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  • Fair price
  • Easy to use interface


  • Not a email specialized provider

The market is flooded with messaging apps and websites, but why are people still using email services? It is pretty clear to everybody that mail is not providing the features like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are giving. Along with that, our mailboxes are filled with promotional and social emails.

Review Video Private Email – What Is Private Email?

The reason is straightforward. Emails are more trustworthy and professional– Practically, they can perform well. Do you ever pay for an email service? If famous brands like Yahoo and Google are providing the same for free, then why should we choose a paid email service?

Your information is the price you pay. Yes, In the free emails services, they are getting space in your privacy. In such cases, Private Email provides you with safer encrypted email services. Your information will be secure for a small number of charges.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the details of the services Private Email.

Features of Private Email

  1. Cloud Storage- Encryption

Solid paranoid encrypt allows the user to store their files safely in massive storage. The key will be available locally, so it will also remain unassailable to third-party invasion.

The storage files are under such protection that the server itself has no way to permit your unencrypted data.

  • Protection form- MITM attack

The tremendous encryption prevents you from MITM attacks. The encryption does not permit any third-party invasion.

The files are stored under a military-grade AES-256 cipher, which will add immense strength to the security of your data. This security is the top concern here.  

  • Filter

It is an essential setup if your inbox is filled with tons of emails. You can screen out the necessary details. You can filter the exact matches, don’t contain anything and everything a message has.

You can manage the mails to any folder and even to the delete bins. Controlling mail data becomes more manageable because of this feature.

  • Business set up

Business needs are more than individual mail security. The business stands, database, and multi-task load can be easily regulated here.

Groupware systems to execute better collaboration deals. The inbox can be customized accordingly– folders, labels, and branding according to your company as well as your domain name.

With a single admin account, you can handle every necessary change and manipulation.

  • Calendar

For professional maintenance, a calendar is a vital feature to mark your updates. Private Email has a full-fledged calendar to update your appointments and task remarks.

  • Email Alias

This is very crucial when you prefer mailing, and you don’t want unwanted mail in return.  As your mail address is public, the chances of getting unwanted mail are severe.

To avoid that, the company introduced an Email Alias, which allows you to end the email alias to prevent from getting return mails.

  • Theme

Private Email is providing a theme-changing option. There are 5 themes you can choose according to it, concerning your needs. 

To provide an outlook according to the system and atmosphere of your need. It will completely change your experience.

Pricing & Plans of Private Email

The Private Email provides multiple plans, which give the user a wide range of choices. It varies with the needs and facilities it offers.

As per the report, the standard plan is the most popular choice. It is mainly recommended by individual users and small-scale businesses. The company delivers all the specialties at specific prices by keeping everything transparent.

PlansEmailCloud StoragePrice (per month)
Business Pro100GB100GB$64.95

Most things remain the same. The significance can be seen in the storage. Apart from this, the free plan has only access to the webmail.

The standard plan offers you access to the web as well as on Android, iOS. The support system will also work actively in the common area.

In the pro plan, they offer specific numerical email aliases with double the storage capacity as compared to the standard plan. Apart from this, the quality of the pro plan and the standard one has fewer differences.

Everything remaining is added in the Pro Business plan; it has a lot of access, customization facilities, and storage. Along with it, you will get the support of custom logos and custom domains.

Private Email – Support

Like other support teams, Private Email has a FAQs section for easy access to the users for their rising queries.

It mostly asks questions a new user can have while using it. According to reviews, most of the questions are answered in the FAQs section.

A knowledge base is also a supporter for Private Email users. You can contact the team through email if you can query regarding the uses and support. If you have a pro-business plan, the support system has a chance of improved quality.

The drawback in the support area is that they don’t have live chat support or call executives. You need to rely upon their mail reply. Along with that, the company has not mentioned any turnaround time for a guaranteed reply back.

Verdict of Private Email

In search of secure email services, we have plenty of options around. But choosing the right and trustworthy plan is more complicated. The best part of Private Email , it is a service provided by TorGuard VPN; they are famous for their security services.

Money is a matter of security and safety. For paying better, you will get better. Private Email is never a wrong choice for a secure mailing service with features and specialties. You can try their services within their money-back period.

If you think they can meet your expectations, then you can be with the service provider. If you find things are going wrong, you can demand money back within 7 days of use. These facilities make it more trustworthy and a matter to think about.

Competition Of Private Email

Most customers prefer Private Email for security purposes. If we do not consider privacy and security, Google and Yahoo are providing everything free of cost.

Again in the case of privacy and security, Private Email has many competitors. ProtonMail is also a popular and secure email service provider. It has a bigger storage capacity under similar plans as compared to Private Email.

The pricing is relatively less in ProtonMail. The company is providing premium plans for $5 too. For price and storage concerns, Zoho mail has plans starting with even $1.

With some exclusive news features, they provide email delete recovery, third-party manipulation notice, and many alert systems at less and reasonable prices.

Private Email FAQ

What is the best subscription plan for Private Email ?

The standard plan is the most recommended. At a low price of $8.95, you will get 10GB of email and cloud storage each. Along with 5 email aliases, you will get contact and calendar synchronization support.

Does Private Email accept anonymous payments?

Yes, Private Email received anonymous payments through cryptocurrencies. They provide complete anonymity in mailing and all of their services.

Does Private Email rovide free services?

Yes, Private Email has free plans on their list. You can have free email and cloud storage support up to 100MB. You could access the webmail freely; for mobile application access, you need to have a premium plan subscription.

Can Private Email have access to my information and files?

No, the user has all the powers. The files and information are stored with encryption, and the users can only access them as the keys are stored locally. The security is under high concern to protect the data and files.

Does Private Email refund the money in case of dissatisfaction with the services?

Yes, they have a complete money-back guarantee. If you have any dissatisfaction with their services, they will return your full money without asking a single question regarding the issues. They are ensuring complete customer satisfaction is their top priority.

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