able to access your files without your permission and knowledge because the decryption key will lie only with the user. You can save your files and even your crypto with this extra security tier and it works perfectly well to prevent any data theft and mitigate identity theft or any security breaches. You can always protect sensitive data and files securely in separate folders.


Privacy features of pCloud are good but there are few areas one needs to take note of. pCloud is a Swiss company and is based on the laws prevailing in Switzerland which needs a mention. Also, pCloud tracks your IP address. Though the disclaimer is made very prominent at the beginning itself you must have a note that third parties may also access a part of your data. You can stay confident about the crypto you store on pCloud because that is completely encrypted.

Customer Service Of pCloud

The only bad thing about pCloud is probably its customer service. There is an elaborate help page dedicated to customer help but in reality, that hardly helps. The biggest flaw in the customer service section of pCloud is probably that there is no live chat support which makes it extremely difficult for customers to reach out to the company executives in case they need help. You can get in touch with them via the email service.

Pros and Cons


  • Value for money
  • Easy and hassle-free file sharing and syncing options
  • Integrated media player
  • Bitcoin payments are available easily
  • Zero-knowledge encryption


  • Inadequate customer service
  • Lack of document registration

Final Verdict

pCloud is a good competitor in the cloud storage industry. Multiple features distinguish it from regular competitors. Overall it is value for money. However, there are multiple rooms for improvement.

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