5 Low Ping Gaming VPN – Speed Up Your Game

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1. Vypr the World’s Fastest VPN for Gaming

Vypr is one of the most impressively speedy VPNs available in the market today. It offers great connection quality that all gamers would love. Whether you are playing at competitive levels or just playing for fun, you definitely need a fast, reliable connection for a great gaming experience and performance. And Vypr offers you just that if not more.

With ping speeds given for each server on the list, your gaming quality will definitely have a boost. The company also offers a bandwidth graph that helps you a great deal in tracking the speed and general quality of your connection.

Vypr offers two plans, and you can choose based on the amount of simultaneous connections that you need. If you think that three simultaneous connections are enough, then you can either commit for just a month, or commit for a year.

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You can also opt for 3 simultaneous connections, which comes with more extra features. With this VyrpVPN premium, you will be required to commit for either a month or a year.

The only and one major disadvantage of Vypr is that it keeps logs of usage for thirty days. This will definitely worry the gamers who are more focused on their privacy. However, if privacy is not one of your main concerns, then Vypr is your perfect bet if you are looking for a great gaming VPN.

2. TorGuard – Perfect to Bypass Your School Firewall 😉

Whether your favorite game is World of Warcraft or Battlefield 4, or any other, the VPN service of TorGuard will not disappoint you. It will surely enhance your online gaming a great deal. Most popular MMORPG and MMO games are usually blocked by the staff in charge of IT in colleges, schools, or in workplaces across the network. So, the only way to around this is to get yourself a good gaming VPN. With TorGuard, you will be able to bypass restrictions and gain genuine unlimited access to any online game that you would want to play.

TorGuard offers more than 3,000 servers spread across more than 23 countries. Because of this wide coverage area, you will surely be able to a very first server to reduce game loading time and reduce ping.

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TorGuard provides an app that support easy and fast OpenVPN install on Android directly from Google Play. It offers fast connections with 100 percent uptime that features unlimited speed and bandwidth.

3. Rapid VPN – Old Webpage but a Good Gaming VPN

Rapid VPN is literally taking gaming to the next level. Speed is one thing that enhances gaming experience in every way. And with dedicated servers that Rapid VPN offers for gamers, it is not enough to say that you will be experiencing high speed as well as network uptime.

And if privacy is your concern, still this is the VPN Company for you. Unlike many other gaming VPNs, Rapid VPN doesn’t require its users to register to use their VPN gaming services. This therefore means that Rapid VPN doesn’t keep logs of its users. In simple terms, they offer anonymous service. So, you can enjoy playing online games without having to worry about any preying eye accessing your data or any other online activity.

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With this VPN firm, there are no games you cannot play because it bypasses any gaming restrictions. You will be able to play with your friends from abroad. It is DDoS-protected, and therefore, it will protect you against DDoS while playing games. It is very important that you stay DDoS protected if you are playing at competitive levels. Otherwise, your opponent may manipulate the playing environment and win unfairly.

4. Virtual Shield an All-Round Gaming VPN

Virtual Shield is an all-round gaming VPN that enhances online gaming experience in a great, fun way. First, numerous servers spread across many countries in various parts of the world. It offers dedicated gaming servers that guarantee unlimited speed for online gaming.

Some online games are available only to players from specific countries. In most cases, you will find that you can only access games from your own country, or from a neighboring country. Virtual Shield gives you an absolute freedom to play any of your favorite game, and you can play with players from Africa, Asia, Oceanic, Europe, and US among other countries.

When connected to Virtual Shield, the user’s ISP will not be able to throttle their connection as they cannot even detect or make sense of whatever you are doing.

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Again, it gives you the chance to play use gaming servers without restrictions from around the world, and this helps a great deal in eliminating annoying ping times.

Besides, Virtual Shield is highly compatible with devices and allows you to connect easily from all devices that are running on Android, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

5. CyberGhost the Classical Gaming VPN

If you are on budget, and you want a great gaming VPN, then CyberGhost suits you. You don’t have to break the banks for you to enjoy great services of an excellent gaming VPN. Cyber Ghost is a budget-friendly option for gamers and it offers just as great features as some gaming VPN providers in its category.

It offers over 1,300 servers spread across more than 58 countries, and the number is still counting. This therefore means that there are unlimited connectivity options for gamers, and this makes it easier for anyone to find a speedy sever in the location or country they need. It features a ‘Faster Servers” tab that will help you in picking only those servers with the lowest pings so that you can avoid unnecessary lag. Any gamer would love anything that will lower his or her ping, and this is one of the things that make CyberGhost a leading company among the ones offering gaming VPNs.

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The servers of Cyber Ghost are DDoS-protected, and this makes it great for people who play at competitive levels. The UI is extremely easy to use, and you won’t even need any guidance.

You can choose to sign up for a monthly plan, a 1-year plan, or a 2-year plan.

Unfortunately, the Mac release is annoyingly a full version number behind, and this is the downside of Cyber Ghost. However, this is less likely to be any major concern for gaming.

How to Choose the Best Gaming VPN

When looking for a gaming VPN, you will have to consider some few factors, which are slightly different from the considerations for getting a VPN for browsing and online connections. For instance, the benefits to anonymity and privacy might not be your priority. After all, they don’t have much effect on gaming performance.

What then should you consider? Well, your connection speed is one of the most important things that do matter a lot, and therefore, it should be your priority when picking a VPN for gaming. So, you should go for a VPN that offers unlimited speed and reliable connections. In other words, pick a VPN that performs very well on speed tests. Still on reliable connections, a good gaming VPN should provide larger server selection. When the servers are in more locations, you will definitely find a sever that is best for your gaming needs in terms of speed and connection.

Choose this VPN if you are looking for a solid gaming VPN.

Apart from speed, you should also look out for valuable added extras that help with gaming. For instance, not all VPNs offer DDoS protection. If you are a competitive player, then it’s very important that you pick a VPN that offers protection against DDoS.

Again, there are VPNs that offer dedicated gaming servers. Such a VON will be great for gamers because the servers actually prioritize performance.

Last but not least, price of a VPN is a factor that you should also consider. The price usually changes fairly a bit across different VPN providers. You can look out for those VPN providers that offer free trials or hassle-free money back after a certain time period. Try the VPN first and see whether you are really ready to commit to any longer contract. However, price should not be your main consideration when you are shopping for a gaming VPN.

Why Should I Use a VPN When I Play Games?

The best way to protect yourself when playing online is to use a VPN that is designed and tailored for gaming. Generally, an excellent gaming VPN will make it possible for you to play even on foreign servers, keep you safe from DDOS attacks, and lower your ping.

When you hear the VPN, you probably think just about anonymous browsing, privacy and online security – and not gaming. It’s probably because, like many other people out there, you don’t know why you should think of getting a VPN for gaming. Well, there are so many reasons why any gaming expert would advise you to get a VPN for gaming. Let’s talk about some of these reasons.

First, the obvious reason why you would use a VPN for gaming is to get around region-locking. A Virtue Private Network allows you to access the internet using an IP address that is not your normal one, as if you were actually based in another part of the world. This simply means that you can actually play any game that you choose including the ones with geographical restrictions.

It also means that you can simply play on severs for other regions. This is a very good idea especially if you want to play with friends in different countries. VPN is here to break any boundaries in the world of gaming. So, if you have friends abroad who love to play and you would want to connect and play with them from wherever you are, then VPN will definitely let you do just that without a hassle.

Secondly, there some security benefits as well in using VPN for gaming. A Virtue Private Network provides some additional protection against DDoS attacks. Even though most gamers don’t worry about DDoS attacks, it is one of the most rapidly growing threats for players who are playing at competitive levels. If you know even a little about competitive gaming, you are probably aware that some players will do anything to take down their opponents or to have the upper hand in the competition.

Thirdly, there are also speed benefits when you use VPN for gaming. Pings are some of the most annoying things when it comes to gaming. Good news is, VPN can actually lower your ping so that you can have fantastic game experiences each time you are playing either for fun or at a competition level. Of course, using a Virtue Private Network usually results in a slower connection because it is routing your data further. However, you will generally notice and experience faster loading times as well as lower pings with a gaming Virtue Private Network. Just be sure to sign up to a VPN with offers fast speed and reliable connection.

VPNs with larger server connections, and perform well on speed tests are ideal. Having more severs selections in many locations will greatly improve your chances of finding a server that will work perfectly for you.