How to Watch the Football World Cup in Arabic Commentary

Last Updated on August 6, 2021 by VPNPioneer

In this blog post I want to show you how you can watch the world cup in Arabic commentary no matter where you are in the world. Yes also in Saudi Arabia.

All 64 matches of the World Cup will be shown in Saudi Arabia on the pirate service BeOutQ due to the ongoing diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Since Bein Sports the sports channel that belongs to Qatar which owns the broadcast rights was banned from Saudi Arabia.

As well as the World Cup Bein Sports owns also the rights to broadcast the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup final across the Middle East.

Let me show you how you can watch the World Cup without Bein Sports or BeOutQ in Arabic commentary from anywhere in the world.

Let’s Get Started. What You Need.

You need 3 things to watch the World Cup in Arabic commentary:

  • A Good VPN. I will use ExpressVPN for this example. (8$)
  • A virtual credit card. (free)
  • A Sling TV account. (25$)

So in total 33$ to watch the World Cup. This is a lot cheaper then the 150$ (!) Bein Sports World Cup Package.

You can even get it cheaper then this if you are OK with English commentary. Since it is broadcasted for free take a look here.

Step 1 Get ExpressVPN and Install It on Your Device

Just go to the ExpressVPN website and sign up for the package of your choice. If you just want to watch the World Cup then just choose the 1 month package. If you think you will use a VPN more often. (I bet you will) go for the 12 month package to save some money. Keep in mind that a VPN is masking your location and encrypting your internet traffic.

This can be handy if you want to bypass a firewall. Your government or your administrator might censor certain things on the internet. And in addition it gives you more privacy so nobody can see which websites you open on the internet.

This program works on nearly all devices wether it be Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or even Linux. You can even install the VPN in your router to encrypt automatically all the traffic that goes out.

Once you have signed up you have to install the software. I will use the windows version in my example.

Step 2 Get a Virtual Credit Card

This step is also easy. If you not already have a virtual credit card. Now it is time to get one.

A virtual credit card comes with the benefit that it is not shown from which country you are purchasing a product.

There are a lot of companies who offer virtual credit cards. I will show you two of them both offer prepaid virtual credit cards. The Sign up process takes 2 min max.

Mycard2go is a prepaid card that you can use instantly. Very easy to signup.

Entropay a virtual credit card. Easy to signup and secure. I have used entropay for this tutorial.

Fill up the virtual card up with 25$ for the Sling TV account.

Step 3 Turn on the VPN & Get Sling TV

Now let’s turn on the VPN set the location to the US and head over to Sling TV Soccer. Select the Arabic Mosaic package. And go through the signup and payment process. Don’t forget to use the virtual credit card while you sign up.

When you are signed up log in to your Sling TV account and go to the channel where the match is being streamed on.

Now you can enjoy the football world cup in Arabic commentary. Don’t forget to keep the VPN running when you want to access Sling TV at later stage.

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