You want to enjoy the security and anonymity of a VPN? Tight on the money?

I got you covered! On this page I will show you 6 VPN provider that cost less then 2,5$ per month.

And NO! It is not Expressvpn, Nordvpn or one of the other highly promoted VPNs!

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My favorite in this list is ZoogVPN it is not the cheapest but offers the best software. Easy to Use! And with this Bonus it only costs $1.11. If you want to see the full review of ZoogVPN take a look here.

Bonus ZoogVPN


1. Lime VPN – 1$ per Month! The Cheap VPN Winner!

Yes you read this correct just 1$ per month for the LimeVPN basic package. The basic package is in most cases enough for you.

You get 17+ VPN locations, one of 6000 shared domains, no restrictions and no logging! Up to two user at the same time. Only negative aspect is the speed restriction at 10 Gbps. But this only bothers you if you want a VPN for P2P/Torrenting or downloading. For the normal user (streaming, safe surfing etc.) 10 Gbps is enough. If you are out for a good P2P/Torrenting VPN I can recommend you the LimeVPN pro package.

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2. ZoogVPN – 1.25$ per Month

Ok to be fair normally ZoogVPN costs 2.49$ but while I write this post the VPN provider has a Spring Sale (1.25$ per month). I can recommend this VPN due to the great functionality.

7 day money back guarantee, military-grade encryption, up to 5 devices and a very nice support team. And of course Windows, Mac, iOS & Android apps. All in all a solid budget VPN provider! I have reviewed ZoogVPN here.

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3. Saturn VPN – 1.4$ per Month

SaturnVPN got the second spot in my top ten list. What I really like about this VPN is that you can get a free trial for 1 day. And Saturn VPN offers also a 3 day refund. Just send an email to the support if you don’t like the service.

Connect up to two devices to Saturn VPN. Servers are located in the US, the UK, Poland, Germany, France and Canada.

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4. World VPN – 1.7$ per Month

Don’t get confused World VPNs website is not the best designed but the VPN servers are of good quality.

The 1.7$ package comes with unlimited data, 256 bit military grade encryption (PPTP/SSL VPN/OpenVPN/IKEv2), 100 mbps speed, 200+ server locations and 3 multi logins! World VPN is definitely a good choice.

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5. MyIP.io VPN – 2.49$ per Month

MyIP.io comes with unlimited traffic, secure encryption and a client for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. In addition you can test the VPN service for 7 days.

I haven’t tried the service but it looks like a good choice when you want to spend not so much money on a VPN.

Visit Myip.io


6. VPN Jack – 2.49$ per Month

VPN Jack comes with a poorly designed website. All of their VPN server are located in the USA. This might be not a bad thing if you just need a IP from the US.

Also only 1 device can be connected at the same time and P2P file sharing is also not allowed. I would recommend a different VPN provider from my list 😉

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Should I choose an expensive over cheap VPN?

When it comes to buying anything in this world, VPN solution included, the answer to this question is always more complicated that it appears.

There are so many factors to put into consideration, and the price is just but one of them. The most important thing you should remember is that a VPN, irrespective of its price, is all about performance, and your personal security and privacy.

Choosing the right Virtue Private Network can mean the difference between all of your personal and banking information stolen and successfully put a stop to a would-be hacker. On the same note, choosing the right VPN could actually be the difference between having all your personal emails sent everywhere in the internet and keeping all your sensitive data private, safe and sound just where it belongs.

If you consider all these factors, you will realize that finding the most affordable VPN should not actually be your goal.

Even though I do believe that expensive premium VPN is the best, you can still get a good deal from some cheap VPNs if you do your research well, and find the ones that guarantee your security and privacy.

Which of the cheap VPN can I buy with Bitcoin?

Buying a VPN with Bitcoin keeps your financial and personal data away from all potential preying eyes online. Furthermore, it does not leave behind signs of any kind of ‘paper trails’ that can be traced back to you. In fact, the best way to buy VPN service is by using cryptocurrency, in which Bitcoin is leading.

Good thing is, almost all VPNs now accept Bitcoins as payment methods. That said, it therefore means that there is actually no shortage of options or services to choose from.

Cheap VPN for Netfix

If you are looking to stream netfix, there is no need for you to purchase an expensive premium Virtue Private Networks in order to be able to do so. All you need to know are the things to look for in a VPN that will allow you to stream and watch netfix.

Server coverage and download speed should be your top priorities when picking a VPN for netfix purposes. It is very important to remember that video streaming is a very intensive activity, and you will definitely need nippy performance levels for you to avoid potential suffering especially at the hands of stuttering footage, mainly when you are watching HD content.

With several servers on offer, you will are more likely to be able to get that critical fast connection in general.

Privacy and security are also important for whatever reason you are using a VPN. If you asked me, I would advise you to pick a VPN with good encryption and a “no logs” policy. The best affordable VPN solution for netfix should support mobile devices. It would be a bonus if it can support Android and iOS so that you can watch flicks on the go.

Cheap VPN for Torrenting

Are you looking to anonymously torrent files, and you are wondering what cheap VPN would help you get the job done quickly and without a hassle? If yes, then you have come to the right place. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to go for a very expensive premium VPN for you to do so. As a matter of fact, there are so many VPN s that are ideal for torrenting, and they are highly affordable.

Not all cheap VPN are great for torrenting. That goes without saying. Your prime concern should be to find a VPN that supports torrent downloads, and can allow the files to come quickly in a secure and safe manner. The best one should have a very clear laid out privacy policy. It should have a “no logging” guarantee.

Last but not least, the VPN you pick for torrenting should offer fast download speeds so that those files can keep on coming quickly and easily, and it should be one that does not throttle bandwidth.

Are cheap VPN safe?

The safety of any VPN is not necessarily determined by its cost. It is worth noting that just because a given Virtual Private Network is affordable does not actually mean that it is safe for use.

Precisely, the safety or lack of the same of a particular VPN depends on the following:

  1. Their jurisdiction
  2. The provider’s logging policy

On the logging policy, the fewer logs a provider has, the better and safer the VPN is for use. It’s just that straight forward.

The VPN jurisdiction is a bit more complicated. Let me discus it briefly to make it easier for you to understand.

Do you remember when Edward Snowed accomplished his infamous data breach? A huge number of classified NASA files were leaked, and the general public woke up to a realization that their private lives are not actually as private as every one of us has always believed.  In other words, privacy may not be absolute.

In fact, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, US and UK, have a partnership between them by the name “Five Eye Agreement” that effectively allows every member country to collect data, analyze and share the same, especially sensitive ones with one another. This therefore means that these countries can in actual fact circumvent the privacy laws of every respective nation.

For instance, if there is any law that prevents United Kingdom government from legally spying and surveying on any of their own citizens, UK can sidestep this law easily and request one of their partners to do all the dirty job for them.

This simply means that any privacy laws of every respective nation are completely rendered null. If you think that is shocking, then you are in for a rude shock because things do not stop there. These five countries also created a “Third Party Partnership” with France, Holland, Norway, and Denmark, therefore expanding the original network – Five Eyes Agreement – to “Nine Eyes”.

And that’s not all.

As if that is not was not enough, the initial five eyes partners went ahead to expand their network even further adding Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Germany to their long list of partners.

Furthermore, Edward Snowed leaks also confirmed that South Korea and Singapore are also among the nations partnering to access, analyze and share the data of citizens of the respective countries because these two countries are also the members of the new partnership –  “14 Eyes Partnership”.

How exactly does this affect the safety of VPN?

Well, if you are using a Virtual Private Network that is located in one of the 14 eye partnership countries, then the privacy and safety of your information are definitely brought into question. So, as long as the VPN you are using is located in the areas covered by this partnership, it’s almost impossible to guarantee the safety and privacy of your information.

Even though you should not worry at all about whether your VPN provider endorses and upholds their no logging policy, it is very important that you are aware of this partnership as well as its implications and consequences on your personal security.

Cheap VPN Review Conclusion

Up to this point, I hope that from this guide, you have gotten every information and insight you may need to choose the ideal perfect VPN for your budget and needs.

There is no denying that each VPN provider mentioned this list offers affordable, quality service. After all is said, there can only be one winner. Considering every factor, Zoong VPN and Lime VPN are the undisputed champions of the cheap VPNs.