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  • Great Password Manager
  • Easy To Use
  • Supports Many Websites


  • Limited Free Version

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Remembear: Easiest way to remember passwords

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Remembear is a password manager app, that is designed to remember your passwords that you use around the web. You need different logins for different websites and it is hard to remember all of them and login every time. Remembear remembers your passwords for you and secure them. with so many bear puns, remembear is supposed to entertain you as well facilitate you. you will get user-friendly interface because remembear uses animations and graphics to design this security tool for complete online privacy.

Remembear is designed by the company responsible for famous Tunnelbear vpn, that was released in 2017. It is almost impossible to remember all those passwords, and why hustle when remembear is here to do that. But among countless other options like google password manager, lastpass, 1password ckeychain, why is it that you should choose remembear. To answer this question, I tried and tested remembear and it comes out that this application fulfills all basic needs and it is easy to use. While this program is simple to use, its most valuable function is hidden behind a paywall, which many other free alternatives do not offer, even though it costs the same as more powerful alternatives that come with more features.

Features and encryption:

When it comes to encryption, you can stay relaxed by using remembear because they use famous and most secure 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. One of the safest encryption algorithm used by banks and military. End-to-end means that one end is you and the other end is remembear, no one else can see your login information. Not just this, remembear provides additional security for password sharing and safeguards like secure remote password are also used.

Import from browsers:

You can now import your passwords from famous and previously used browsers such as Google chrome and firefox. The passwords that you used before for your Gmail id, social media like Facebook, Instagram or other secure websites.

Export data:

Exporting data has been made really simple and easy for the users of Remembear. It is as easy as going to Settings> Account and then hitting “Export” option. And then a CSV-formatted document will be generated in a form of cell-based table so that all credentials of users can be added in separate columns. This feature is exclusive and missed in other password managers like lastpass, because they simply open blank ordinary HTML page.

Inactivity lock:

A very special and important feature of remembear that protects those people who forget and leave their computer unattended mostly, and there is a chance of unwanted interruption. In that case, you can turn on automatic log out option. And after few minutes of inactivity, just as you customized, it will log out on its own and their won’t be a chance of hacking.

Apps and browsers extensions:

Remembear allows browser extensions for chrome, Firefox and safari, but not for internet explorer, edge or opera.  This feature of remembear is pretty functional and handle everything wisely. Storing new passwords, generating new password and automatic form filling as well as detecting login pages, it is god at all of them.

Backup- kit:

Have you ever thought that the passwords you are protecting in vault from being forgotten, you might forget the password of your vault? Isn’t it the worst nightmare? And it can happen, with all other things going on mind, you can forget master password of your vault any time. fortunately, remembear also have solution for this. All you need in this case is a backup-kit and remembear provides one. it’s just a 30-digit alphanumeric key, and of course, you don’t have to memorize it, but you have to jot it down and secure somewhere safe or simply make a word or text file and save it.

Along with other features and functionalities, the backup kit is an interesting thing introduced by remembear. Your passwords and data are secured under the most authentic security methods. You do not need to worry about losing any data, just make an account at remembear and leave everything on it.


Remembear is like a protecting shield that ensure the security of your data from the cruel world of hackers. But the interface of the app/website is so interesting and fun, in which bears are helping you and give guidelines about setting up the app, how to autofill and synchronization process etc. When it comes to the security of the Remembear, they don’t even access your data/passwords that you stored on the servers. So forget all the worries are enjoy using Remembear at your mobile, PC or through web extension.

There isn’t any limitation or restriction; that you are not able to access it anywhere. Feel free to login Remembear unlimited times and at unlimited devices. May be you are a Mac user or an android lover, it is available for everyone. You can access it through web extension on laptop and apps too. Just don’t forget your master password. If you do; then recover it from backup kit.

The thing that makes Remembear more valuable is that all of the apps and servers are audited by highly standard company. They audited if there is any security issue or not and Remembear tried hard to resolve it as early as possible. Easy accessibility and high standard features makes it one of the renowned password managers.

Does remembear allow sharing passwords?

Sharing credentials is much needed and appreciated feature by users. This is why, most of the password managers add this feature, but unfortunately, not all of them work properly. About remembear, you can safely share your login credentials with the set of users you want. This is as simple as clicking the SHARE button right next to login details, and an automated link will be created t share your login credentials with other users, when the receiver gets the access to link, the confidential login credentials will be self-destructed automatically to make it unusable for the users. And the link will automatically expire 48 hours after being generated.


If you are a newbie in the world of password managers, you may get little confused by the huge list of password managers. Remembear is the amazing choice for you whether you use it free or buy the premium one. In the free plan, you can use it on only one device. The backup up and synchronization feature is also unavailable but the security of data is at its best. Your data will be secure in encrypted vault but you can not share it to others.

The remembear premium is little bit expensive as compared to other password managers because it cost $6 per month. But you can avail all the VIP services and support services by using it. You can syn. the data to other devices too, and secure backup are the priority of premium version of remembear. Making thongs easier for you, remembear allows you to pay through Visa card, Master card and American Express too.


The bear is always here to help and resolve your problems. That’s why an help ivon is already available at the main menu of the remembear website/app. You can easily access it and read the FAQs that will provide answers to your questions. FAQs about getting started, announcement, billing, troubleshooting and general questions are present that may help you in the hour of need. Many featured articles and blog posts can also give important information regarding different aspects of Remembear. You can also contact to the support Bear by clicking on contact us option.


Remembear is considered to be well organized fun password manager with high security standards to protect and maintain your privacy and data. It is up to dated and user friendly platform that make you forget all your password related worries and issue. It may lack some features that other password managers offers, but you can use it to protect your passwords and enjoy the animations. The zero knowledge policy, security audit and 256 bit encryption make it worthy in the market of password managers. We recommend you to try it for once, for best results and fun animations too.


What is backup kit?

The main and important part of Remembear is a backup kit that contain account email, a 25 digit pin/code and your master password. If you ever forget your master password, you can retrieve it from the backup kit. So save it in safe place that no one can access it.

Can remembear works while offline?

Why not, it is available for you any time and anywhere. You can save whatever data and passwords into it while offline. You can make, view, edit and organize passwords in it without Internet too.

What is data protection policy of Remembear?

The Remembear uses the AES 256-bit encryption algorithms to secure and protect your data. The Remembear itself not look into your data and has nothing to do with your passwords. So your details are in safe hands.

Overall RememBear Rating

Rated 4.0 out of 5
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What Users Say About RememBear

simple and intuitive

Rated 4.0 out of 5
November 26, 2023

RememBear has been a satisfactory password manager during my usage. Its simple and intuitive design makes it user-friendly, especially for those who are new to password management tools. The bear-themed interface adds a touch of fun to the user experience.

The cross-platform compatibility is convenient, allowing me to access my passwords seamlessly across different devices. The secure syncing feature ensures that my data is up-to-date on all platforms.

While RememBear lacks some advanced features offered by other password managers, it covers the basics well. The free version provides a good entry point, but the premium version adds valuable features like cloud backup.

One downside is that the autofill feature doesn’t always work flawlessly across all websites, leading to occasional manual entry. Additionally, the limited options for organizing and categorizing passwords may be a drawback for users with extensive collections.

In summary, RememBear is a suitable choice for users who prioritize simplicity and ease of use. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it gets the job done for straightforward password management.

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