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  • Great Password Manager
  • Easy To Use
  • Supports Many Websites


  • Limited Free Version

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LastPass; A tool that never disappoint you

Are you looking for a tool or a app that can memorise all your personal data and account’s passwords? Where your data will be safe and you don’t need to worry about the leaking of information? Then you must try LastPass. A password manager that save your time and energy to remember any type of complex passwords and secure notes. LastPass is a completely secure platform that has an encrypted vault in which you can add any type of private information.

 As its is one of the oldest online platforms that manages and protects the confidential data efficiently and efficiently. Although it was initially released in 2008 by Marvasol Inc. But still it’s very popular among the people because of its free version and amazing feature it supports. Another exciting news for you guys that it is available around the globe, if you want to restrict the access in some areas; you can also do that from the settings.

Features: Exciting features and attributes:

As LastPass is a family of more than thirty million active user till now, it knows how to grab the attention of user by providing a secure platform for saving your personal information from hacking. When it comes to the security features provided By LastPass, you will be satisfied to hear that it has multiple layers of highly secured encryption. So whether you are using it on a laptop or smartphone, you are present in a protected zone. To compete with the market many additional features are also added to make sure about the data safety and privacy concerns.


  •  LastPass do not compromise on the security of your precious data, it uses military grade encryption which is 256 bit AES technique. This security method ensures that the encrypted or decrypted data is in secured hands. This advanced technique uses high standards that it is impossible to hack or crack your private data.
  • You need a master password to log in to your account unless you will not get into the vault. An auto generated password that only you will know to enter in to the encrypted vault.
  • The security system allows you to safely share the data or passwords, whatever you want to share with other devices and users.
  • The data is also analysed continuously like if the passwords are not in used in a while are considered as OLD.

Two Factor Authentication

  • With the 2FA algorithms, LastPass protects your vault with double layers of protection. For example 1st layer is the PIN number that you already have and final layer can be a device.  So cracking your data is not possible anymore. You can completely rely on LastPass, because your passwords and other important details are in highly secured hands.

Auto filled technique

  • One common feature it already have is auto saving and auto filling the Ids and passwords you already entered. Once a address or a password is saved in to the vault, if you are using it on any website or social media account. It will be auto filled by LastPass technique.
  • You do not need to enter again and again the data. If you want to change the password of any supported site, it will automatically change it without visiting and manually changing it. LastPass not only save your time but also ensure you from any type of hassle.

Storage access

  • Whether you are using LastPass on mobile or a Desktop, the storage are it provide is unlimited. If you are using free version then you can share hour data with one user and endless passwords can be saved into it. Your data can be addresses, social media passwords or email passwords along with your private notes. LastPass provides the customers with infinite space that you can think of.
  • Free version make your data secure but if you are using premium version then you will be able to access many advanced and VIP features with 100% of security and privacy.
  • This risk free platform allow you to connect to almost six devices without any leaking of data and information. LastPass Families allows to make a connection simultaneously and share data within six users.
  • These trusted contacts can access your vault if any emergency occurs.
  • Your card’s data, passwords and notes are encrypted in a safe zone, that make separate segments for different type of data. Your passwords are saved in separate section, insurance card details or debit card details in different section. So you can easily find the required data in time.

Dark web monitoring and restrictions

  • No need to worry about your data in the vault because it is in safe hands that monitors it constantly and will alerts you if some one try to breach the data.
  • The users of the LastPass can also have opportunity that their personal information is monitored 24/7 and if any try to theft them, its identity it at the stop and prevent any type of data leaking and damage. It monitors the credit report for any kind of suspicious activities and track the changes in data and notify as possible.
  • LastPass allows you to restrict the access of your information in any specific area. For example if you don’t want to access specific data in specific geographical area. You can restrict if from the settings just in clicks.

All these characteristics makes the LastPass prominent in the race of providing safe and secure platform.

Usability: Make an initiative with secure zone

When you login to the site or app of LastPass, you will observe one thing that its not a common password manager but a giant and strong platform that provides a protected environment for your passwords, cards details, addresses and secure notes.

Devices LastPass support:

In this digital world, life is impossible without computer and mobile gadgets. Instead of manually write anything, people use laptops/ tablets for securing the data. So whether you are a mobile user or PC person, LastPass is available for everyone. Its web extension is the oldest version, but now desktop version and mobile app is also available in every corner of the world. Feel free and safe to use it, while sitting on a beach or in your office.

No matter which OS user are you, it runs smartly on MAC, windows and Linux too. If you want to connect it with your mobile phone, simply download the app and start using the friendly interface of the LastPass. Either you have a iPhone or an android mobile, no issue because it can be easily downloaded on mobile. Just you have to remember the master password and enjoy the unlimited features its supports.

The advance algorithms and methods inclusively provided by LastPass makes it one of the most secured password manager in the world of password managers. The end to end encryption uses the Advanced Encryption Standards with the 256-bit methods, that prevent any kind of attacks or cracks. LastPass itself doesn’t look into your data and make it secure from the bad hands and hackers. If anyone tried to breach into your data, it makes an alert notification and protect the information.

Pricing: Free vs premium version

If you want to use LastPass for free then, enjoy some features without paying any money. Like saving your passwords and data in confidential zone which has capability to auto fill and auto save for reuse. You can also share your data with another device. Free version doesn’t mean that your data is not secured, its in safe hands but you are restricted to some feature that only premium user can avail.

The premium is little bit expensive like $3 per month but it provides you with features like sharing of data with different devices and dark web monitoring. It highly secure your data with any type of breach threat and hacker. No more data leakage when you are connected to LastPass.

If you want to make a connection with in different devices, then you should buy the families version. It will cost not more than $4 and you can connect to six devices and users simultaneously. Money back guarantee is available, if you are not satisfied with the  LastPass premium. So worry less because it supports all the famous credit and debit cards. Just add the number and getting started with the VIP membership.

Support: Customer Assistance and support

Like the soft and user friendly interface of the LastPass, the customer services it provides are also fast and up to date. Ebooks are already available for our assistance but if your still need any guidance then Live Chat is available 24/7. If you have any issue with your ID then email your problem, which will be resolved in 24hours. The customer assistant gives you suggestions for your problems and tries hard to satisfy you.


Whether you are single user or using the LastPass for your organisation, LastPass will be your first choice. Because of the advance features and high standards of security, more and more people are attracted towards it. Starting from the overall cool and easy interface to the security protocols it offers, LastPass is the best password manager. Where you can save your details and passwords without any worry. If you are not a LastPass user, then try the free version; you will definitely like it.


How my data is safe in LastPass?

As LastPass uses the highly secured encryption methods and encryption with two layers authentication, so your data is completely secure and protected. Only you have access to your data, not even LastPass can look into your data.

How to buy the LastPass premium?

You don’t need to go anywhere, just add your debit/credit card number and start using the premium version. As it supports all of the famous cards, so you do not need to worry about the payment methods at all.

Can LastPass supports browsers like chrome?

LastPass removes all the obstacles between users and itself. It is inclusively available for all type of users( web browsers, Desktop and mobile). All the important browsers like chrome, Microsoft Edge, safari, opera can easily access it.

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Only 3 device changes possible

Rated 3.0 out of 5
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