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Before you read this Review.

We write honest and critical reviews that means we are not getting paid to write this or any other review on this website.


We do however receive a commission if you sign up through our links or our “visit VPN Provider” button. It helps us to keep the website running and ad free. Only do though if you enjoy our review and think it was helpful in your purchase decision.

You find our rating and critical opinions highlighted in the blue boxes below.


VPN or Virtual Private Network as it stands for is an internet security procedure that protects and safeguards the network that you are using whether it is private or public. VPN takes care of both the network without any problem. With the increase in risks in the virtual world it has become impossible to have a safe and secure connection to work with. A VPN therefore provides the solution to a secure connection within the widespread internet that lets users whether they are individuals or part of an organization maintain a private and secure network.

My Private Network VPN has served many users and provided them with reliable connections making sure that they enjoy a fully secured and encrypted network. Serving around the world with easy installation and setup, they operate on all the platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS etc.


  • Security

The basic job of a VPN is to take care of the security of the network that you are using. My Private Network VPN takes care of all the invaders from unauthorized parties. It successfully blocks out all the unwanted parties that try to poke into your network and makes sure that it is safe and secure enough for you to use without any headache.

  • Remote access that is secure

While travelling it is difficult to access your network as there may be problems that you can face. Hindrances may knock at your door quite often. So you need to stay as secure and private as possible. It is important for your VPN to provide you with secure remote access and My Private Network VPN provides you with the most secure connection you can ask for.

  • Easy usage

Operating your VPN should be a piece of cake for you. It is important for your VPN to have an easy configuration, setup, usage and maintenance. My Private Network VPN can be set up easily by yourself and if you face any problem you can always ask for assistance who are always happy to help you with any problems and queries that you may face.

  • No limit on data usage

This is one of the most important features provided by My Private Network VPN. They do not limit the usage of data on your device and you can stream videos or TV shows, whatever you like with the full protection and security that the network provides. It even allows you with five other simultaneous connections.

Features Rating

Yes we the VPN Pioneer are Honest and Critical

In my opinion these premium features are missing:

Our Rating for premium feature is:

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  • My Private Network VPN has reliable servers in 44 locations and provides the best reliable connections and the speed that they provide is very good. With users worldwide spread worldwide, they have a very good reputation of the speed that they provide and their connections are encrypted which can be very difficult to hack through by people who poke around into such private and secure connections.
  • Being a worldwide connection they go through regular processing that makes it possible to develop any loose threads at their end and is optimized regularly so that their customers throughout the world can get the best and quickest online services possible.
  • The service that the VPN supports are PPTP, L2TP, SSL and IKEv2 VPN protocols that are the most reliable and are used worldwide by various companies and developers as well. The online trafficking that they provide is fully encrypted for the best security purposes.
  • My Private Network VPN has no bandwidth limit and you can stream videos with this too. It is completely reliable and can be used for video downloading and streaming purposes too. They even provide torrent downloads in some parts of the world.
  • Reliability is best in this platform and it is very easy to access and you can get used to it within no time. You can even store and save your passwords without any headache or thought of ever leaking or misplacing them. You can of course protect all your information and transactions that you do online from hackers who are always lurking to pick up on anything.

Usability Rating

Always Honest and Critical

In my opinion this could be improved:

Not much improvement needed great interface and easy usage. Made for beginners in the VPN world.

Our Rating for usability is:

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Pricing and payment

My Private Network VPN has various plans laid out for you to have a look into. They even provide you with free VPN but that has its limitations. The ones that are paid and have various plans for you to have a look through are very pocket friendly and are mostly very reliable. The free usage that the network provides does not give you the benefits of unlimited speed, content access, country choice and selections and simultaneous connections as well.

However, for a paid plan that starts from 3.97 USD per month you get all the added benefits along with security, privacy, unlimited quota etc. they even have a global paid subscription that has monthly, quarterly and annual plan of 8.97 USD, 8.52 USD per month and 7.17 USD per month respectively. There are single country subscriptions too that you can avail accordingly. The price range varies from the global subscriptions here. However, My Private Network VPN provides you with a three-day trial that requires no payment and no credit card details as well. If you are satisfied with the services after your trial period, you can avail to their services.

There are various payment methods that they accept.

Some of them are:

  • PayPal which is a onetime payment and has automatic renewal.
  • They accept bitcoins via BItPay.
  • Stripe that is a onetime credit and debit card payment.
  • Gate2shop which too is a onetime credit and debit card payment.
  • They accept bank transfers too.

Price and Payment Rating

Honest and Critical
Our Rating for the Price and Payment is:

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My Private Network VPN has a very reliable support system that always comes to your aid whenever you face any difficulties or problems. For setup related help you can refer to their comprehensive instructions and knowledge base. However, if you do have other queries you can always contact them through email and they are always available and replies within minutes. You do have to explain the nature of your query and they will have a look into what problems you are facing and take care of everything.


Honest and Critical

In my opinion the support could improve :

Our Rating for the Support is:

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My Private Network VPN provides you with enough bandwidth and speed so that you can stream, download, and do whatever you want to. Movies and TV shows run like a breeze in this and online games can be connected and run very smoothly. You can even have VOIP services with the speed that the company provides. It does some of the traffic and throttles a bit but such limitations are confined to certain zones throughout the world. Spam messages cannot be accessed but these limitations are good and should not stop you from experiencing the speed and security that the network is providing for you.

Speedtest Rating

Honest and Critical


Our Rating for the Speed is:

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My Private Network VPN with its worldwide distribution and very good reputation has been a boon to many countries. They actually are very reliable in matters of security and speed as well. All your private information is safe and secure. However, some of the other pros that they provide are:

  • They do let you test out the thing with a 3-day trail.
  • If you are not satisfied you do get an open ended money back guarantee.
  • The connections that they provide come with the allowance of you having five other simultaneous connections.
  • Windows users get a custom app for themselves while using the My Private Network VPN that is made specifically for these users.
  • They provide you with free versions whenever they have updated their connection. You do not have to pay extra for the added benefits.
  • They do have a third party app for devices like Android, Macs, iPhones and iPads.


Even though there is way too many uses and pros for My Private network VPN there are cons too. Everything that is good comes with some bad that every user has to face. Some of the problems faced by the users are:

  • Even though the windows users get a custom app all to themselves, the network does partiality and does not come with any custom app for the Macs, Androids and iOS platforms. His is a big turn down for users who use such software platform devices.
  • There is no kill switch in the network. Once you run it you are done with. You cannot stop the program even if you want to. This is another problem that the users face regularly.


With the increase in the hacking of private data, no information stored on devices are safe enough. As the technology increases, the number of hackers keeps on increasing too. The world has come down to internet and most people are unaware of the dangers that they are facing. This is exactly why VPN networks like My Private Network VPN should be used to safeguard you precious data and information from the people who like to poke into others stuff and take important information.