How to Access Websites that are Blocked in China

In this blog post I will show you how to access websites that are blocked in China.

The Chinese government is known as one of the most active censoring agents of the internet. If a user lives in or are traveling through the mainland he won’t be able to access a wide range of content from outside the country’s borders, including Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, and major foreign news sites. It is a growing problem that citizens are constantly fighting against, and it is not an easy battle to win.

There are a variety of methods through which a user can use to access websites from China. By far the most popular are virtual private networks, VPNs, which encrypt traffic to make it difficult to monitor.

If a user is in China and need better access to the web, follow the tips below to restore some of the internet freedom.

How to Access Blocked Websites from China in 4 Easy Steps

  1.  Subscribe to a VPN service.

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  1. Download and install the VPN’s client on your phone, computer or tablet.
  2. Connect to a Server of your choice.
  3. Now you can enjoy uncensored access to any website

Please keep in mind that you sign up and install the VPN client before you travel to China!

The Easiest and Most Secure Option – Use a VPN

The Best Option is to use a VPN – The VPNs are an essential tool in China and throughout the world. They turn ordinary, raw internet traffic into encrypted information, defeating most attempts at monitoring online activity.

Instead of sending open data through the internet, a VPN sends encrypted data. Not only does this prevent curious eyes from watching what a user is doing, it also makes it difficult to filter out websites. If the Great Firewall of China doesn’t know what a user is trying to access, it can’t block it, plain and simple.

What Can You Do with a VPN in China ?

In addition to simply accessing blocked websites, using a VPN in China will let a user do the following:

  • Bypass the Great Firewall of China.
  • View social media sites, forums, blogs, and foreign news sites filtered in China.
  • See search engine results the Chinese government doesn’t want a user to see.
  • Access websites completely blocked by the Chinese authorities.
  • Keep your identity and activity completely safe and private.
  • Stream videos otherwise unavailable inside of China.

Picking a good VPN to use while in China takes a little research. I can recommend the VPN providers listed below.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The Top 4 VPN Provider for China

The VPN provider listed above all fullfill the requirements to access websites that are blocked in China.

Reliability – The Chinese government frequently blocks access to specific VPNs. If a service can’t work around these blocks, it’s not very useful in China.

Logging policies – If a VPN keeps logs of an activity, there’s a high chance that a user’s data will eventually fall into third party hands, including the Chinese governments. Make sure the VPN has a strict zero-logging policy in place before signing up.

Jurisdiction – Where a VPN is registered can have a profound effect on the privacy. Countries where governments engage in surveillance, and share data with other powers are the most likely to force a VPN to reveal the user’s information. Choose a jurisdiction in a smaller, neutral country for better privacy.

How to Check If a Website is Blocked in China?

Do you want to find out if a website is blocked in China? You can chek it under these websites: Chinas Great Firewall Tester or

How to Unblock Whatsapp, Skype and Facetime in Qatar

Planning to visit Qatar? You want to stay in contact with your friends and family? In this post I will show you how to unblock Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Facetime and other VOIP Services in Qatar. In recent time, Qatar raised its ban on Skype and WhatsApp. The VoIP issues were first reported on WhatsApp, Viber, Duo, Facetime, and Skype months ago by Qatari internet users.

Qatar only has two internet service providers (ISPs) Ooredoo and Vodafone, both of which seem to be blocking VoIP apps at the request of the local government.

The Qatar government also told internet users that they would be investigating the issue, though no resolution or official comment on the blocks themselves has arrived.

Using a VPN to Unblock Whatsapp, Skype and Facetime in Qatar

While a user waits on a request that Qatar unblock Skype’s site and services, there is a technology to use in the meantime that allows him to access VOIP services of the site and that too in a legal manner.

The VPNs (virtual private networks) allow users to encrypt their internet activity and disguise their physical location. When a user use a VPN, the internet service provider has no idea which services he is using, so it is impossible for them to block him.

A number of Qatar’s citizens have already reported using VPNs successfully to access popular VoIP services within the country.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in Qatar?

Using a VPN in Qatar is truly legal, as long as a user doesn’t use one to break the country’s laws. It is also completely legal to use a VoIP service to make calls, as the Qatar’s government confirmed. Any person or business within the State of Qatar may use VoIP services for voice calls for their own use.

It is just illegal for companies to offer VoIP services without a license. So, if  you plan to use a VPN to access Skype, Facetime, or Whatsapp in Qatar, you will be on the safe site.

The Supreme Council for Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR). The country’s Telecom Regulatory Authority, have stated that VoIP is a technology for the delivery of voice services using existing internet infrastructure and services. There are no laws or rules that prohibit the use of such technology within the State of Qatar.

However, the Supreme Council’s official clarification does go on to state what is considered illegal. The Qatari government is legally blocking Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facetime because the companies do not have licenses to operate in the country.


Maintaining the ability to make calls over the internet is especially important for Qatar’s many expats and foreign workers. Without services like Facetime, Skype and Whatsapp, calling family living thousands of miles away would be expensive. If you are in Qatar at the moment or you are planning to travel to Qatar soon, downloading and using a VPN could be a lifesaver.

How to Unblock the Pirate Bay in 2018

The Pirate Bay and other popular torrent websites like TorrentHound or IsoHunt are blocked by most ISPs. You can’t access it? No worries in this post I will show you three easy options how to unblock the Pirate Bay.

If you have any questions or problems please leave a comment below.

1. Unblock The Pirate Bay with a Webproxy

You can use one of these any of these free Webproxies to unblock the Pirate Bay:

Proxy 1    Proxy 2    Proxy 3    Proxy 4

If the links are down please leave a comment below. Many other webproxies allow you access but they do not allow you to click on the magnetic links in the Pirate Bay.

This would make the Pirate Bay not usable. But these webproxies should give you access to the Pirate Bay without problems!

2. Unblock The Pirate Bay with a Pirate Bay Mirror

You can use one of these Pirate Bay Mirrors to unblock the Pirate Bay:

Mirror 1    Mirror 2    Mirror 3    Mirror 4

These mirror website have the adcantage that they update daily their mirrors, to ensure that if a mirror is also getting block by your ISP you will find a new one.

3. Unblock The Pirate Bay with a VPN and Download Torrents Safely

A VPN offers the most practical and secure solution to unblock the Pirate Bay.  It can unblock the Pirate Bay and other torrent sites with ease.

It is quite likely that a user will need a VPN connection to access the Pirate Bay proxies themselves when the original is blocked in the user’s country.

Pick a country where the Pirate Bay is not blocked and have access to the Pirate Bay in a couple of clicks.

We can recommend ExpressVPN which allows torrenting. The best thing about a VPN is that it combines the advantages of a proxy and a VPN connection.

It provides a speedy and secure way to unblock restricted sites. But not only that your ISP or authorities can’t see what you are doing on the internet since your connection is encrypted. (secure downloading)

This is how you can easily access the Pirate Bay website.

Visit ExpressVPN

In Which Countries is the Pirate Bay Blocked?

The Pirate Bay is blocked currently in these countries:

You are not located in one of these countries but you can’t access the Pirate Bay? Maybe your network administrator has blocked it. If that is the case, to unblock the Pirate Bay I would recomment to use the VPN solutions (Option 3).

What is the Pirate Bay website?

The Pirate Bay website is an online site where users can access a huge database of torrent files and it allows easy peer to peer sharing through the bit torrent protocol.

The site is encountering controversies from the moment it was first launched to the present. It offers many notable things that make it one of the most preferred torrent sites out on the internet today.

It allows access to everything that a user could ever want. These include software, movies, television shows, music, e-books and porn.

The Pirate Bay allows users to search for Magnet links. These are used to reference resources available for download via peer-to-peer networks which, when opened in a BitTorrent client, begin downloading the desired content.

Finally What Can You Find on the Pirate Bay?

Originally, the Pirate Bay allowed users to download BitTorrent files (torrents), small files that contain metadata necessary to download the data files from other users. The torrents are organized into categories like audio, video, applications, games, porn and other.

Registration requires an email address and is free; registered users may upload their own torrents and comment on torrents. According to a study of newly uploaded files during 2013 by Torrent Freak, 44% of uploads were television shows and movies, porn was in second place with 35% of uploads, and audio made up 9% of uploads.

The website features a browse function that enables users to see what is available in broad categories like Audio, Video, and Games, as well as sub-categories like Audio books, High-res Movies, and Comics.

Since January 2012, it also features a “Physibles” category for 3D-printable objects. You can sort the content of these files by file name, the number of seeders or lechers, the date posted, etc.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and you could unblock the Pirate Bay. If you have any questions leave a comment below!