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Set up in 2009, Hide IP VPN is based in the US and provides customers with the chance to surf the web in complete safety and anonymity. There are varied plans and excellent features such as smart DNS service and built-in kill switch that lets you access blocked content from the US and the UK. Read and know all about this VPN service from this review.


  • Hide IP VPN provides users with limitless bandwidth usage and server connects. The application lets you avail unlimited connections to servers that are spread across areas such as Canada, DE, NL, UK and US – based on the plan that is bought. There is no limit on bandwidth usage. However, users are prohibited from connecting over 3 servers at the same time.
  • The VPN allows torrent and P2P traffic on the servers of Germany and Netherlands. However, this is not allowed on UK, Canada and US servers. P2P or Filesharing is allowed on this system.
  • It does not keep any log of the browsing activities of users, although records of the billing details and the name of the customer are retained.
  • Hide IP VPN helps customers make payments anonymously with the help of the crypto currency known as Bitcoin. The most popular digital currency Bitcoin is a great way to anonymously pay for services and goods online.
  • You can get the chance to use unlimited devices for connecting at the same time to the VPN, with the help of the same IP address.
  • The Smart DNS feature on Hide IP VPN lets you change your DNS server, allowing you to watch various streaming websites such as Hulu and Netflix in areas such as Poland, USA and UK.
  • The company also offers a Free Trial to users, which is available for 24 hours. The free trial lets you access all the VPN servers located in various areas such as Canada, NL, DE, UK and US. It is also possible to access proxy services and Smart DNS with the no-cost 24-hour trial. For the Smart DNS feature, a free 7-day trial is offered.
  • The VPN provides every new subscribe with a money back guarantee for 30 days from the date of joining. The refund can be availed only in case you cannot connect to a server in your purchased plan.


Features Rating

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Hide IP VPN is compatible with every major platform, including browsers that are most popular across the globe – such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, MyIE, Lolifox, Avant Browser and Netscape.


Usability Rating

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The VPN can support devices running on various platforms, which include:

  • Linux
  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10)
  • Android
  • MacOS

Hide IP VPN also runs on various devices such as:

  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Chromebook
  • DD-WRT routers
  • Android tablets
  • Chromebook
  • iPad
  • iPod and
  • iPhone


Protocol Access

There are as many as 5 VPN protocols that users can access, which include:

  1. SoftEther protocols (128-bit encryption)
  2. L2TP/IPSec (256-bit encryption)
  3. PPTP (128-bit encryption)
  4. OpenVPN (128-bit encryption)
  5. SSTP (256-bit encryption)


Hide IP VPN offers the most advanced security protocols, and comes with 2 forms of high-level encryption that can keep users properly protected and assured while participating in online activities.

It keeps you safe when you are connected to public or unsecured Wi-Fi connections. This can provide you with one more security layer, given that hackers are likelier to access your online data with the help of hotspots.



The VPN service comes with 5 varied price plans, which depends the location of the server that users wish to access. The price plans for UK and US comprise of SmartDNS for the nation and the “P2P/BitTorrent” plan bundles the servers in the Netherlands and Germany together. The costliest plan comprises of servers in every country that is available, other than Canada. It also includes SmartDNS for Poland, UK and US.

The pricing scheme of Hide IP VPN is quite unusual, when compared to that of rival agencies. You can avail the standard VPN service for a yearly fee of 70 USD, with access to every server of the VPN. Else, you may pay 40 USD every year to access servers based in any particular nation such as Poland, Germany or US. You can also avail a BitTorrent-only service that lets you use 8 varied VPN servers for the purpose of file-sharing. For 38.95 USD, it is also possible to get a Smart DNS-only service.


Price and Payment Rating

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You can contact the customer support of Hide IP VPN through its support ticket system. It is possible to get technical instructions and answers via the FAQ / support section. It is possible to send an e-mail to Hide IP VPN customer support staffs from your account’s client area or from an external address. However, you can submit a ticket from the client area only.

If you require some details about the application or encounter any issues with the VPN, all that you have to do is call up, send an email or fill up the online form on the Hide IP VPN website to contact its customer support service. The customer support can be reached from 9 am to 4 pm PST – Monday to Friday. You will also like to go through the FAQ section that contains responses to the questions that are asked most often.

Hide IP VPN offers live chat support through its website, which can be availed round the clock. You can get the quickest responses, and have a support agent talk to you in around 30 seconds. The support agents are patients, assistive and friendly. If you need, you can also get remote desktop assistance with the help of TeamViewer. It is possible to avail fast responses through the ticket system from friendly support agents.

There are active accounts of the company on top social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+. You can find many informative tutorial videos on YouTube, and a FAQ list on the Hide IP VPN website itself.



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The speed of this VPN connection is not the best in all areas, other than in the servers based in Germany. When tests are conducted on the Windows client, connections are very quickly established. There are no problems with stability or any lags in speed. If you choose an IP that is there in the same continent you are based in, the speed of your web connection will not be impacted. In case you are surfing from the US and choose a New Zealand IP, there can be a slowdown in the connection as a result of the distance.

The VPN fares good enough for the speed needed for standard online activities. Although the results are not extraordinary when tested on and other websites, the speed is good enough for a small scale VPN agency. Improvements can be expected in the times to come.


Speedtest Rating

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  • HideIPVPN provides users with an open web connection with geo-locking protocols. This VPN lets users get access to websites that are restricted and content that is blocked by region on sources such as Twitter and Facebook. You can get all round access.
  • There is high bandwidth with this system. The VPN offers unlimited traffic to subscribers on its servers – all 28 of them – that are spread across the world. The bandwidth is as high as 1 GB. This lets users make use of the service of the application for quickly and securely conducting web based activities.
  • You can use the VPN on 3 devices at the same time. Thus, you can enjoy the complete features of the application while using it simultaneously on 3 devices.
  • The VPN ensures that users can remain anonymous while surfing online. This is done by offering many IP addresses that can conceal the location as well as identity of users. The application, above all, never keeps any log of browsing information even on servers of its own. Thus, users can enjoy full anonymity while on the web.
  • The VPN is protected by the strongest security protocols that users can rely on. This application has high-level encryption in 2 types, which provides users with complete protection while conducting activities on the web.
  • Hide IP VPN also keeps users completely safe when they are using public or unsecured Wi-Fi connections. This adds one more security layer, given that hackers are likelier to use hotspots to access data.


  • The speed is the best in only a few locations, such as Germany.
  • The pricing is also slightly odd.


Although the speeds are a downer, Hide IP VPN is a recommendable service. This VPN service is a new one, and lands somewhere in the middle with its performance, pricing and policies. It offers wonderful security and makes use of 5 protocols to ensure user safety while taking part in online activities.