How to Unblock the Malaysia Chronicle

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The Malaysian website Malaysia Chronicle and other critical/opposition news websites are blocked by the Malaysian authorities. In this post I will show you how to easily unblock the Malaysia Chronicle and other websites.

So you are in Malaysia and you want to open the news website Malaysia Chronicle but it is blocked by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)? You don’t want that the Malaysian authorities log you? Visit the website anonym?

The solution I will show you in this post will solve that problem!
How to Unblock the Malaysia Chronicle

To access and unblock malaysia chronicle, I am using a VPN. As the malaysia chronicle is completely free to use, you can hide your IP address and access blocked domains through a secure VPN connection.

There are several other ways to unblock the malaysia chronicle but all other solutions have the risk that authorities are logging your activity. I have written about them on the bottom of this page.

I can recommend you to purchase a VPN service such as Goose VPN. This VPN provider is located in the Netherlands a country that has good privacy laws.

No worries I have selected a VPN that you can “test” for 30 days without paying upfront any money.

Use this VPN for 29 days and cancel it afterwards. 😉

Step 1 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Sign UP for a VPN

The first step to gain access to or any other blocked website is that you sign up for a VPN service.

You can use this solution also to gain access to other blocked websites for example porn websites.

I will use the VPN provider Goose VPN. The advantage with this VPN provider is that you get a 30 day free trial without paying upfront any money.

Just follow this link to get to the VPN provider.

Visit VPN Provider

Select try Goose VPN for free

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN

In 3 easy steps – We like also the rating of Goose VPN on Trustpilot

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN Trustpilot

Sign up with your Google account, Facebook account or with Email

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN Signup

Choose the unlimited Goose Plan

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN Pricing Plans

Enter your payment details

I would recommend to choose as payment Paypal. In your paypal settings you can control which services are allowed to charge money from you. Again Goose VPN will not book any money from your account at this step.

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Paypal

Congratulations you are done with step one 🙂

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Congratulations

Step 2 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Get the Goose VPN Client and Install It

Goose VPN Select Device

Head to the Download area and choose the VPN client for your device. I have selected Windows but you can also unblock Malaysia Chronicle on Android, Mac, iOS and even Linux.

Once the Installer is open just hit OK and several times click on next.

Select Language
Start Setup

Step 3 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Connect to the VPN Goose Server

This is easy to do just right click in your taskbar (next to the clock) on the Goose VPN symbol.

Goose VPN Taskbar

A list with the servers pops up. Now you have to select a country that is not blocking the Malaysia Chronicle. (Any other location then Malaysia). In my case I selected a UK server with good speed.

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle Goose VPN ON OFF

Now Turn the VPN ON

Turn on Goose VPN to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle

Test Your Connection

Before you open website test your connection.

Go to

The IP locator should show the IP address of the country you are connected to. (not Malaysia)

In my example I am connected to a server in the UK as you can see below:

Goose VPN Locate IP Address

Congratulations! Now you can surf the web anonymously!

All your internet activity is encrypted and the authorities can’t see which websites you are visiting.

Hope I could help you with this little tutorial. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.

Are There Other Options to Gain Access to Malaysia ?

Yes, there are other options but I wouldn’t recommend them to you. Since the option above is free for 29 days why should you select an unsafe solution?

The solution above is the best option for you since all your web traffic is encrypted so nobody can observe what you are doing on the internet.

But I have written them down as well. Please use them at your own risk.

Option 1 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle without a VPN – Use Google Translate

Yes you read this correct you can unblock websites with the google translator. Google translator is acting as a webproxy. Just go to google translate. Type on the translate side “” and click on translate.

Should look like this:

Google Translate as a Proxy

And the Result:

Google Translate Result

As you can see Google translate is acting like a web proxy to unblock Malaysia Chronicle. But you see the pictures are blocked.

I would not recommend this solution due to lack of security/privacy (missing encryption).

Option 2 to Unblock Malaysia Chronicle – Use a Web Proxy

Please only use web proxies that have a good reputation!

A lot of them finance themselves with annoying advertisement, malware or adware. Stay away from no names to be on the safe side. Here are two good proxy to unblock Malaysia Chronicle.

The Hide.Me web proxy – Just click on visit anonymously.

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle with Web Proxy Hide.ME

The Hidester web proxy – Just click surf anonymously

Unblock Malaysia Chronicle with Web Proxy Hidester

This option I can also not recommend since you are missing encryption. Better to go the VPN route.

I hope this how to was useful. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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