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  • Great Password Manager
  • Easy To Use
  • Supports Many Websites


  • Limited Free Version

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Zoho vault is your companion in hard times. Like, how bad is it that you have to remember all your emails and social media passwords. And then you go to office and get a whole new set of passwords to remember. Thing about passwords is that you can’t share them with anyone so if you forget, they remind you. but don’t worry, zoho vault helps you with both situations.

Zoho vault password manager is one of the best password managers, that secure your passwords with string encryption and help you keep your personal and business accounts separate. Unlike other password managers, free version of zoho vault doesn’t put a period after saving some passwords. You can save unlimited passwords in free version as well. But free version omits the multi device syncing and some other advance features from free version.

Zoho vault is one of the best password managers. It is easy-to-use, secure, safe and relatively cheap. It is mostly considered to be used by oriented teams but non-business users can also use it and might even like it. zoho vault might not be the most feature-rich software but it gives some extra features that put it to competition with others.

Features and Encryption:

Zoho vault focuses on small-business needs. It is just one of the dozens other applications provided by zoho. Zoho applications are mostly for business purposes like project management, book keeping and email.  They don’t provide identity theft protection services like dashlane and blur. But it has some other features added to compete them, like 3rd party integration and single sign-in. also zoho might not be for the individual use but individuals can also try the free version because it allows unlimited passwords. Some more interesting features like user management and password replay makes zoho better than others.

Integration with 3rd party:

3rd party integration is one of the best feature of zoho vault, which makes it different from others. Zoho mail integrates with their own other products like zoho desk and zoho mail, among which, most are B2B oriented. You can get a single sign-on for third party solutions as well. Zoho vault also includes user import and export within apps and Rest APIs for customized operations. Other 3rd party integration services provided by zoho vault are:

G suite

 Azure active directory (user import)

Google drive

One drive

Office 365

Amazon S3 (Backup)

Dropbox (Backup)

Users, admins and super admins:

Another interesting and helpful fact about zoho vault is that you can share your password with a group of users. All those users will have same access as others. But you get to choose who is user and who to make admin.

 If you are a user, you can only access passwords and transfer them to other accounts. Whereas an admin has access to acquire passwords with one click and he can transfer them directly in to zoho safe vault. The admin has power to share passwords and set new rules for password strength and length.

Then there comes a super admin, which is above users and admin. Super admin can supervise the activities of users and admins, invite new users, revoke the permission for shady ones, can see all the passwords and have power over users and admin. ‎

You should be careful when choosing your super admin because a corrupt one could ruin everything. As a super admin, you can even check the IP address someone is using to watch Netflix. But an alert will be send to you if anything suspicious is noticed.

Secure password sharing:

Zoho vault has introduced advanced and secure password sharing system due to its orientation with SMEs. This level of sophisticated password sharing is not provided by other password managers of same level. This feature is only open to premium users who have access to all the features of zoho vault.

Passwords can be put in folders for making the sharing easier. You can yourself send password requests as a user, which will help speeding up the process whether if you are using it for family or business purpose.

Much more is that you can set an expiration date for the shared passwords folder. These features might not sound very user-friendly as it only allows to share password folders with other users of zoho vault and not outside. But in that case, you have an option to share the password link through an email, which will be invalid or expire after 24 hours, or right after half an hour when receiver opens the email.

Password capture and replay:

When you are logging in to some password secure website with supported browser, then zoho vault offers to save the credentials and you can tag them and name them to take notes of your saved secret. In a business setting, you need to mentioned whether you are using this website for business or personal matter.

Zoho vault allows you to save logins for more than 400+ websites. That includes social media, streaming websites, emails and much more.

But the drawback here is that zoho works with simple logins but when I tested them with oddball or two-page logins, it didn’t work. Like with the Gmail, where user and password are on two different pages, it does nothing.

Security and encryption:

Enhanced security and encryption military grade AES 256-bit encryption used by zoho vault shows that how much their clients and their business value means to them. zoho uses robust security strategy and multiple firewalls and segmented networks prevents unsanctioned entries.

Just like sticky password premium, zoho vault also requires one password to enter the vault but a separate passphrase to open the trove of passwords. For the first time, when you log in with some particular device or browser, you have to verify yourself by entering the password, but then that device or browser becomes the trusted one and you don’t need to do that next time. yes, you can manage your trust devices online, for the lost device or browser you don’t use anymore.

If admin wants and allow, he/she can enable the 2FA after which you will have to enter by verifying yourself through a message or call.

Passwords backup:

This one comes in handy because with just one click, you would know how strong your password is, and what improvement is needed. That is exactly the purpose of password assessment.

Also, auto-backup feature is quite interesting and satisfying because it generates backup of your passwords by default. All you need to do is active the option “Data backup” under the Admin panel by just toggling Enable backup. And you can choose a daily or weekly backup option. You can restrict the users from backup plan maybe because of security issues. Good thing is that this feature is available for both free and paid versions.


Zoho vault is also available for mobile apps but it is basically a desktop app. Signing up is so easy, it just takes few seconds. Then you will be required to set memorable master password or a passphrase to get through your sign up. And then you can store your password manually or simply import them from other password managers.

Deives supported by Zoho:

You can install zoho extension in chrome and Firefox browsers and they work under windows, Linux or macOS. Extensions for safari and windows store apps are also available.

Pricing and Payment:

Zoho vault provide free tier for the individuals and starters, as well as standard and premium plans for small and premium users. Although, this totally depends on you that which plan you want to take on.

Zoho vault provides reasonable plans. Unlike other password mangers, when choosing zoho vault, no matter which plan you choose, monthly or yearly, you will get a 10% discount for long term.


Zoho vault has made it so easy for their clients to start up and speed up their process and learning with zoho vault. They have provided detailed PDF guides, video demonstrations, FAQs, webinar and detailed explanation on all aspects of the software from setting up to software to the functionality. Everything is discussed and explained well.

Other than that, 24/7 email support and online customer service is also active in US, India, Australia and UK.


Zoho vault is the best option for you if you own a business or company. This is an excellent password manager with military grade security and superb customer support with excellent third party integration and strong control over users and passwords.

Most features of the software are geared towards teams so this software is not recommended for personal or individual use, but it’s perfect for organizations and businesses and it is also reasonable.


Is zoho vault safe?

Yes, it is totally safe because of the strong security algorithm used which is mostly used by military and banks, that is AES 256-bit encryption.

Is zoho good for personal use?

Well, it is best for organizations and business as well as if you want to use it for family, because this software is supposed to serve teams. Individual usage is not recommended.

Can you import your passwords from elsewhere?

Yes, you can store your passwords manually as well as import them from other password mangers.

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Happy User Of Zoho Vault

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 26, 2023

Zoho Vault has revolutionized how I handle passwords and secure data. Navigating its user-friendly interface is like having a safe haven for sensitive information. Security is a top priority, employing robust encryption methods to safeguard my data. I appreciate the customizable storage, allowing me to neatly organize different data categories. The generous virtual memory, with ample space, ensures I can store all my important information. Zoho Vault stands out as a reliable and secure solution in the realm of digital data management.

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