ZenMate VPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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  • ZenMate has a Great User Interface, Clean Design and Easy to Use
  • Supports all major platforms


  • Relatively expensive without coupon
  • No support for 3rd party VPN application
  • No Bitcoin

ZenMate is a VPN service provider based in Berlin, with over 43 million users registered across its platforms. The company allows users to browse anonymously and access content from various top websites that is geo-restricted or blocked.

It comes with the promise of fast streaming, quick encryption and invisibility on the internet accessed through mobile phones, laptops, desktops etc. Let’s see if the Zenmate VPN can hold up the expectations!

I have listed the negative aspects at the bottom of the article. Spoiler – if you want to use it to bypass the great wall of china or even your firewall at work, school or elsewhere I recommend ExpressVPN.

Overview ZenMate vs NordVPN vs SurfShark

In this overview you can compare ZenMate with the two most popular VPN NordVPN and the newcomer surfshark. NordVPN and Surfshark are top rated VPN that our community and I can recommend.

Save 50%  Save 66% Save 83%  
1,000+ VPN servers5,000+ VPN servers500+ VPN servers
Fast SpeedFast SpeedFast Speed
5 Devices6 DevicesUnlimited
30+ Countries62+ Countries50+ Countries
Chrome, Firefox,  Opera, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS,Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, Proxy, MacOS, LinuxChrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, Proxy, MacOS
Tested with Netflix, Hulu & HBOTested with Netflix, Hulu, HBO & Amzone PrimeTested with Netflix, Hulu, HBO & Amzone Prime
Follow this Link to save 50%Follow the Link to save 66%Follow the Link to save 83%
Dedicated VPN not AvailableDedicated VPN Available (after signup)Dedicated VPN not Available
Good EncryptionMilitary Grade EncryptionSecure Encryption
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30 Days Money Back
30 Days Money Back
 30 Days Money Back 
 Read Full Review Here
Read Full Review Here

Zenmate Premium Features

Take a look below to see the most important Zenmate premium features:

  • The ZenMate app can be set up on any device, and it works on every big platform.  (Windows, MacOS, Chrome Plugin, Firefox Plugin, Opera Plugin, Android App, iOS App)
  • With just one account, you can use the VPN on as many as 5 devices at the same time.
  • It is available both in free and premium versions, which ensures that you can try out the service
  • 30 day – no question ask  – money back guarantee, Premium Customer Support and the Zenmate VPN service comes with the feature EverSecure, which ensures more safety for you
  • You can configure the ZenMate software client package in such a way that it can autostart with the OS that you use.
  • The app lets you connect easily, each time, to the most appropriate server for your activity – with the help of the feature ‘Smart Locations’. With this feature, it is possible to customize the settings for particular pages.
  • ZenMate VPN has many servers, and the number is continuously increasing. 3000+ IPs in 30 countries.

Zenmate Rating & Missing Premium Features

Yes we the VPN Pioneer are Honest and Critical

In my opinion these premium features are missing:

  • No Linux support
  • Missing possibility to use the TCP port 443 which is critical if you want to use the VPN to bypass firewalls
  • No support for OpenVPN client
  • Only one encryption protocol available (AES 128)
Our Rating for premium feature is:

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Usability of the ZenMate VPN

ZenMate Installation in seconds

  • Very quick and easy signup in 3 Steps (choose package, enter email, select payment)
  • The installation of the Zenmate is done in seconds.  The user-friendly interface makes the setup and usage processes very convenient.
  • As a premium user, you have to type in your email id and pick a payment mode of your choice. When it comes to credit cards, the company supports Visa, Maestro, American Express and MasterCard.
  • It is easy to download the software client package and install the same. You will only need to follow the necessary instructions to have it set up and running very shortly. Irrespective of which device you install the ZenMate app in, you can enjoy easily accessible features, clear notifications, large fonts and nice design.

Unblock Netflix, Hulu and other Streaming Sites

  • You can access servers from many countries and unblock geo-restricted content from Netflix and many other websites.
  • The VPN service has a wonderful streaming speed, which means you can stream seamlessly and without waiting for movies or videos to buffer endlessly from Hulu, ABC, BBC or other popular networks.

Does ZenMate Work with US Netflix?

  • Yes you can unblock georestricted content with this VPN provider. In my test example I was in Italy and could watch US Netflix. Just take a look below:
  • I had no problem with buffering or slow loading time even when I would consider the speed test only as OK (but defiantly good enough for streaming movies).

Can I Use ZenMate for Torrents/P2P?

Yes you can download secure torrents with this VPN provider. In my example I downloaded the latest Suse Linux with great spead:

ZenMate Chrome, Firefox and Opera Plugin

  • While using the browser extension, it is possible to directly access ZenMate from your web browser. You have to click on the icon for ZenMate adjacent to the address bar. You can then activate and deactivate the VPN and pick the server of your choice with a single click. Keep in mind, however, that the browser extension will encrypt only the browsing traffic. There will be no encryption of the other traffic.
  • The Windows or iOS ZenMate program, on the other hand, offers coverage for all the traffic of your device. The browser extension makes use of a 128-bit encryption to ensure security.

Zenmate Usability Rating

Always Honest and Critical

In my opinion this usability could be improved:

  • No Linux support

Not much improvement needed great interface and easy usage. Made for beginners in the VPN world.

Our Rating for usability is:

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Zenmate Opera, Firefox and Chrome Plugin Screenshots

Easy to use and clean design:

1. The Home Screen

Click on the ON/OFF button to start the VPN

2. Select a Location

Here you can choose between 30 different countries

3. My Settings

In the settings you can select which extras you would like to activate

Zenmate Windows Client Screenshots

Easy to use and clean design:

1. The Home Screen

Click on the shield when you want to connect to a server/country

2. Select a Location

Here you can choose between 30 different countries

3. My Settings

In the settings you can select which extras you would like to activate

4. My Statistics

Keep an easy overview of your data usage

Zenmate Support

At the moment, customers can only connect to the ZenMate customer support staffs through email. The support personnel offer responses in less than a span of 24 hours.

Other than email, customers can use the FAQ page on the official ZenMate website. The section is very detailed and contains responses to some of the most common queries about its service. It is a good idea to check out this section before directly contacting the customer support, given that it might be enough to resolve your queries and make it unnecessary for you to get in touch with the support staffs.

Although the lack of a Live Chat feature on the website makes it limited in its approach towards customer support, the email responses are in-depth and timely. These cover almost all the important aspects.

Other than email, you can also use the official social pages of the company on Twitter and Facebook to talk to the customer support staffs of ZenMate.

Zenmate Support

Honest and Critical

In my opinion the support could improve :

  • ZenMate could offer livechat and a hotline. Support is only available via contact form
Our Rating for the Support feature is:

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ZenMate Speedtest

The speed of ZenMate can compete with the best ones in the VPN service industry. The overall speeds are impacted by factors such as the number of customers simultaneously using the connection, the usual speed of your connection etc.

A number of speed tests conducted on the popular testing website Speedtest.net showed the connection offered by ZenMate to be excellent. When you use the UK and US servers to connect to Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer, it is possible to stream at high speeds and enjoy video content in the best quality.

Speedtest in a Chart

  • Download without VPN
  • Download with VPN
  • Upload without VPN
  • Upload with VPN

Speedtest Without VPN

Speedtest With VPN

As you can see in the screenshots and in the chart on average you will loose 50% of your bandwidth if you use the ZenMate VPN. Which I can consider an OK result. Please keep in mind that your result might differ based on your location, ISP or Hardware.

Zenmate Speedtest Rating

Honest and Critical

In my opinion ZenMate offers OK Speed.

Our Rating for the Speed is:

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ZenMate Prices & Payment

ZenMate VPN offers 3 varied packages to select from for customers. The paid service is offered in the following plans:

ZenMate with the standard -38% Discount

This is the usual standard discount the website shows you.

  • Monthly plan, which comes at $5.19/month
  • Biannual plan, which costs $4.87/month
  • 1-year plan, which comes at a cost of $3.24/month

ZenMate with the Extra Coupon Discount

Write in the coupon field “EASTERMATE2018” to get a 64% discount

  • Monthly plan, which comes at $5.19/month
  • Biannual plan, which costs $4.87/month
  • 1-year plan, which comes at a cost of $3.24/month

You can get 5 simultaneous connections, no limitations in bandwidth and a money-back guarantee of 14 days from the time of purchasing any of the packages. Irrespective of the plan of your choice, you can avail premium customer support, server switches, unlimited bandwidth and access to servers across the globe.

Payment can be made via PayPal, credit card or Sofort Banking.

Zenmate Price and Payment Rating

Honest and Critical
  • ZenMate is expensive without an extra coupon
  • ZenMate offers not much payment methods
  • No Crypto Currencies or other anonym ways of paying for the service
Our Rating for the Price and Payment is:

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Pros ZenMate

The VPN agency uses all possible steps to safeguard your anonymity, and does very well in ensuring the same. It has a firm no-logs policy that ensures no details or records of your browsing habits or online activities are kept. The company also uses advanced encryption.It is also useful for preventing DNS leaks with the help of advanced techniques.

This is a full featured VPN service provider that comes with extra tools, such as ad blocking and tracking protection with the help of the ZenMate WebFirewall.

ZenMate has an interface that is user-friendly, and can make it easier for you to connect to its service.

You can access malware blocking solutions, tracking protection and safe turbo-speed connection.

The service is compatible with Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and various other desktop browsers have the Open Source Chromium Browser Project as their basis. ZenMate can make any mobile device running on iOS or Android very secure.

As the VPN service does not keep any user records, there is no question of sharing any private information with government agencies or any third party – such as ad agencies. Even hackers or snoopers cannot access any information about your browsing habits or online activities. Even when you are browsing on a public WiFi, the TSL industry-grade encryption keeps you protected.

Cons ZenMate

  • The lack of a Live Chat support puts this company slightly behind some other VPN service providers.
  • Although it is growing its servers, the number is still pretty small when compared to the top VPN agencies around.


Despite some limitations, ZenMate’s is a VPN service worth trying. With low annual costs, free browser extensions and an easy installation process, the company has some attractive things to offer to beginners. It can be worth trying out this service, although it is a good idea to try out the free version first.

Overall ZenMate Rating

Rated 4.1 out of 5
4.1 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)
Very good37%

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