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TunnelBear VPN is one of the largest VPN service providers in the world. It is currently operating in more than twenty countries which include Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, United States of America, India etc. I personally have used its services and trust me that you are not going to find a better service provider both in the terms of pricing and quality of the service.

VPN service actually means that you will be able to surf the internet from anywhere in the world without disclosing your location. It is like anonymous surfing. You can also encrypt your data into order to protect it from getting disclosed. This is exactly what TunnelBear VPN does but only at a cheaper rate. There is also a back up services available in order to protect your servers


I assure you that after learning about the features of TunnelBear VPN you will not be able to help yourself but at least try it out once. I have been with this company for quite a long time and the thing which made me switch to this service provider is its featuresitself. I am sure that it will attract you too. Here are the most attractive features of this VPN provider: –

  • Simple in design- the best thing about this VPN is that it is for the common masses. Common people like me who are not a technological buff and want a simple, safe and secure method to use the internet then you have come to the right place. You just have to log on to TunnelBear and choose the country, that’s it! You are good to suffer anything you want.
  • Security- many at times it happens that due to a bad Internet connection many of our data get lost. One time it happened to me that while I was suffering my internet connection was lost and so was my important research! But this will not happen in any which way with TunnelBear VPN. It will stop all the unnecessary traffic until your connection is back on and everything is reconnected safely.
  • Encryption- This is a department where you do not need to worry at all. Data encryptionis one of the most important feature of any VPN. If the data is not properly encrypted, then it defeats the very purpose for using a VPN. TunnelBear uses 256-bit AES encryption which means all your data is safe. It is the latest technology in the field of data encryption.
  • GhostBear- the most common problem that you would have faced with your current VPN is that it is blocked in some of the countries. With this feature of TunnelBear VPN called the GhostBear you will be able to make your VPN encrypted data much less detectable which will work in your favour. The government and the businesses of that particular country will not be able to detect you. This is an important factor which differentiates TunnelBear from other VPNs.


Thinking about the usability of TunnelBear VPN? It can be used for anything a VPN enables you to do and even more! Let us talk about advertisement blocking by TunnelBear. It does not have integrated software for blocking the ads but it has launched a stand alone programme called the Blocker. It does not allow unnecessary ads to pop up when you are visiting a website. I personally like the design of the blocker. There is bear which holds in his mouth the number of ads which it has blocked.

There is also an expanded list of items which you can choose to block. For example, you can block privacy threatening programmes while allowing advertisements as well. This is one of the uses of TunnelBear VPN that will grab your attention.

TunnelBear works on all kind of devices such as Windows, Mac, android and iOS. It also provides plug-ins for chrome and opera which shows the versatility of this VPN. You can choose to protect only your browsers and so it will not effect your other application but you must always remember that this comes with a price. Though it will not effect other applications, it will not protect them as well. I went for the all round protection plan which secured my device completely. I installed it on my Mac book and it has been working great ever since.

Pricing & Payment

I know I have been going on about how much cost effective TunnelBear VPN is but now that I am going to explain all the pricing of this VPN, I am sure you are going to believe that really it is cost effective! Let me start by explain the free trail period. Anything you purchase you first check whether it is useful for you or not. This is very well understood by TunnelBear. That is the reason they have introduced seven days’ free trial offer so that you can get a taste of the excellent services they are providing.

All you have to do is give your credit or debit card details so as to verify that you are a genuine user and that’s it! You are good to go! You can use the free services for seven days after which you will be asked to choose a plan.

There are not many price plans that are available just to make it easier for you. Unlike other VPN that presents in front of you host of different plans just to confuse you further so that you make a mistake and they can enjoy the profit, TunnelBear VPN just provide you with two options: –

  • Pay $9.99 per month.
  • Pay $59.88 per year.

You can choose any of these plans to enjoy unlimited data.


TunnelBear VPN is always on the toes to help you in any which way possible. The representative will explain you all the functioning of the VPN in details so that you do not have to face any sort of difficulties. There is a lot of information about the functioning of the VPN on the website of the company as well. All the necessary information will be delivered to you in one way or the other.

You can find information regarding this company on social media sites as well. They made their profile on these websites to get in touch with more number of their customer and solve their issues regarding working of VPN. You will rarely find a VPN company going an extra mile just to help you out with your internet requirements.

You can use this VPN on five devices simultaneously. So, if you take these services then you will be able to share your plan even with your family members. This makes TunnelBearVPN even more cost effective.


No matter which VPN you use it will definitely affect your internet speed. In most cases this effect is negative. VPN slows your internet speed. This is true for TunnelBear VPN as well. But you will be relieved to know that TunnelBear was better than most of the other VPNs. It increased the latency only by 12.3 percent which is a very good percentage for a VPN working domestically.

You should know that this is a number obtained on domestic usage but in international usage where the actual work of a VPN starts, this number would go up by a huge margin. But you do not need to worry if you are TunnelBear customer because this increased latency number would be better than most of the other VPNs. In short what I am trying to say is speed is not factor for TunnelBear VPN. You can enjoy unlimited data at a very good speed!


You must have an idea about the numerous pros of using TunnelBeartill now. I am a very happy customer of TunnelBear which is entirely the result of the unlimited benefits which I derive from it. Here are few advantages of adopting this VPN: –

  • It is highly inexpensive. The cost which it is charging is an average price but the benefits makes it much cheaper.
  • It does not include vigilant mode which means that your data will not be lost during the time TunnelBear reconnect you, if you by any chance get disconnected.
  • TunnelBear VPN comes with a kill switch which will disconnect you from the server at the same time clean your system of any dangerous data that you have come across while surfing the internet.
  • One of the best features of this VPN is definitely that it works fine with Netflix! You can enjoy unlimited shows absolutelyfree of cost!


I, being a satisfied customer of TunnelBear, do not have much to say about the cons of using this VPN. However, there are certain areas which can definitely be improved such as: –

  • It supports only a few locations so people do not have much choice of location to select from.
  • It is not possible to select the protocol which can be a problem in some cases.


Taking into consideration the minimum problems and the numerous benefits of using TunnelBear VPN, I would like to suggest you to go forthis VPN if want a cost effective and easy to use VPN service. The sheer amount of advantages provided to you by this VPN service will blow your mind. This is one of the best VPN services available in today’s time in twenty countries. Simple pricing andeffective customer service has made TunnelBear what it is today. If you go for this VPN then from a personal perspective, I assure you that you are not going to regret this decision even one bit!

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