How To Pay The Lowest Price For Games On Steam

In this blog post I will show you how you can get most steam games with a large discount. The trick is easy to be done and in most cases you can save between 60% to 85% of the normal price.

Save a good amount of money on your game purchases. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

How To Pay The Lowest Price For A Game On Steam

As you know Steam is a platform where you can get access to games, game forums, servers and game servers. And you are able to buy lots of games online, and download it immediately to a computer to start playing with the friends.

If you want to pay the lowest price for a computer game on Steam you need to be located in a cheap region. For example you will pay more for a game if you are located in the US compared to someone who is located in Russia or India.

I show you one example.

The Game Tropico 6 – In The US For $49.99

As you can see the game Tropico 6 costs in the US $49.99

The Game Tropico 6 – In India For ₹ 1,099 = $15.30

Meanwhile the game Tropico 6 costs in India $15.30

As you can see there are big price differences between the US version of Steam and the Indian version. Now I will show you how can get the Indian version and save $34.69.

First Step To Save Money On Your Steam Game Purchase

First we have to understand how Steam notice where you are located. Steam shows you different prices based on your IP address. As in the example above:

  • US IP address = US market
  • Indian IP address = Indian market

Now I will show you how you can get a Indian IP address. For that we will use a VPN. I would recommend to use VyprVPN since it is one of the cheapest VPN provider on the market. It offers great speed and safety on the web. A VPN can be used for a lot more then just purchasing games on Steam.

Visit VyprVPN

Once you have signed up and installed VyprVPN open the VPN client. Head over to the locations section, select and connect to a Indian Server.

Now you are connected to a server in India all your internet traffic is being routed over India and therefor you are now able to access the Indian version of Steam.

Second Step To Get Your Steam Games Cheaper

Now it is time to create a new Steam account.

This account you should only use to purchase games on the Indian market. You can’t mix games from different markets.

You can do this just in your browser not needed to open the Steam client. Just go through the creation of the steam account and purchase the game. It is no problem to use Paypal or credit card as you normally would do.

Third Step – Install A New Steam Client

I like to keep two Steam clients on my computer. One for my normal account and one for my Indian game collection.

To do that download and install a new Steam client.

Once that is done log in to your new Steam client with the Indian account don’t forget to stay connected with VyprVPN. Download the game and start playing 🙂

Two Other Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN with Steam?

There are two other reasons you should pick a VPN to use Steam.

The first Scenario

In the first scenario, you want to have access to the service anywhere and anytime. Schools and workplaces often ban their networks to reach Steam, because kids or employees could use it to secretly play games. I have written a blog post about how 12 ways you can access blocked website at work some of the tricks might surprise you.

This is an issue outside of Steam’s boundaries, as they aren’t the ones restricting you. Nevertheless you as a user are suffering the consequences. With the help of a VPN you can bypass firewall restrictions at work or school.

The Second Scenario

In the second scenario Steam is blocking certain content for your country.

In some countries certain games are banned or censored since they are too violent or contain other forbidden things. Thinking about how certain Games are censored in Germany. Australia goes similar ways and censors/blocks certain games.

If you are affected by this. Just use a VPN set your location to a different country and enjoy the games. Don’t let the system win!

VyprVPN – Your Best Option To Battle Steam

VyprVPN is worth considering when you battle against Steam. The service promises fast connection times, no matter which location you choose.

As for the actual numbers, VyprVPN has more than 700 servers in 40+ countries. I can recommend this VPN provider due to special gaming features. In addition VyprVPN came up with a protocol that mixes up the metadata; eliminating the chance Steam could identify a user.

Visit VyprVPN

Ultimate Hack Guide – How to Find Cheap Flights

I want to show you how you can book cheaper flight tickets with a couple of easy tricks. These are the exact same hacks I have been using for a very long time.

Airlines sometimes have mistakenly published fares, fares based on location or special promotions. Cheap airline tickets are out there if you know how to find them!

Follow these advice’s and you will never be the person who paid most for their ticket!

Here is my 15 steps guide of how to book cheap flight tickets no matter where you want to

1. Hide Your Identity! – Go Incognito

Yes you have noticed it correctly flight price change after you have searched it a few times in your web browser.

This happens based because of the cookies in your browser. Flight prices increase when a particular flight route is repeatedly searched. The flight search wants to scare you into buying the ticket quickly before prices get even higher. This is just a sales trick the price of the ticket has in a lot of cases not increased.

So the best way is to surf in incognito/private mode or delete your browsing history in the browse.

A good tool for this is click and clean for the chrome browser. Keep in mind that a cookie is set into your browser each time you perform a search on a flight search engine. If you want to start with a clean state just close all of your incognito windows and ope

Always delete your cookies or use incognito/private mode before buying a ticket!

In Google Chrome or Safari the incognito mode is enabled by hitting Command, Shift and “N”. For Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, hit Command, Shift, “P”. This will open a new browser window where your information is not tracked.

2. Change Your IP Address – Low Income Country

After hiding your identity the most important thing to do is to surf from a different IP Address.

Airlines and flight searches show you different prices based on your IP Address. If you search for a flight from a higher income country (US, Europe, Australia, Japan etc.) you will see higher prices. What I like to do:

I like to use NordVPN to set my location to a lower income country.

VPN Are EASY to Use – Not a Geek?? No Problem!!

Everybody can use a VPN like NordVPN it is installed in seconds and also changing your country is done in seconds. Take a look at the video to see what I mean.

NordVPN -66% Coupon

Step by Step Video

A VPN masks your real IP address so you appear to come from a different country. Based on that you will see different prices. It is a very easy software to use even when you are not tech safy you are able to use a VPN. What I like about NordVPN is that they have 95 countries to choose from. Once you have installed the VPN client on computer select a country that is a low-income country for European flights (Poland, Latvia, Moldova) for American flights (Brazil, Mexica) for Asian flights (India).

This is not an exact science, so you have to test around a bit. Also here use a incognito/private mode in your browser.

3. Flight Search Engines I can Recommend

Several search engines have inflated ticket prices as part of taking a cut from the airlines. It pays out to search flights on several search engines and even on the airline webpages. Also when you use a flight search engine use incognito mode and NordVPN.

Good Flight Search Engines

  • Skyscanner (best choice)
  • Google Flights (great tool to quickly compare flight dates – not recommended to find the cheapest flights)
  • Cheapoair (another great search engine)
  • JetRadar (special search engine which includes budget airlines, which many other search engines don’t)
  • Momondo (a broad search engine that sometimes shows cheaper fares than Skyscanner)

Sale & Error Blogs and Search Engines

Combine Airlines to Create Cheaper Routes

  • (with Kiwi you can create cheaper routes with different airlines)
  • AirWander (this tool lets you extend layovers into stopovers so you are able to visit 2 destinations with 1 trip)

Most budget airlines will appear now in the flight search engines I am recommending. But I would recommend to also take a look at the budget airlines separately.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect search engine. So try a combination of the ones mentioned above.

4. Cheapest Day to book a Flight

The cheapest day to book a flight is on Tuesdays. That is statistically speaking.

The second best day is Wednesday. Wait to book your flight in the afternoon.

The reason for this is that prices tend to be cheaper than in the morning when many business travelers are booking flights on their company account.

Many airlines release weekly sales early on Tuesday, prompting competing airlines to match prices.

Tuesday is a very good day to find a whole bunch of deals.

Days to Avoid

Try not to buy tickets over the weekend. Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days to book domestic and international flights.

Keep also in mind not to avoid booking right before public holidays and school holidays.

5. Cheapest Days to Fly

The cheapest day to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays but this depends from airline to airline and from country to country.

  • Cheapest days to fly, U.S. domestic:

Normally Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays

  • Cheapest days to fly, international:


To find out for your flight search go to Skyscanner or any other flight search engine and take a look for a whole month.

Step 1 Go to Skyscanner

Step 2 Enter Your Departure and Arrival Dates

Step 3 Select One way. Even when you fly a round trip since you just want to determine the cheapest day fly

Step 4 on a computer click “Depart” but instead of entering a date, select “Whole Month”, and then “Cheapest Month” so you can browse all dates to see which is cheapest. Hit “Search flights” to easily see which date is cheapest.

Repeat the same step for the return ticket. Once you have determined the cheapest day you can book the round trip ticket.

What Makes These Days Cheap

Why are these the cheapest day? It’s rather simple supply and demand. Most people are not flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. The airlines have trouble filling their planes with passengers therefor airlines try to fill them by lowering prices.

Don’t Fly These Days

Keep in mind when you should try to not fly if you want to save money:

  • Most expensive days to fly, U.S. domestic: Fridays and Sundays
  • Most expensive days to fly, international: Weekends

As I said above, it all comes down to supply and demand. Airlines know these are the days many people like to fly and are willing to pay more for.

  • Fridays: Vacation travelers can make the most of a weekend trip or even a week long trip by starting on a Friday
  • Sundays: Business travelers often fly on Sundays so they are ready for a early Monday meeting

6. Budget Airlines

A great way to safe money are budget airlines. Budget airlines are often significantly cheaper than their counterparts. This comes with compromises such as no free drinks/food, less leg room, expensive charges for not checking in on time or extra cost for luggage. 

So before booking make sure that the ticket and the extras you need are covered by the airline.

Before You Go Budget – Keep in Mind

  1. Check where the airport is located. Most Budget airlines fly to cheaper airports that are further away from the actual city.
  2. Make sure you have booked & paid for your luggage. Some airlines will charge hefty fees if you’re over the allowed weight or if you book extra luggage at the airport.
  3. Make sure that you have checked in the day before you are going to fly. And have your ticket printed out/on your smartphone. Most budget airlines charge hefty fees if you don’t.

How To Watch The NBA Nearly For Free

You want to use NBA League Pass to watch your favorite team, but you’re worried about costs and blackouts? In this post we’ll show you how you can get a League Pass cheaper and without blackouts.

How to Get a NBA League Pass for 23.88$ Per Year (YES YEAR!!!)

So normally the NBA League Pass Annual Subscription costs a whopping 347.88$ per year! In this tutorial I will show you how you can save a good chunk of money and pay only 23.88$per year.

In addition your NBA League Pass won’t be affected by blackouts (one of the most annoying things – paying 347.88$ and you can’t watch the match of your team!).

So Raptors Fan I got you covered as well!

Watch the Tutorial NBA League Pass for $23.88 per Year!

NordVPN Bonus

The Solution – Use a (nearly) free NBA International League Pass

The interesting thing about the NBA league pass is that it is priced differently in different countries. As a lot of other things on the internet (flight tickets, hotels, onlineshops, etc.) So based on your IP the website is showing you different prices. Heck! There are even websites that show you different prices based on your devices (always more expensive if you have an Iphone 😉 ) But that is an other story…

So Let’s get Started! What We Need!

I will keep this very easy so most people can understand it. Even when you are not that tech savvy.

  • Google Chrome and the plugin Click and Clean (optional but easier for most people). You can also use any other brother but you need to be able to remove Cache and Cookies. Also possible to do it on a smartphone.
  • Paypal or a Credit Card
  • A Good VPN Provider – This is critical. You need a reliable one since you are streaming video content which creates a good amount of traffic. I suggest you NordVPN. There are several websites that hype other VPNs. Do yourself a favor and stay away from StrongVPN, Tunnelbear or Buffered. All of them are too slow for video streaming. Click here to get a 66% Discount on NordVPN. If you are more tech savvy you can also use Torguard. A great VPN as well with a lot more settings (bypassing firewalls etc.)

NordVPN Bonus

Step 1 – Get NordVPN

I am using NordVPN but as I said above you can also use Torguard. In this tutorial I will use Nord VPN to keep it simple.

Go over to their website and sign up for their service. The best is to use their biggest plan since they offer a great discount.

Keep in mind that VPNs are handy for more things then just watching NBA (increased privacy/safety, changing location online, anonymous).

Modern VPNs don’t throttle your internet speed down. You can barely notice that they are running in the background.

As You can see NordVPN offers 19 different server that you can connect to. In case a server is slow for you just switch. You can do that by clicking on the 3 dots next to the country flag.

NordVPN Bonus

Step 2 – (Optional) Download and Install Click & Clean

Once you have installed the VPN software. Go to the chrome store and install the plugin Click & Clean.

This tool is for free. It is very handy to delete all your personal data with just a click.

Step 3 – Clear Browsing Data in Your Browser

Now this step is very important. Go to your browser and empty all the browsing data. If you have installed click and clean. Just hit the clear private data button.

If you have not installed the plugin just press Ctrl+Shift+Del in Chrome, a window pop-ups. Here select the whole time frame to delete all.

Step 4 – Purchase your NBA League Pass in India

Now go to your NordVPN application and connect to a server in India.

Wait until the program gives you the message out that you are connected to India.

Just head over to and sign up for a League Pass. As you can see the price has dropped dramatically to just 14.99$. What you also can do is sign up for a month only 1.99$.

Don’t forget to make a new account with a new email. Don’t use your old account!

Here just select the way you would like I can also recommend to use Skill. Don’t forget to always use India as your location.

I tried to find a Promo Code for the NBA India League Pass. But I couldn’t find anything. If you have a Promo Code please share it with us in the comment section.

And that was it you will receive an email shortly, you can sign in and watch the latest NBA matches!

Let Your Friends Also Save Some Money! Share.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. If you don’t want to be selfish then let your friends also save some money. 

Do You Need to be Connected to a VPN to Watch NBA?

In the previous years you only needed a VPN for the signup process and could watch the NBA without a VPN once you were signed up. This might have changed but I couldn’t test it out since the NBA has not started yet.

Why Should I Use the NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass makes it possible for you to watch any game from your favorite team during the regular season. This is good news especially for true basketball fans.

Can I Access the Playoffs with League Pass?

The most exciting part of the basketball season is the playoffs. League pass allows you to watch the playoffs depending on your location. Some countries aren’t allowed to access the service. So if you live in one of those countries your viewing may be limited.

There are Two Versions of the League Pass

You must know that there are two versions of the service and they are the US version and the international version. The US version of the service, has more blackouts and costs more, whereas the international version of the service has little to almost no blackouts and is cheaper.

Now what if you could get all the benefits of the international version of the service, even if you live inside the US or Canada. This is where a VPN will come in.

A VPN allows you to change your location without having to physically change your location. Every computer connects to the internet using an IP address. This IP address is how your location is determined. A VPN allows you to get an IP address from any location in the world of your choice.

Fortunately, you can get League Pass for a lot cheaper and not have to worry about blackouts. So let’s get into it shall we.

What will it cost me to watch the NBA with a League Pass?

First let’s look at the cost of the service in different countries. Below you will see the different plans available.

This is the US NBA League Pass Price List:

And here are the prices in India:

The every team, every game option gives you the ability to watch the games of every team in the NBA. If you only want to watch the games from your favorite team, then the one team option is the best plan for you.

For each option you’ll have to pay a different price. Below is a list of the cost of the service in different countries:

NBA League Pass 2021 Cheapest Country

The Cheapest Countries for the NBA League Pass 2021 are:

Mexico91.99$ <– This was a lot cheaper in previous sessions
South Africa89.99$

As you can see most in most cheaper countries it costs 89$ except India which is the cheapest option for getting a NBA League Pass. This price is not only the lowest, but unlike the US version of League Pass you don’t have to worry about blackouts and you can watch all teams!

Are There League Pass Discounts?

I couldn’t find something for the Indian Package so far..

What are NBA League Blackouts?

Blackouts are one of the biggest problems many people have with the service, especially if you’re using the US version.

Local and national television service providers have certain exclusive rights to broadcast local team games. This means that once the game is live locally, it will be blacked out on League Pass.  This can be frustrating because you signed up to see your favorite team play.

The international version of the service eliminates this problem. Blackouts are specific to your location. The IP address of your computer is how they determine where you’re using the service from.

You can use a VPN to change your location and then access the international version of the service. By using a VPN, you can change your computers IP address. This changes the location being displayed by your computers connection.

What does this mean for Canadians and Raptors Fans?

Canadians experience the most blackouts on the service. Most games that show on TSN/SN are blacked out. Also games airing on ABC, TNT and ESPN may be blacked out also.

This is unfortunate for Raptors fans, but the good news is you’ll be able to watch the game after it’s aired. Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose of having the service in the first place. What happens when the playoffs come and the Raptors make it? You won’t be able to watch one single game on League Pass. Please don’t start panicking yet because there’s a way to get around this.

How To Bypass NBA League Blackouts?

So how can you watch a game if it’s blacked out? The way to bypass a blackout without having to leave the country is to change your IP address to an international one. The way for you to achieve this is by using a VPN.

A VPN gives you the ability to change your location without having to move physically. How cool is that? With a VPN you can get all the benefits of having the international version of the service all from the comfort of your home.

International NBA League Pass vs US NBA League Pass

The international version of NBA League Pass is the best option because it’s cheaper and blackouts are eliminated.

If you go back and take a look at the list, you would see that prices for the international version go as low as $15 per month. Also with the international version you don’t have to worry about blackouts.

Again you’ll be able to get the international option for League Pass by using a VPN. We’ll take a look in the next section at the best VPN options you can use to achieve this. We’ll look at the cost and ease of setup.

NBA League Pass Android and IOS

NBA League Pass is also available for mobile devices. The only problem is that accessing the international version on a mobile device is difficult.

You see, when you use a PC, League Pass determines your location by your IP address. On your mobile device it uses your GPS location to figure out where you’re accessing the service from. Unfortunately, this makes accessing the international version a lot harder on mobile devices.


NBA League Pass is a valuable service that allows you to watch your favorite basketball games. The service is handy, but comes with limitations according to where you’re located. This frustrates many people and leads them to find ways to get the most out of the service without having to spend a fortune.

Now that you’ve read this page you know you don’t have to settle. There’s a way for you to get the service cheaper and with more benefits.

Use either Unlocator or Private Internet Access to sign up for League Pass. By doing this you can get more benefits, for less money which is probably why you’re reading this page.

Get your favorite games today for a lower price. Choose either NordVPN or Torguard and you won’t have to worry about blackouts on League Pass again. Now you can watch your team no matter where they are playing.

Happy watching!

ExpressVPN Netflix Proxy Error? How To Fix

In this blog post I want to find out if ExpressVPN works with Netflix? Can I access geo restricted content? On the website of ExpressVPN you can see a tutorial of how to access Netflix.

But does it really work?? Lets find out! I have made this YouTube video:

No! As you can see it does not work. At least not for me. I recommend that you sign up for NordVPN. Use this coupon to save 50%:

Bonus Code NordVPN

ExpressVPN claims that it possible to be working with Netflix. I have followed their advice in this video but as you can see I can’t get access to Netflix. And I receive the error code: Error M71115059.

As I wrote above the best solution to solve this error is to use NordVPN.

History of the Netflix Proxy Error

Back in 2016 Netflix did start to crack down on the use of VPN and proxy services to bypass their geo filter. Since then several VPN provider are not able to provide a solution to access Netflix. There are several websites that recommend to use ExpressVPN but this is just simple false information. This is how the error looks like:

This is the message you receive: Whoops, something went wrong… Streaming Error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit or you just visit this page 😉

As I said above go and get NordVPN that will work. Keep in mind that they are the VPN provider with the most servers. So if a server is getting blocked you will get a fresh new one fairly quickly.

How to Watch the Football World Cup in Arabic Commentary

In this blog post I want to show you how you can watch the world cup in Arabic commentary no matter where you are in the world. Yes also in Saudi Arabia.

All 64 matches of the World Cup will be shown in Saudi Arabia on the pirate service BeOutQ due to the ongoing diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Since Bein Sports the sports channel that belongs to Qatar which owns the broadcast rights was banned from Saudi Arabia.

As well as the World Cup Bein Sports owns also the rights to broadcast the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup final across the Middle East.

Let me show you how you can watch the World Cup without Bein Sports or BeOutQ in Arabic commentary from anywhere in the world.

Let’s Get Started. What You Need.

You need 3 things to watch the World Cup in Arabic commentary:

  • A Good VPN. I will use ExpressVPN for this example. (8$)
  • A virtual credit card. (free)
  • A Sling TV account. (25$)

So in total 33$ to watch the World Cup. This is a lot cheaper then the 150$ (!) Bein Sports World Cup Package.

You can even get it cheaper then this if you are OK with English commentary. Since it is broadcasted for free take a look here.

Step 1 Get ExpressVPN and Install It on Your Device

Just go to the ExpressVPN website and sign up for the package of your choice. If you just want to watch the World Cup then just choose the 1 month package. If you think you will use a VPN more often. (I bet you will) go for the 12 month package to save some money. Keep in mind that a VPN is masking your location and encrypting your internet traffic.

This can be handy if you want to bypass a firewall. Your government or your administrator might censor certain things on the internet. And in addition it gives you more privacy so nobody can see which websites you open on the internet.

This program works on nearly all devices wether it be Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or even Linux. You can even install the VPN in your router to encrypt automatically all the traffic that goes out.

Once you have signed up you have to install the software. I will use the windows version in my example.

Step 2 Get a Virtual Credit Card

This step is also easy. If you not already have a virtual credit card. Now it is time to get one.

A virtual credit card comes with the benefit that it is not shown from which country you are purchasing a product.

There are a lot of companies who offer virtual credit cards. I will show you two of them both offer prepaid virtual credit cards. The Sign up process takes 2 min max.

Mycard2go is a prepaid card that you can use instantly. Very easy to signup.

Entropay a virtual credit card. Easy to signup and secure. I have used entropay for this tutorial.

Fill up the virtual card up with 25$ for the Sling TV account.

Step 3 Turn on the VPN & Get Sling TV

Now let’s turn on the VPN set the location to the US and head over to Sling TV Soccer. Select the Arabic Mosaic package. And go through the signup and payment process. Don’t forget to use the virtual credit card while you sign up.

When you are signed up log in to your Sling TV account and go to the channel where the match is being streamed on.

Now you can enjoy the football world cup in Arabic commentary. Don’t forget to keep the VPN running when you want to access Sling TV at later stage.

How to Unblock the Malaysia Chronicle

The Malaysian website Malaysia Chronicle and other critical/opposition news websites are blocked by the Malaysian authorities. In this post I will show you how to easily unblock the Malaysia Chronicle and other websites.

So you are in Malaysia and you want to open the news website Malaysia Chronicle but it is blocked by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)? You don’t want that the Malaysian authorities log you? Visit the website anonym?

The solution I will show you in this post will solve that problem!
How to Unblock the Malaysia Chronicle

To access and unblock malaysia chronicle, I am using a VPN. As the malaysia chronicle is completely free to use, you can hide your IP address and access blocked domains through a secure VPN connection.

There are several other ways to unblock the malaysia chronicle but all other solutions have the risk that authorities are logging your activity. I have written about them on the bottom of this page.

I can recommend you to purchase a VPN service such as Goose VPN. This VPN provider is located in the Netherlands a country that has good privacy laws.

No worries I have selected a VPN that you can “test” for 30 days without paying upfront any money.

Use this VPN for 29 days and cancel it afterwards. 😉

Step 1 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Sign UP for a VPN

The first step to gain access to or any other blocked website is that you sign up for a VPN service.

You can use this solution also to gain access to other blocked websites for example porn websites.

I will use the VPN provider Goose VPN. The advantage with this VPN provider is that you get a 30 day free trial without paying upfront any money.

Just follow this link to get to the VPN provider.

Visit VPN Provider

Select try Goose VPN for free

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN

In 3 easy steps – We like also the rating of Goose VPN on Trustpilot

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN Trustpilot

Sign up with your Google account, Facebook account or with Email

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN Signup

Choose the unlimited Goose Plan

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN Pricing Plans

Enter your payment details

I would recommend to choose as payment Paypal. In your paypal settings you can control which services are allowed to charge money from you. Again Goose VPN will not book any money from your account at this step.

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Paypal

Congratulations you are done with step one 🙂

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Congratulations

Step 2 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Get the Goose VPN Client and Install It

Goose VPN Select Device

Head to the Download area and choose the VPN client for your device. I have selected Windows but you can also unblock Malaysia Chronicle on Android, Mac, iOS and even Linux.

Once the Installer is open just hit OK and several times click on next.

Select Language
Start Setup

Step 3 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Connect to the VPN Goose Server

This is easy to do just right click in your taskbar (next to the clock) on the Goose VPN symbol.

Goose VPN Taskbar

A list with the servers pops up. Now you have to select a country that is not blocking the Malaysia Chronicle. (Any other location then Malaysia). In my case I selected a UK server with good speed.

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN ON OFF

Now Turn the VPN ON

Turn on Goose VPN to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle

Test Your Connection

Before you open website test your connection.

Go to

The IP locator should show the IP address of the country you are connected to. (not Malaysia)

In my example I am connected to a server in the UK as you can see below:

Goose VPN Locate IP Address

Congratulations! Now you can surf the web anonymously!

All your internet activity is encrypted and the authorities can’t see which websites you are visiting.

Hope I could help you with this little tutorial. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.

Are There Other Options to Gain Access to Malaysia ?

Yes, there are other options but I wouldn’t recommend them to you. Since the option above is free for 29 days why should you select an unsafe solution?

The solution above is the best option for you since all your web traffic is encrypted so nobody can observe what you are doing on the internet.

But I have written them down as well. Please use them at your own risk.

Option 1 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle without a VPN – Use Google Translate

Yes you read this correct you can unblock websites with the google translator. Google translator is acting as a webproxy. Just go to google translate. Type on the translate side “” and click on translate.

Should look like this:

Google Translate as a Proxy

And the Result:

Google Translate Result

As you can see Google translate is acting like a web proxy to unblock Malaysia Chronicle. But you see the pictures are blocked.

I would not recommend this solution due to lack of security/privacy (missing encryption).

Option 2 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Use a Web Proxy

Please only use web proxies that have a good reputation!

A lot of them finance themselves with annoying advertisement, malware or adware. Stay away from no names to be on the safe side. Here are two good proxy to unblock Malaysia Chronicle.

The Hide.Me web proxy – Just click on visit anonymously.

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle with Web Proxy Hide.ME

The Hidester web proxy – Just click surf anonymously

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle with Web Proxy Hidester

This option I can also not recommend since you are missing encryption. Better to go the VPN route.

I hope this how to was useful. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Things you can buy cheaper with a VPN

In some cases, it is possible to use a VPN tunnel to mask a user’s IP address and global location. This allows a user to purchase goods at a foreign price. Digital products are the most convenient opportunities for savings with a VPN tunnel because they only require a download and lack shipping costs. That said, there are physical goods that can be purchased cheaper as well.

Users should take a look at the things they can buy cheaper with a VPN tunnel.

Steam Games

Every serious gamer known in addition to many casual gamers have heard of Steam. Anyone who has used Steam knows how irritating the geographic restrictions can be. Like Microsoft and Sony, Steam restricts content in certain regions for financial and licensing purposes. A VPN tunnel will unblock this restricted content, allowing a gamer to download otherwise inaccessible video games.

However, there is an issue of a word of caution is to proceed at own risk. Steam is aware that some of its users employ proxy connections and VPN servers to circumvent restrictions.

There is no guarantee that Steam won’t ban an account if it detects a proxy server connection. Many people feel that it is more than worth the risk of a banned account, especially if Steam or a specific game isn’t available in a user’s region. Not only can a user access the content that is unavailable in certain regions, but it is also sold at different prices in different international markets.


Streaming the content is one of the most filtered and geographically restricted types of content on the web, which is a real shame given that on-demand streaming content has become the norm.

In the previous days, people had to rent physical tapes or discs, but now they can access television and film content with the click of a mouse. As long as they live in the right region, that is.

When Netflix was still in its early years, it was really only available in the United States. But, in the recent years, Netflix has opened its gates to an international market and is available in the majority of countries around the world with few exceptions, like China. But note that any single region where Netflix is available doesn’t have access to the same content as every other region.

For example, some content that is available in one country isn’t available in another country. Some regions don’t have any access to Netflix at all. Not surprisingly, Netflix has different pricing models for different regions and some countries are charged more than others.

A VPN tunnel will help avoid these restrictions, but like Steam, Netflix doesn’t like users unblocking their content. Some VPN service provider’s IP addresses are blocked, but Netflix can’t possibly block every VPN IP address since they change so frequently, new servers come online, different blocks of IP addresses are leased, etc.


Amazon Prime isn’t available in nearly as many locations as Netflix, and prices vary considerably dependent on a user’s region, if it’s available at all. Amazon isn’t too keen on people taking off the IP addresses, like any other digital service, but it doesn’t seem to be nearly as strict as Netflix. But do note that it’s a little trickier to unblock content and purchase a subscription than with other services.

If a user already has an account, he will need to change the account’s country setting in addition to taking off the IP address with a VPN tunnel. Moreover, dependent upon which region a user is trying to access, he may need a payment method tied to the region. However, whether using a web browser, app or Amazon Fire Stick, it’s possible to purchase a subscription at a cheaper foreign rate.


Spotify is another service that was previously locked down to only a couple regions, much like Netflix. However, Spotify has opened its service to international markets as well, but the price in each market varies significantly. Plus, Spotify uses a payment processor called Block-Pay, which enables users to pay with crypto-currencies like Bit-coin without having to pay any extra processing fees. It is even possible to pay with PayPal.

A user may need to delete cookies depending on his browser and system configuration to ensure that no browser fingerprinting or cookie tracking methods direct him to a landing page accepting the domestic payment denomination. However, do note that the prices vary depending on region.

Adobe CC

Adobe CC is one of many software products that can be purchased cheaper with a VPN tunnel. It is found that some software websites aren’t restrictive based on a IP address; instead, they merely direct a user to the default page for the region he is in. On some websites, it’s possible to access the landing page for a different region simply by editing the URL from one region to another.

Access to Products Listed on eBay

Ecommerce has become the standard over the last 10 years, but many online marketplaces are geographically restricted, limiting access unless a user belongs to a specific geographic regions or countries. Plus, those users who are privacy minded or simply live in a country where electronic purchases are tracked will be pleased to know that eBay accepts Bit-coin payments.

It is possible to gain access to foreign ecommerce market places like eBay to buy used products and even new products that are sold at a discount for a variety of reasons. However, do note that a user shouldn’t expect to pay any less for an item simply because of the VPN server they use. An auction’s price set by the seller will still cost the same regardless of the IP address.

Airline Tickets, Hotels and Rental Cars

A user have probably seen a ton of websites claiming the it is possible to smell out great deals on plane tickets and hotels when using a VPN tunnel to connect to a different region. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem there are any real ways to ‘game’ the airlines or travel industry anymore.

Years ago, there seem to have been genuine cases where people could save tons of money on airline tickets simply by using a VPN. But these days, cheaper flights and hotels with the use of a VPN tunnel appears to be little more than an appealing way of dreaming.

It is concluded that although there are some special offers posted on different versions of a website, these cheaper flight promotions and savings aren’t tied to a user’s IP address and location. However, car rentals seem to be another matter.

The car rental industry seems to be more discriminatory based on location, as evidenced by ExpressVPN’s price comparison. The savings aren’t very huge, but they are significant enough to hunt for.

Security in open WIFI

A recent survey showed that 71% of tablet owners and 55% of smartphone users used a public WiFi. Data sent through public WiFi can easily be intercepted and read out.

If you are using a mobile device, tablet or laptop on a public WiFi you are at risk loosing security of your personal information (banking, emails, etc.).

In this blog post I will show you how you stay safe on public WiFis.

What is the use of a VPN while connecting to a public network or a WIFI network?

A VPN is a useful way to maintain a user’s online privacy and security while using a public network, or a Virtual Private Networks have been in the news a lot lately. In its early days, there was the shocking news that Apple had removed VPNs from the Chinese App Store, and more recently in October, it turned out that VPNs were an effective safeguard against the worrying crack Wi-Fi vulnerability.

So, when a user will access the internet without a VPN, his computer connection is basically ‘exposed’, as it were. A user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see what content he is accessing over the internet that includes streaming sites, torrents, and games. But when a user connects to a VPN connection the server acts as an intermediary between his computer and the web.

So, to put it in a simple way, a user can send a request to the VPN, then that VPN will send a request to the server where the content is hosted and then the process runs in reverse. However, because the VPN is between a user and the content, his ISP will only see him accessing that VPN, as a result, it won’t see his internet activity.

Besides acting as an intermediary, VPNs protect the users in two other types like; they encrypt a user’s internet traffic and grant him a new IP address, so his real IP will hidden. Even with all the publicity, there are plenty of people who still don’t know what a VPN is and how to use it, the name alone can seem strange and conceptual to the average consumer. However, using a VPN couldn’t be simpler. So, the users can take a quick look at how the software works and why it’s an essential tool for their digital life.

How is a VPN useful for You when You are connecting to a WIFI network?

It would be ideal to use a good VPN connection that can actually work on connecting the user’s device to the web. The thing with public WiFi connections is that a user has no means of knowing which networks are really secure.  But it is sure that, a user can steer clear of networks that don’t require a password, but that’s still not a guarantee that their data is safe. So, the users have to face it, that even the large business and hospitality networks aren’t completely safe

Not only the hackers can crack them, but they can also be infected with malware and other viruses. Some hackers have actually gotten quite crafty like many of them have started creating their own fake public WiFi hotspots. Unfortunately, as most of the users are in a hurry nowadays, they don’t even do a thorough inspection of the network before connecting to it. As a result, it’s easy to get a user’s data and to steal because they just weren’t careful enough while using any WIFI network in a public place.

Well, as discussed in the above lines, using a VPN and an antivirus program means a user won’t face such huge security risks. So it is definite that, the users should still double-check a public WiFi network before connecting to it, but at least their data will be safe behind the top of the line encryption regardless of the outcome.

Explain about the facilities offered by a VPN provider:

On a basic level, encryption involves using advanced mathematics to make a user’s data unreadable to third-parties; it will look like waste to everyone other than the user and that VPN which is used by him. In fact, a VPN can hide a user’s internet traffic not just from their ISP, but also from anyone else on the same Wi-Fi network as the user. That makes VPNs a necessary tool on public Wi-Fi in places like cafes or libraries, and it can also grant the user a new IP address. This not only safeguards the user’s secrecy, but also widens the amount of content he can access. For example, a user can take the IP address as being like a physical address in the real world, it will tell the internet servers where to send information and content he has requested. But it provides these facilities because with a new IP address, a user can access only the known IP address of the VPN, and not the one tied to their computer.

Also, there are many content providers like Netflix and BBC iPlayer use IP addresses as a way to figure out whether or not to allow a user to access content that is limited to a particular region. By using a VPN server in a different country, one can get a foreign IP address, unlocking tons of media he might not otherwise have access to. That VPN can also cover all his internet activity, including torrent clients and games.

Some of the reasons are discussed in the below lines, why a user needs a VPN:

  • Online communications have evolved from simple text-based emails to strong cross-platform messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype and Snapchat are a few of the more popular ones. The issue is that not all of these are encrypted, and therefore there’s the potential for messages to be stopped and read. Putting these messaging services through a VPN provides a higher level of security with the natural encryption, and keeps these conversations where they belong like in private.
  • A VoIP is an important method which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is the revolutionary advancement that enabled digital voice communications at a lower cost than traditional phone lines by routing calls through the internet. The downside is that now instead of tapping individual subscriber lines; VoIP calls can be obtained and analyzed in bulk. By sending these calls through a VPN, they are encrypted, and therefore require serious decryption skills to gain access to the call, making things much harder for any interference.
  • Using a VPN to play an online game might seem like a poor idea on the face of it, but it does offer some advantages. For starters, there is secrecy, meaning a user can keep hi account credentials safe and secure.

How to Watch the 53rd Super Bowl 2019 from Anywhere in the World

Whether you are traveling or living abroad, grab a plate of chicken wings and crack open a cold one, because it’s almost time for the biggest game in football.

Here’s how to stream the Super Bowl 2019 for free regardless of where you are in the world.

The Super Bowl 53 is potentially going to be the most watched Super Bowl of all time.

How to stream Super Bowl 2019 from outside America?

NBC’s streaming options are only available for those in the U.S. But fear not, internet has a solution to help the users to bypass content restrictions based on the location. It offers many options to watch NBC’s coverage from London to Lisbon to Lichuan free of charge. In other words, no matter what continent the users are in, in which country, providing got an internet connection, they have got the users covered in their range.

Here is how it works:

Firstly, a user will need to download a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN is a tool often used to protect a user’s online security from hackers. It works by providing a secure “tunnel” for a user’s data to travel through, ensuring anonymity and protection from interfering eyes. If a user is ever on unsecured public WIFI, like at a coffee shop, in a hotel, or at the airport, then a VPN is a must tool to be used.

But a VPN does far more than just protect a user’s online privacy and security. By masking the IP address, a VPN can make it appear as if a user is browsing on a totally different computer in an entirely different country. This is what where things get interesting.

Downloading a VPN that allows a user to pick a server in a different geographical location specifically, in this case, a server located in the United States. Many of the Hotspot Shield application will allow a user to do just this. Once a user has connected to a U.S. based server, it will now appear to others as if he is not being seated in a remote hotel in Leipzig, for example; rather he is actually being seated at the W in Long Beach.

This means that, when a user now try to stream the game via, he will have the same, unrestricted access as anyone else in the United States even though he is actually thousands of miles away. So there a user starts watching it all and that is how to stream Super Bowl 2018 from anywhere in the world. No matter what the country is, no matter the language, the biggest game in football is now available. It is on an unrestricted computer screen near the user, it is literally as quick and easy as that.

As to whether Brady and his boys will do it again, well, a user will have to tune in this Sunday to find out.

Three major networks are responsible for most of the broadcasting of the playoffs. NBC will have television rights to this year’s Super Bowl game. Watching all the action should be relatively easy if a user is in the US and have a TV, but those traveling abroad or cord-cutting will run into problems. Additionally, millions of NFL fans from around the world are looking for an easy way to watch the biggest game of the season.

It is shown to the users how to watch the Super Bowl from anywhere in the world, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in a simple way as given below.

Firstly, a user will need to choose a VPN to stream NFL games. A user can skip this step if he prefer by heading straight over to the very best VPN for NFL and Super Bowl like ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has everything a user need to watch the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, from strong privacy settings and very fast connection speeds, to enjoy the games in HD without interruptions!

Additionally, a user can also use NFL Game Pass which gives him all NFL games for a heavy price, or the popular cord-cutting service Sling TV to watch the Super Bowl or NFL playoffs.

The rise of the internet and cord-cutting gives people lots of new ways to watch their favorite content online. Unfortunately, copyrighted content can be difficult to stream from anywhere in the world. The services above are no exception, as they are unavailable to viewers outside of the US.

So, as long as if a person is located in the US, he is good? People have to think again! Even viewers in the US are subject to restrictions and media blackouts that could make certain games unavailable.

This is where a high-quality VPN service steps in. It allows a user’s device to tunnel into a country or specific city to bypass geographic restrictions. A user can read more about how a VPN works in the online reviews of this topic.

Using a VPN is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up on a user’s device. It let go over exactly how to use a VPN to watch the Super Bowl 52!

The best VPN to watch Super Bowl 52 and the NFL playoffs is ExpressVPN. Fast connection speeds, lots of server locations like15 different US cities are covered and great encryption all stand out as part of ExpressVPN. To watch the Super Bowl and NFL Playoffs, simply follow these steps:

  • Choose a VPN service for streaming NFL games or head straight to many people’s top recommendation is ExpressVPN.
  • Install the VPN software on a device.
  • Connect to a server in the US. Try finding a server that is close to where the game is taking place.
  • Sign up or simply navigate to one of the streaming services as it is highlighted above.
  • Start streaming! If a user has any connection issues, they have to try selecting a different VPN server.