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  • Strong encryption that protects your data
  • 63 Countries
  • Easy To Use Client


  • Only 200+ Server

VPN is one of the most usable service people use these days. Since many years, these VPNs are being used for multiple purposes. Some want faster speed; some want privacy where others require enjoying blocked services. This way, VPN has become a crucial part of our life. One of these VPNs is Private VPN. This is a VPN that is Swedish based.

This VPN has its high capacity of providing you with a fast and secure connection with stability. Besides the factor where this VPN stands out is their fluent customer support. They also offer free trials that helps you test the product and then decide whether to go with their VON or not. Their product’s functional abilities are bound to make you stick to Private VPN. This VPN will help you use your world wide web across the globe by being facilitated with immense privacy and security with stability.

Among all other VPNs this VPN is the one which guarantees you completely about their safety and security and stability measures. Not only this, but also your privacy is in their highest concern.







200+ VPN servers 5,000+ VPN servers 1,000+ VPN servers
Super Fast Speed Fast Speed Super Fast Speed
6 Devices 6 Devices 10 Devices
63+ Countries 62+ Countries 190+ Countries
Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Kodi, Android, More+ Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS
Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO
Follow this Link for a Trial FreeFollow the Link to save 66%Follow the Link for Basic Plan
Dedicated VPN Available Dedicated VPN Available (after signup) Dedicated VPN for Premium Plan
Secure Encryption Military Grade Encryption Best Encryption

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30 Days Money Back
30 Days Money Back
 30 Days Money Back 
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Streaming Test

I have installed Private VPN and found it really efficient and fast. It was streaming my favorite show on Netflix seamlessly. I also tried this on Android and the connection was smooth.

Features and Encryption

Secure Encryption

Private VPN provides best privacy to their customers by providing a safety encrypted tunnel across their devices and the Internet. Safe encryption facility helps secure your data from the malicious contents. Your data could be like, your personal information, your communications or your login credentials. In case you need to do any presentation or anything regardless of your location, that is in a public wifi. You need to secure yourself with this VPN turned on.

All the servers of Private VPN utilize military-grade AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption code with 2048-bit DH key to ensure your internet connection is safe and secured from the public network and all that, without interrupting the performance of your web surfing speed and experience.

In their language,

“AES 256 means that if someone wants access to your data, he or she would have to try an astounding number of distinct combinations — 2 to the 256th power, as a matter of fact — to successfully hack into your files. PrivateVPN provides all our users with this high level of security, the same security employed by the U.S. government and military. Whether you’re an Internet or social user, a gamer, a student, a world traveler or simply a citizen seeking to secure your data and identity from prying eyes, you need the secure connection that PrivateVPN provides.”

Privacy Protection in Public

This VPN hides your IP address in a way, so that, your identity remains hidden from any marketing organizations, spammers or hackers. In case you are playing a game blocked in any place and you need to be playing this in a Public WIFI. But you don’t want to be logged, then this VPN is there to help you to crack your job as you want preventing eavesdropping, data snooping and information theft in public Wi-Fi hotspots. Just turn on your Private VPN service and you are hidden entirely from your public network.

No intruders will be able to access your data or decipher your activity throughout this Private VPN network as the encryption system of Private VPN Network will prevent them from doing so.


There are two mechanisms by which Private VPN takes care of their speed. One is Lower latency and the other is Maintaining High Quality Network support. Both have discussed in the Speed section. But this is undeniable to say these two mechanisms help Private VPN as to be one of the fastest VPN overall.

Zero data Logging Policy

No logs kept of your browsing so, your activity remains completely private in public network. This abides by the Swedish privacy law where no users data is saved privately to be used by the government.

IPV6 Leak Protection

This Private VPN has this IPV6 Leak Protection to secure protection in leaking data. The network automatically disconnects once an intrusion happens and your identity is never leaked.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Private VPN provides unlimited bandwidth. You will be able to use any amount of data, upload and download any size of files with this Private VPN. They will not charge for this nor they will restrict your bandwidth limit.

Freedom from Monitoring

This Private VPN provides you full freedom from being monitored or logged from browsing your web. Your activities around your internet connection are guaranteed not to be monitored. This happens when you access to a network or browse through sites and send emails or chats- things you do not want to share. Then what you can do is instantly turn your VPN on and do the stuffs you were hesitating to do before.

Cross-Device Compatibility

This Private VPN has this compatibility across multiple platforms. Be it Windows, Mac, IOS, Android- this VPN allows to be connected anywhere. In case you reach somewhere where you don’t have your windows desktop but you have your Android Phone. So, all you need to do is turn on Private VPN on your mobile and finish your task.

Bypass censorship

Private VPN has the ability of bypassing censorship to access any restricted content from any corner of the world. Suppose you need to access a blog for your job purpose. The site blocked in where you live. And as you have your deadline coming near you, the thing you are required to do is download this Private VPN service. Turn on the VPN and enjoy your activities safe and private from across the whole world. Private VPN offers an alternate route around content filters which allows you to choose any remote server. This remote server will be from the provider’s network. Your IP address will be hidden. So no worries of getting recognized.

When you want to access any restricted content from any country. Simply download Private VPN app. Install it, open and select a server in that country and then connect. Not only you will able to enjoy the restricted content bypassing censorship but also you will be hidden by acquiring an anonymous IP address.

User Friendly

This VPN has a really user-friendly UI. Does not matter if you are new to tech or you have not used technology for a long time. The Private VPN interface is so easy to install and use that you will not face any trouble making use of it. It will be like; you have been using this Private VPN for a long time.

Variety of Protocols

Private VPN service offers a variety of protocols to make your web surfing journey according to your requirements. Whatever you need during your browsing will be right there as per the protocols of the Private VPN service. When you are using Private VPN, you can either set it to the automatic selection of protocols or you can also set it up yourself manually in the following order-

  • OpenVPN with UDP/TCP
  • OpenVPN over TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol
  • OpenVPN over UDP, or User Datagram Protocol
  • L2TP/IPsec
  • L2TP, or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, was developed as an upgrade to L2F (Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol) and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol).
  • IPsec, or Internet Protocol security
  • PPTP, or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  • IKEv2, or Internet Key Exchange version 2

Installation and Usability

PrivateVPN is available on all operating systems on computers and mobile devices and also on kodi or on a torrenting version as an application. Simply browse through Google, search and select Private VPN and download your required version of Private VPN compatible on your device that you want to use.

All the download urls are in their website, just google and search.

The procedure is simply,

Buy a Private VPN service plan. Download the app. Follow the instruction manual and then connect to your wanted server and browse.

Besides you can connect 6 devices at once using this Private VPN. And, the servers are across 63 countries in the world. So, you are going to have a great user friendly speedy experience.

Pricing and Payments

There is a 7 day trial version to try and test this Private VPN and ensure if it keeps up to your needs. Then you can decide whether you want to purchase a plan or not.

There are 3 offers to purchase a Private VPN plan.

  1. Monthly- 8.99 USD billed every month saving you 9%
  2. 3- Month plan- 17.99 USD billed to you every 3 months with a monthly paying facility saving you 39%
  3. 12 Months- which is currently offering 24 months offer for 59.99 USD billed every 12 months after 24 months saving your 77% cash with monthly payment facility

Lastly, all these plans offer you a 30-day money back guaranty. Also, you can pay in any of the 4 currencies by the way. You can pay with Credit Card, PayPal or you can also pay with Bitcoins.

All these plans guarantee:

  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Ultra fast servers in 63 countries
  • All OS platforms
  • Best standard security & encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth & server switches
  • 30-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee


The Private VPN supports all time for any user having troubles in anything using the product. There are FAQ links to go through which basically have all the common issues and their solutions. But still, if you need anything privately you can contact them via the Contact form on their website. Or, they are also active in the social media platforms. You will find them in the Facebook, twitter, google+ and YouTube if you need any sort of help.


Lower Latency Higher Speed

Private VPN offers the fastest speed, irrespective of your location. Be it your home or Public WiFi. This VPN offers the highest level of speed. This means you can surf through the web anywhere any time with the effectively same amount of speed. Sitting any corner of the world, if you intend to login and do some office work and you are connected to public wifi. This is the VPN you need to turn on and do your job safely and in speed. The server which is near to your location will give you a lower latency and the one which is far away from you will give you a higher latency. Whether you’re in North America, Europe or Asia, Private VPN provides ultra-high speed with lower latency by facilitating nearer server connections around the whole world.

Private VPN gives 85-93Mbps as an average upload and download speed based on your selected server location. Just download and install the service and test yourself, no confusion!

High Quality Network for High Speed

High Quality Network is the internet capacity that the VPN Providers purchase either directly or from hosting companies which result in multiple blocks and hops. There are many VPN service providers which purchase internet capacity from hosting companies. In Private VPN, internet capacity is purchased directly from the IP transit providers meaning, the connection will skip multiple blocks or hops.


One and only downsize would be there are no free plans and no adblockers. Otherwise, there is basically no major disadvantage of this Private VPN service, this is a super fast and affordable VPN service available. Besides, if you are not sure whether you should buy an offer or not, you can definitely use their trial offer. You won’t regret.

FAQ of PrivateVPN

 Is PrivateVPN easy to use?

Yes, PrivateVPN is very easy to use. .

Does PrivateVPN sell your data?

No, Private VPN abides by the swedish no law policy. So, there is absolutely no scope of track your logs or sell your data.

Does PrivateVPN work in China?

Yes, Private VPN does work in China. In fact, this VPN is one of the most suitable VPN service for use in China.

Is PrivateVPN owned by China?

No, Private VPN is not owned by China. This is Swedish completely

Is PrivateVPN legal?

Yes, Private VPN is legal. VPN services are not illegal. But you should not do anything illegal using this service.

Is PrivateVPN free?

No, PrivateVPN is not free. But they do have a trial version to examine their service before purchase any plan, if you want.

Is PrivateVPN good?

Private VPN is a excellent service to be used in anywhere anytime. It is fast, reliable and has a good number of servers around the globe.

Does PrivateVPN work on smart TV?

Yes, Private VPN is great for smart devices.

Does PrivateVPN keep logs?

No they don’t.

Does PrivateVPN have ad blocker?

No, they don’t offer this.

Is PrivateVPN legitimate?

Private VPN is legitimate. They abide by no-logs policy and are conformed to their terms and conditions.

Need an absolutely secure, stable and private connection to avail all the restricted contents across the internet?

Thinking if you are or you are not buying this VPN? If you are not sure, then take a moment and use the trial version first. If it suits you, then no confusion. You are free and sure to buy any of these plans of Private VPN Product which is available in all computers, smart and mobile devices.

So, it is actually one of the bests for your running business or job. Nonetheless, you can use this product anytime, any where, for any purpose, the choice is yours. So, Good Luck!

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