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When I look for a VPN what I am looking for is how to surf the internet tension and risk free. A lot of websites are there which are blocked for the users of other locations. VPN plays a very important role in encrypting data of the website you are visiting and also hide your location so that you do not need to worry about anything while you are doing something on the internet. This is the whole purpose of Hidester VPN.

It is based in Hong Kong. It came into existence in 2017. Though it is fairly new in VPN market, it has all the qualities of a leading VPN provider. Hidester VPN has all the necessary features and benefits that you look for in an established VPN service provider. I have been using this VPN for several months and I have never been so satisfied with my internet performance and the benefits I am deriving out of this VPN.



Overview Hidester vs NordVPN vs SurfShark

In this overview you can compare Hidester VPN with the two most popular VPN NordVPN and the newcomer surfshark. NordVPN and Surfshark are top rated VPN that our community and I can recommend.




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45+ VPN servers 5,000+ VPN servers 500+ VPN servers
Fast Speed Fast Speed Fast Speed
5 Devices 6 Devices Unlimited
41+ Countries 62+ Countries 50+ Countries
Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, OS, Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, Proxy, OS, Linux Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, Proxy, OS
Tested with Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Netflix, Hulu, HBO & Amzone Prime Tested with Netflix, Hulu, HBO & Amzone Prime
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Dedicated VPN Available  Dedicated VPN Available (after signup) Dedicated VPN not Available
Good Encryption Military Grade Encryption Secure Encryption

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 30 Days Money Back 
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The several features of Hidester VPN are the reason for me comparing it with the leading brands. All the features which it possesses are what we expect out of leader in the VPN market. Here are the few of the several features this VPN company possess: –

  • VPN protocols- this is a factor which distinguishes Hidester from other VPN companies. There are currently three protocols active. One of which is OpenVPN which is considered to be the most secured VPN in the present times. The other VPNs are the design of this company itself which is designed to bypass any kind of censorship

CamoWeb is not exactly a VPN but a proxy severs. You can use to bypass censorship and as well as it will have you to speed up your streaming.

CamoVPN does what OpenVPN cannot. It helps to bypass all kinds of censorship which enables you to enter the most restricted areas of the internet.

  • Kill switch facility- many of the times it happens that your VPN connection drops which can be a disaster because some of your data might slip through defeating the very purpose of getting a VPN. I love Hidester VPN in this regard for the sole reason that the kill switch that it is providing us will cut the connection in case the connection is dropping so that no data slips out until VPN protection is active.
  • Torrent download– unlike most of the VPN companies Hidester has no issue in providing good speed in both uploading and downloading of torrent. This is very good news for movie buffs. You can download any torrent file and that too at a very good speed. This also enables you to do P2P file sharing which is another advantage which I need not explain how important it is.
  • Extremely easy to use– I would like to make emphasis on just how much it is easy to use Hidester VPN. The website interface is so designed that it is compatible for both first time users and the experienced one. You just have to visit the website, click on the logo, enter your credentials and that’s it! You are good to go! You can enjoy the unlimited data benefit at high speed only on this VPN!

Features Rating

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In my opinion these premium features are missing:

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Hidester VPN is one of the most versatile VPN providers which are available on the market right now. You will be shocked to know that just like any huge VPN company; Hidester also works on all kinds of devices. Be it Windows, iPod, iPhone, iOS, iPad, Android and even Linux, if you have this VPN than you do need to worry about what device you are using. It is one stop shop for working on any kind of device. I am personallyusing it currently on Windows as well as iPhone and I must say that there is nothing that I can complain about. And I also know that if you use this VPN then you are going to have the same opinion as me!

Another usage of thisVPN involves advertisement blocking. It is very interesting in the case of Hidester for the sole reason that this is one of the few VPN that allows you to choose the advertisement that you want to block. This means that you can choose from several option which advertisement you do not want to see any more and which you would like to pop up. This is very convenient way of blocking advertising as well as allowing those which you want.

Usability Rating

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Pricing & Payment

As we all know that VPN service industry is a very competitive market. We as customers would definitely want to get the top notch services at the least price as possible. And I am happy to inform you that this is what Hidester VPN will provide you! You will get the benefits and features of the most expensive VPN in the market but only with the alteration that you will not be required to pay as much! You will be startled to know that you will be able to acquire all the benefits and the features I have been describing only at $4.20 per month!

You heard correct! This is the most economical offer that I have heard! Hidesteris super cost effective. Once you start enjoying its services then only you will be able to understand that they are providing you world class services at dirt cheap price.

You can choose the following method of payment to subscribe to Hidester: –

  • Credit card
  • Wechat
  • PayPal
  • Union pay
  • Alipay
  • Bitcoin

You have a series of choice in front of you to pay the subscription fees and the fact that you can use Bitcoins only indicate towards how much secure Hidester VPN is because by using Bitcoin you can keep your subscription to Hidester also anonymous.

You must also have the knowledge about the seven days’ money back guarantee offer given by Hidester. If you are not happy with the VPN performance, then you can cancel your subscription anytime within seven days to get your entire fee back! It’s a risk free investment!

Price and Payment Rating

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Our Rating for the Price and Payment is:

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Hidester VPN is only available to help you. You can get help anytime you want through email. 24/7 support is available and you will get a prompt reply. I have tried there support and they have solved my issue within few minutes. Even with top notch companies you need to wait a bit in order to get rid of your problem but not with Hidester. There are company profiles on social media sites which you can use to communicate with Hidester. From personal experience, Hidester is on its toes to help you!


Honest and Critical

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The speed of Hidester VPN is excellent. This is true for the proprietary protocols which is CamoWeb andCamoVPN. When I tried using Hidester with these two protocols the speed ranged between 5.5-7 mbps. This is an excellent number which you can look forward to. Hidester also stands out in the latency test. You will be shocked to know that speed using OpenVPN protocol was the worst and I would recommend you to use the proprietary protocols to experience the superior service of Hidester. This is what differentiates Hidester from other VPN service providers in the market!

Speedtest Rating

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Our Rating for the Speed is:

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As you have already witnessed that there are a lot of benefits that you can hope to derive from using Hidester VPN. This is a new but a world class VPN service provider which is reflected in the features it is providing you. Here are the several benefits you can hope you derive from using this VPN service: –

  • The connection speed is tremendous. Most of the time you get connect in an instant or in worst case scenario it takes only a few seconds to get connected.
  • The website is very user friendly. No matter from which device you are operating, you will be able to see the same functionality and interface in all of them.
  • You can connect up to five devices with a single subscription. This makes your Hidester VPN exceptionally cost effective.
  • Hidester also allows you to switch from one server to another without even disconnecting from the present one. This ensures that there is no data loss in any which way.


There is not much that we can talk about Hidester VPN in this regard. Though it is a fairly new company in VPN industry but it has been providing better services than top notch companies. However, there are some areas which Hidester can look after to further provide impressive services which are: –

  • There is no live chat support. A lot of people want to get connected to several live chat platforms but Hidester VPN is enabling to provide this service yet.
  • Though the customer services are exceptional, it would be better if Hidester would also include 24/7 chat as well.


Through my personal experience while using Hidester VPN I want to say that the service that this company is providing and the price at which it is providing them are both exceptional. Plus, the seven-day money back guarantee only works to increase your confidence in the services of this company. The online reviews about Hidesteris also great which only hints towards the popularity of this VPN in the market. So, why are you waiting? Such features and pricing are difficult to find in a VPN. You just need to try out this VPN before you become a fan of it!