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  • No possibility to choose specific server

A VPN typically enables you to use a private network through a public network by means of a proxy IP address. You may get services accessible of the private network via the proxy IP address as if you are directly connected to the private network.

During this usage, your identity will entirely be unseen by the network. Your IP Address shall be hidden. In these days, various VPNs have been in use. Several VPNs are available, which demand to ensure you with services and features.

However, when you intend to utilize them, you find them not up to the mark. Nevertheless, if I talk about a specific one other than those it would be Atlas VPN. They are based in United States. The Peakstart Technologies Inc. company is responsible for their trademark license. Their Terms of Service are written in agreement with the laws of the state of Delaware.

When I reviewed their website, I saw it said that user’s privacy is their motto until I used their product. This is when I found out they have far better usability than others’ proposed insight.

Atlas VPN puts their best efforts in providing you with shield against surveillance, censorship, and geo-blocks. Not only they take care of your privacy but also, they sustain with your budget and tech-perception.

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Streaming Test In Our AtlasVPN Review

We have tested AtlasVPN with many streaming services please take a look below which streaming service it works.

Does AtlasVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, AtlasVPN is a great service that works with Netflix. We have found this is one of very few that will actually allow 24/7 access to Netflix.

AtlasVPN has really fast speeds when it comes to working with Netflix. With other VPNs, you may find that there are network-wide blocks, but with ExpressVPN, this has never happened to us. And if you are traveling around the world, you can also have this VPN work with Netflix.

Features & Encryption Of AtlasVPN


Atlas VPN provides you with multiple IP Addresses when connected to the network. This makes you capable to boost your anonymity without making you swap through VPN networks. Point to be noted, Atlas VPN is the first one in the market to offer you this facility.

This VPN’s safeswap servers run a pool of several IP Addresses. Once you get connected to one, your outgoing traffic will be routed by multiple IP addresses switching through online sessions without any drop in connection. This way it makes it harder for others to spy on your online activity while using this VPN.

At the moment, the feature is available for Atlas VPN AndroidiOS, and Windows users. They offer three different SafeSwap server location options:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Los Angeles, United States

To connect to one of their SafeSwap servers, you have to follow these four simple steps:

Step 1. Login to the Atlas VPN account as a Premium user and then slide up the server menu to see the complete Atlas VPN server list

Step 2. Scroll down the server list until you find the SafeSwap server label.

Step 3. Select the SafeSwap server of your choice.

Step 4. This is it. Now your IP address will continue to route automatically while you’re connected to one of the SafeSwap servers and browsing.

Block Malware and Ads

When you are connected to Atlas VPN, your device gets protected against all sorts of Malwares, phishing viral sites and ads. Even though all other VPNs also facilitate this but with Atlas VPN it is guaranteed to have a safe online journey with a shielded connection.

24/7 support

24/7 Customer Support is available to you if you are an Atlas VPN user. They are enormously reliable to solve your problems any minute.


Atalas VPN has this Tracker Blocker feature that will protect you from all sorts of third-party tracker and phishing sites with full of suspicious ads. This prevents these trackers from following your online activity, thus enabling your safety and security across the online platform. With this Tracker Blocker, your all over web surfing experience also gets enhanced. Because Tracker Blocker increases page load time by blocking unnecessary ads from viewing in the web pages.

To enable Tracker Blocker on your device, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Login to the Atlas VPN account as a Premium user and then click the ‘Shield’ icon on the bottom menu bar of your Atlas VPN iOS or Android app

Step 2. Select ‘Tracker Blocker’.

Step 3. A popup will appear highlighting the main features of Tracker Blocker. To continue, click ‘Explore Tracker Blocker’.

Step 4. You will see all the trackers detected on your device on the top left corner. On the same page, you can also view the detailed list of trackers, their hostname and the exact time they were detected.

Step 5. Slide the toggle switch to the right of ‘Block Trackers’. You can disable this setting at any time.

Step 6. That’s all. All trackers you encounter while browsing the internet from now on will be blocked. Click ‘Done’ to continue.

Step 7. In the top right corner of the page, once enabled, you will see the total number of blocked trackers. On the same page, you can also view the detailed list of trackers, their hostname and the exact time they were blocked.

Step 8. You can sort the trackers by the most recently blocked or the most frequently blocked by switching between ‘Recent’ and ‘Most Common’ tabs.

Shielded Connection

Atlas VPN offers shielded connection throughout your entire online connection. This feature blocks any sort of unsafe data exchanges in between your online connection providing you with a shield. It also ensures data transfer with end-to-end encryption.

Advanced Leak Protection(IPv6)

Atlas VPN works for safety of both your IPV4 and IPV6 addresses by enabling IP Leak Protection. You might know, IP leak happens when you accidentally access default servers instead of VPN servers. But by Atlas VPN, this is not possible for its strong shielded connection protection over your IP Addresses.

Prevents Location Tracking

Atlas VPN enables secured browsing by preventing location tracking by third party entities. With Atlas VPN, it is guaranteed to surf safely through the web preventing others from knowing your locations.

Superior Web Traffic Encryption

Atlas VPN employs AES-256 for data encryption, crafts tunnels with IPSec/IKEv2, and adds SHA-384 and PFS ingredients to the mix. In other words, Atlas VPN ensures secured connection through end-to-end encrypted web traffic you are browsing through.

Network Kill Switch

Network Kill Switch is one of the most important features which activates network killing switch when the connection becomes unstable. This way, not only your connectivity gets a safety shield but also this prevents you from IP/DNS leaking.

Data Breach Scanner

Atlas VPN has this built-in tool named, Data Breach Scanner which ensures not leaking of personal details into any data breaches. Your privacy and security are the utmost concern for this product.

SafeBrowse Mode

This VPN has this safe browse mode which ensures safe surfing across the web. By protecting you from malicious contents and sites online and blocking ads you will enjoy a hassle-free experience with this VPN.

Usability & Installation of AtlasVPN

Atlas VPN affords unlimited device connections. This VPN also ensures connection in any device with safe and quality sessions. Through its features this VPN enables you to have seamless streaming tackling all types of interferences like buffering, lags, geo-blocks, censorships etc. This is available on all platforms including, Windows, Apple, IOS and Android.

This VPN also guarantees flawless P2P connection and file sharing experiences. No matter it is torrent you are downloading or other files, Atlas VPN ensures seamless P2P connection without any speed drops. Whenever you want to grab a deal or coupon online, turn on Atlas VPN and experience a smooth journey.

Besides having a faultless safe and sound connection this VPN servers also offer digital freedom against all odds. Here odds could be any sort of internet restricting and blocking of features on the web.

Atlas VPN offers 700+ servers across the world to be connected to this network of seamless security. And all these servers are offered to you avoiding any differential pricing regardless of your location. Once you click the ‘Connect’ button and that is all. Atlas VPN will connect you with the best located server for you with supersonic speed.

I have used this VPN and have found tremendous service along with zero connectivity drops. I have also utilized seamless file sharing service while using this VPN. In spite of having been to a distant location at my travel plan once what it offered was a flawless and speedy connection.

Contents available to you using this VPN are:

  • Streaming Platforms like, Netflix , Hulu, HBOmax etc.
  • Websites with smooth unblocked stuffs whether censored or not
  • Sports Events- Live Sports experience can come to your room directly via this VPN experience.
  • Games- Atlas VPN will allow you any game right on your lap from any blocked site regardless of your location.
  • Live Events- Live events, news etc. can be watched through the help of this VPN from any part of the globe.
  • Apps- Regardless of restrictions, this VPN helps you download and use apps across the web.

With end-to-end encryption, this VPN server polishes a secured tunnel for your connection and ensures a safe online experience. Otherwise, through Wi-Fi network with your original IP, interrupters might be watching your activities online anytime.

When you are paying sums of money for buying VPNs without guaranties I would recommend to pay and try this VPN with all the latest features and security. The experience you will gain using this VPN with all its features and security concepts like blocking ads, blocking malicious contents and phishing sites, and other interferences, will be like no other.

Moreover, I have also used other VPNs and security is not a guaranteed service offered by the other VPNs. Where with Atlas VPN, it makes you quite stress-free whether it is the matter of speed, or connection drops or secured surfing experience.

Pricing and Payment

There are overall three plans for using Atlas VPN- Monthly, Yearly and a 3-year plan.

  1. The monthly plan costs 9.99 USD per month with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. The yearly plan costs 29.88 USD per year with a 30-day money back guarantee. For monthly payments of 2.49 USD per month there is a 75% savings offer for this plan.
  3. The 3-year plan is charged 50.04 USD every 3 years with a 30-day money back guarantee. For monthly payments of 1.39 USD per month there is an 86% savings offer for this plan.

For using these plans, you have to provide your email address and select a payment method.

There are 3 payment methods for buying these plans.

  • Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Paypal

Whichever plan you subscribe yourself to, there is a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee along with all of its stunning features. All the plans include its features I have talked about above.


Is it midnight and you are alone at your location with your office work and you cannot access a blocked site?

Searching for help and there is no one to help you with the technical stuffs with vpn?

Is it an emergency?

There is a 24/7 support system waiting for you at this contact: [email protected].

Moreover, there is the Help Center on the website online with full of supporting resources to help you. Just go to and browse your suitable content. Browse through the contents and find whichever helps you.

Speedtest of AtlasVPN

Tired of connection drops while using VPNs?

Atlas VPN offers you a connection with full speed connectivity without any interruption. It polishes its tunnels when you get connected with this VPN only to ensure you have a balanced and speedy experience.

Not only speed, but also this VPN offers you a safe connection blocking interferences like, ads, malicious malwares, phishing sites which may occur to make your connection slow. Blocking these drops of connection this VPN will allow you a hazard-free experience online.

Verdict of AtlasVPN – All in All Solid Choice

Whether you haven been trying several VPNs by now or are a newbie, I would highly recommend you to at least try this Atlas VPN at once for a better experience. A smooth and speedy connection with a secured shielded experience you will have.

Nonetheless, as I have used this VPN and have had a satisfying experience. I assure you; you won’t deny the safe and sound experience. Do have a try.

If you need support as I have mentioned above. 24/7 support facility is there to assist you. Good Luck and Enjoy!

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