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  • Great Newcomer VPN
  • Easy To Use Client
  • Great Selection Of Servers


  • No possibility to choose specific server

Sync Com is undoubtedly one of the best and most famous cloud storage providers. It is a perfect combination of security, high speed, hassle-free usage, and all of these at an affordable price. One of the core reasons why Sync Com is tremendously hyped is that – you don’t have to be a tech expert to handle this interface. It is hassle-free and easy to use.

Sync Com Features

Sync Com brings to you some of the top-notch cloud storage provider features at the most affordable price range. Sync Com helps to combine the best attributes of file and folder security. Let us have a look at the best features of Sync Com

  • Zero-Knowledge Provider: This is one of the revolutionary strategies when it comes to the security of your files. Sync Com does not control your data. The complete control of data lies with the user. Even the encryption keys are under the discretion of the user. It is you and only you who are entitled to decryption and can access your data. This feature is also helpful for third-party integration filters.
  • Collaboration Features: With the Sync Com premium subscription, you can explore all the built-in features of Sync Com and have a view of MS Office, images, and pdf files. The speed for these actions is indeed slow but the price you pay for the subscription is mostly for security. The integration of Sync Com and Office365 makes it easier to work on files and upload them directly on the web.
  • Versioning: Sync Com offers a free versioning trial for all the free account holers for 30 days. The file versioning feature of Sync Com is amazing. It stores all the previous file versions and the deleted ones. The best part is that these don’t add to the storage. The file-to-file basis of the versioning feature is highly commendable.
  • Unlimited File Size: This is by far the best feature of Sync Com. Sync com has no restrictions on the file and folder size covered. You can upload unlimited file and folder sizes on Sync Com and that makes it one of the best cloud storage providers for large sizes that are difficult to deal with other cloud storage providers.

File Sharing and Sync

This is one of the major parameters on which any cloud provider is rated. File syncing features of Sync Com are outstanding. By default, all the files are synced properly. Along with file syncing, the file-sharing features are also brilliant. There are two ways in which you can sync files on Sync Com. First, by inserting them into your folder or by making use of a web panel to upload them manually. If you want to save space, you can use selectively sync features to store various online files without syncing them into your device to clear the space.

Sync Com Pricing

The core reason why Sync Com has such a large user base. It offers amazing features at an affordable price. The features you would expect in a top-tier cloud service provider are all present in Sync Com yet the prices are reasonable. Also, there are plenty of plans to choose from that make this provider far more accessible to a wide range of people. You can go for any plan that suits you with a different period and different rates. Also, the free trial plan of Sync Com is a real-time hit. Many people believe in trying the service of the provider before opting for a paid subscription and that is a genuine requirement. You can go with the mini-plans, solo plans, basic plans, or even business plans if your needs are huge. With such a massive plethora of plan availability, it is easy to choose and get the best plan for yourself under the best budget.

Usability Of Sync Com- Ease Of Use

Sync Com soars high in terms of popularity because it is very easy to use. Who will use a cloud provider? Will it only be the tech-savvies? The answer is No. Everyone will use it and Sync Com has particularly taken care of this fact in designing the usability interface. Right from singing to getting started with the activities, Sync Com is reasonably easy to use. Moreover, the interface has pop-up instructions that can easily guide even the amateurs to achieve their desired actions in no time. Of course, there is plenty of room for development but the existing interface is pretty good. The backup and coordination of various other activities on Sync Com and accessibility are very easy to navigate and operate.


As discussed previously Sync Com has end-to-end encryption and this has an impact on the performance of file downloads. Now, the truth is that Sync Com practically lies behind in the race than many of the other providers in terms of speed. In fact to make your experience better Sync Com rec commends using a desktop or laptop and a very strong internet connection for uploading any file that is larger than 5 GB in size. It takes almost 35-38 mins to upload a 1GB file, with an upload speed of 6Mbps and a download speed of 80Mbps. If speed is what you are after, then definitely there are better options than Sync Com.


The compromise in speed in Sync Com is practically due to the strong security. Sync Com provides one of the most secure services for online file storage. As discussed previously, the zero-knowledge system of Sync Com is an incredibly trustworthy system for storing and sharing various files. Even the free plans have the facility of zero encryption. Hacking of files and unwanted interruptions or security breaches are not possible on Sync Com. In a nutshell, Sync Com is the best in terms of security.


Sync Com is popular;y celebrated for its privacy settings. With the end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge feature used by Sync Cm, even Sync Com cannot access your files. The only way to access your data is through the use of a decryption key. As mentioned earlier, the control of the creation and maintenance of this decryption key exclusively lies with the user. The best part is that, even if the server security gets breached at some point, the files and folders that the user had stored on the server will remain secure. Another noteworthy mention at this point is the privacy policies adopted by Sync Com for all its plans – they are one of the best in the industry with a clear transparency

Sync Com – Customer Service

Sync Com offers very good customer service to all the clients. In case you face any problem with using Sync Com or performing any action on it, the customer service will he;p you out. It has one of the least response times in the industry. Tye help center of Sync Com is quite cooperative and you can also go through their elaborate FAQ section that answers most of the general queries.

Pros and Cons


  • Very strong security parameters
  • Affordable pricing
  • Freedom of dealing with Unlimited sizes of files
  • Transparent privacy policy
  • Versioning features
  • Free trial plans


  • Slow speed
  • No option for monthly payment modes

Final Verdict

If you are genuinely in search of a cloud storage provider that has excellent security features at competitive pricing, this is the best one to go for. The best part is that you can opt for a free trial and explore the features to check whether it perfectly suits your needs.

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