Private Internet Access VPN Review 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

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  • Great Speed – One Of The Fastest VPN
  • Exotic Server Location
  • 94 Countries


  • Above Average Price
  • No possibility to choose specific server

n this review I will take a look at Private Internet Access VPN. I will take a deep test with this VPN show you the advantages and disadvantages. Here you can also find some relevant YouTube videos to Private Internet Access VPN.

In this age of high internet usage our privacy on the social media and the protection of our digital footprint has become a big concern. On the other hand, being dependent upon the internet for most of my daily works, I would like to surf freely through the internet and check any website I want securely. Private Internet Access VPN is a technology that is going to provide us all the security we need online. It is a Virtual Private Network for personal usage. It masks Internet Protocol address of your computer and prevents it and your actual geographical location from getting revealed.

It provides multiple security levels to prevent revealing our personal information online. They do not keep any log or database regarding our personal information as well. The technology of the Private Internet Access VPN has been designed in such a manner that it will be able to work with the technology present in our gadget already.

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Does Private Internet Access Work With Netflix?

Can you watch US Netflix with PIA? In this video I have recorded a step by step guide how you can do it. Take a look below:

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Features & Encryption of Private Internet Access VPN

This VPN supports all operating systems. Windows, Android, Linux, macOS and iOS. In addition to these operating systems PIA also offers VPN plugins for the browsers Firefox, Chrome and Opera and there are detailed setup tutorials for routers and many other device types.

With the help of Private Internet Access VPN we can access a Private DNS (Domain Name Server). With this you are able to avoid censoring of your ISP.

Surf With Protection – Built In Kill Switch

In case the virtual private network gets disconnected suddenly due to some reason, it has got a feature called internet kill switch which switches off all the applications connected to internet to save us from getting exposed. Even if the VPN is not working our data in safe with us.

Another new feature added to PIA is a tool called MACE which blocks ads, pop-ups and trackers. Surf through the web without annoying ads, pop-ups and trackers. Private Internet Access VPN takes care of that as well. This software is similar to Cybersec from NordVPN you can read about it here.

Usability of Private Internet Access VPN – Easy To Use Software!

PIA usability stands out if you compare it to other VPN provider. PIA will help you to complete security of your digital footprints.

Security from public Wi-Fi: If we log onto Wi-Fi at public places then our device is prone to attackers. Public Wi-Fi is not at all secured and has a very weak security. Personal VPNs saves our gadget from these kinds of attacks as well.

Using online cloud storage: While transferring our files and data to some cloud storage our information is at danger. VPNs encrypt and secure your data from being attacked.

Playing online games: With Private Internet Access VPN, playing games online with our friends will become even more secured.

Is Private Internet Access Good Fore Torrenting? – Great Server Speed! Stay Secure On The Web

Downloading anything from torrent might actually become a bit harder once we start using personal virtual private network. It cannot distinguish between legitimate contents like downloading games, updating software etc. with illegitimate contents like downloading pirated contents.

Avoid Companies Digitally Stalking On You 

Many organizations store cookies on our computer to keep tabs on our online activities like which pages we visit the most, what do we do in social medias etc and keep sending us ads and pop ups based on our searches. They might also be able to keep tab on our ISP. A personal virtual private network will prevent all of these by making it appear like our IP address is changing every time as if it’s a different computer.

Pricing and Payment of Private Internet Access VPN

Private VPN has three kinds of pricing options:

  • 1 Month Plan for $9.95 per month.
  • 1 Year Plan for $5.99 per month.
  • 2 Year Plan for $3.49 per month.

As you can see, the 2 Year Plan is the best plan economically, but if you want to try it out first before using it permanently then use the once a month option. Keep in mind even when you choose a 2 year plan you have 7 day money back guarantee which gives you enough time to test out the service.

If you want to have a longer test out period time take a look at NordVPN which is offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

You can make the payment for your Private Internet Access account in many ways. From Google wallet, PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoins, CashU, OKPay over Ripple accounts to credits cards. If you are concerned about your privacy you can do the payment even with a gift card, which you can buy with cash.

Support Rating of Private Internet Access

With Private Internet Access you can enjoy 24X7 customer services. We can get all kinds of supports via their live chat feature. This feature is far better than some instruction guide that might not even cover the particular problem that we might be facing.

Options To Reach PIA

  • Live Chat
  • Ticket System
  • Email

Their agents are there to help any time of the day and will provide us with a solution in no time. Their agents are very polite and friendly and most importantly they know what they are doing; they have deep knowledge about Private Internet Access VPN and they will be able to guide you through anything related to that.

PIA Offers A Well Made Knowledge Base

I can recommend the well detailed knowledge base of PIA. It covers general questions, FAQs, payments, technical and best security practices. Also several questions are covered with a video.

Speedtest of Private Internet Access VPN

After using private VPN services your download and upload speeds are bound to increase. There is going to be a huge difference in speed in your web browsing. Some tests have revealed that Private internet access increases the latency speed by 13.5 percent.

Of course this percentage will vary from country to country. But with a personal virtual private network, the browsing and other internet activity speeds are bound to increase.

Verdict Of Private Internet Access

Pros of using Private Internet Access VPN

  • Private Internet Access provides ease of connection. We do not need any professionals to install and activate it. We are just a click away to start enjoying the exciting features of personal virtual private network.
  • The advanced features of private internet access and the top notch security provided by it is one of the main reasons to use it.
  • Your internet activity is going to get much faster after adopting this technology. Get your works done in a jiffy with private internet access.
  • They have multiple payment options for our ease of bill payment. They have options for credit cards, PayPal, Amazon, Google wallet, Bitcoins, Ripple accounts, CashU, OKPay. You can also buy gift cards by paying cash and pay your bills accordingly.
  • It supports any platform of operating system on your device whether it is iOS, Windows, Linux or Android.
  • Private internet access does not require any additional technology or software to be installed in your computer.
  • Another attractive feature of this technology is its Virtual Private Network kill switch. Your personal information is safe with you even if the personal VPN gets disconnected somehow accidentally.

Cons of Using Private Internet Access VPN

  • The technology of private internet access provides no opportunity of free trial before actually buying it.
  • The amount of feedbacks obtained regarding errors is very less.
  • We cannot choose the server of virtual private network of your own choice. It will be allotted to us by them.
  • If you are an active torrent user, then personal virtual private network on your device will create disturbances on your work even if you are downloading nothing illegitimate. It cannot distinguish between pirated movies or just some operating system upgrade.


If we overlook some minor drawbacks of Private Internet Access VPN, it is no denying the fact that it is a very useful in this era of too much digital usage and the digital crimes to it. With private internet access all of your data whether it is a photo in your social media account, whether it is your personal information entered while claiming for insurance or whether it is your files being transferred to cloud storage for back up everything is secured.

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