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Before you read this Review.

We write honest and critical reviews that means we are not getting paid to write this or any other review on this website. We do however receive a commission if you sign up through our links or our “visit VPN Provider” button. It helps us to keep the website running and ad free. Only do though if you enjoy our review and think it was helpful in your purchase decision.

You find our rating and critical opinions highlighted in the blue boxes below.

CyberGhost Pro is a VPN service provided by the Romanian CyberGhost.

In this detailed review of CyberGhost Pro, we will examine its pricing, membership plans, features, security, privacy, customer support service; sign up, installation and usability process and pros and cons.

So, read on to learn more about CyberGhost Pro.

Cyber Ghost Review 2018

CyberGhost Pro is a renowned Virtual Private Network provider based in Romania.

Lately it has added some new features to its popular, older version. That’s why we are reviewing it here.

CyberGhost possesses one of the most effective and trustworthy VPN services. Its website works flawlessly and speedily too, enabling users to enjoy their sessions.

After signing up, you will realize that your account is the easiest to manage. Perhaps the most amazing detail about CyberGhost right now is that it provides a totally complete free membership.

In short, you don’t have to upgrade to get a full encryption service.

But if you have to, there is a Premium Plus account you can buy and enjoy more advanced protection.

Whether you will be a free or premium member, CyberGhost’s ability to mask your online activity from criminals and government surveillance will amaze you.

Pricing And Plans

A CyberGhost Pro VPN service has affordable pricing plans. If you aren’t willing to be a free member, you can upgrade anytime and freely select the plan you want. The pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Month – You will pay $10.49
  • 6 Months – You will pay $35.40. This translates to $5.90 per month.
  • 24 months – You will be charged $69.60 in two years. This amounts to $2.90 every month, saving you 73 percent.

Note: Regardless of the plan you select, CyberGhost offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with your plan, you can report it before thirty days are over. Another thing to note regarding this is that payment can be made by all major debit and credit cards, Bitcoin and PayPal. Finally, you will save more money if you opt for the longest VPN pricing plan – 24 Months.


CyberGhost Pro’s features can be summarized as follows:

  • Total internet privacy – The VPN hides your IP address by replacing it with one of its own. Hence, the tool renders your internet activity private and impossible to penetrate. That’s why you can be on public, unencrypted Wi-Fi hotspots and not worry about internet spies.
  • Protected access to worldwide content – Once you sign up, you will no longer view this message “This content is unavailable in your region” when browsing the internet. With CyberGhost Pro, you will get a private server near you that you will use to browse the blocked global content. This will make you happier.
  • Multi-platform and device apps – CyberGhost Pro uses refined, top quality software that is made in Germany to encrypt your network. The best part is that the software is compatible with all internet-enabled devices and Operating Systems like iOS, Windows, Mac and Android.
  • Secure internet transactions – There will be no fear that a criminal might steal your bank account number or credit/debit card details when transacting online via CyberGhost Pro VPN.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – This feature is designed for users who might not like CyberGhost Pro after all. You can get your full refund if you report your dissatisfaction on time.

As CyberGhost is in Romania, a nation that is not affected by the annoying and stringent data retention laws imposed on EU nations, you can be sure that the VPN service is strong. Romania is not a victim of the mass-surveillance activities done by Fourteen Eyes and Five Eyes nations. In 2014, a Romanian Constitutional Court cancelled a local implementation of the EU Data Detection Directive.

The same court revoked and nullified the Law of Cyber Security. Hence, Romania enjoys internet freedom to the fullest. CyberGhost is therefore able to thrive in business and now it has more than 800 VPN servers in 30 countries. The US alone enjoys 136 VPN servers and you will be happy to know that there are server locations in Hong Kong and some other less famous Asian nations.


The only VPN service provider that claims to offer a military-grade encryption is CyberGhost. By this, the company means that it owns OpenVPN Encryption Cipher AES-256 and other connection settings: HTTPS redirect, Block Malicious Websites, Block Ads, and Automatic Data Compression, Block Online Tracking and Extra Speed.


Using a 256-bit AES cipher with a 2048-bit RSA key, plus HMAC MD5 (hash authentication); CyberGhost is an extremely private network.  The use of HMAC MD5 comes as a surprise, however, as the recent OSTIF open VPN audit advocates for the use of HMAC SHA-2 rather than HMAC SHA-1. It is known that HMAC SHA-1 is more robust than HMAC MD5. So that’s a flop on CyberGhost’s part, although it has shared its own reasons for using HMAC MD5 when the strongest choice would have been HMAC SHA -2.


Apart from the features it uses to boost your privacy online, CyberGhost Pro promotes your level of security via Perfect Forward Secrecy. In other words, a secret key is produced at random for each session you log in.

Thus, it becomes harder to compromise your VPN connection. Another way in which your security is ensured is by not keeping logs. Although some connections are kept, they are rather minimal and barely alarming when it comes to loss of personal security. The only reason that the company has for keeping logs is so as to determine the utilization level of its servers. It doesn’t use your personal data for its statistical purposes.

If you like to download Torrents, you will be able to accomplish this goal via CyberGhost Pro. But you will have to use particular servers that have been made to tackle massive tons of P2P traffic. You are also responsible for your own privacy and security when browsing via this VPN. First, ensure that your internet device has proper anti-virus and firewall protection. Then, make sure that you use the tool correctly.


There is nothing that matters more than technical support delivered by a VPN service provider. CyberGhost Pro gives you two quick ways to get in touch with a customer care representative: Ticket email service or Live Chat. Thus, you can have your questions answers and problems solved in an instant. Furthermore, the service provider has a large knowledge base with answers to most basic questions that customers often ask. It works like this:

  • General Support: If you have a general question or concern, you should go straight to the site’s General Support section. It has free resources such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Troubleshooter. As well, there is a Help Centre section and you should simply click “Go to Help Centre” to access it.
  • Premium Support – Apart from checking the General Support section, users who have upgraded to a Premium Plus plan can make use of their Premium Support section. Simply click “Create a Ticket”. You should exhaust your problem by describing it fully before submission of your ticket. Wait for a response in no longer than 48 hours during business days.

Live chat can be the fastest way to have your issues solved by a live customer care representative. But if they ask you to send a ticket, you should do it and still expect a quick reply.  Another point to note is that CyberGhost has social media profiles on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

Installation And Usability

Signing up

The process of getting started with CyberGhost Pro is quick and easy. You just have to join CyberGhost and add an active email address and payment details to the provided form. In case you want to be anonymous when signing up, make use of special email services like Tutanota or Protonmail.

If you want to pay via Bitcoin, privacy is guaranteed as Bitcoin allows users to hide their email and name from CyberGhost. But this is really not worth the hassle because CyberGhost will read your actual IP address anyway. Once you get your username and password, go straight to account management area.  Download and install the client for your actual OS and device.

If you want a free version, you can download and install the client software directly; there is no need to create an account. But should you want to upgrade your free version later on, you will have to create an account to manage several devices and get access to OpenVPN, IPSec VPN and PPTP.

To create an account, click on Upgrade in the client interface. Alternatively, go to My Account on the official CyberGhost site. The site will generate your username, a robust password and special key to use when you want to recover your account. So you will need to extract your key code and keep it safe for future use.  If you don’t want the auto-generated username and password, you can choose your own later on. But you will have to remember your special key.


There are various things we had to test in order to determine how usable the CyberGhost VPN is.

  • Windows VPN client – The underlying software, which is German-made, enables users to do what they love the most—torrenting and video streaming. A Windows VPN Client also lets the user view the entire server list via a flawless browser. Moreover, the client comes with an automatic internet kill switch and DNS attacks and IP leak encryption.
  • Protect you on public Wi-Fi hotspot – We all know how unsafe public Wi-Fi hotspots can get. But with CyberGhost Pro, you can bypass firewall and IP blocks on public hotspots without the fear of losing your privacy via Protect Wi-Fi. However, each time you connect to such an unsafe network, the feature will ask you if you want to enable the VPN. This is beneficial.
  • Unblock streaming sites and other blocked sites – Besides hiding your identity online, the next big reason why people use a VPN is so they can access content that is already blocked in their country. CyberGhost Pro does the task of unblocking prohibited content very well. You can use it to unblock video streaming sites and other websites you consider important. It will connect you to an appropriate server in the right country and let you open the service in your browser. Whether it is BBC, Wikileaks, YouTube, or any other streaming service you are blocked from, the VPN will unlock it for you. Unfortunately, there are some blocked services that you still won’t unlock even if you connect to the nearest server. Most of them will work for you though.
  • App Protection– Although CyberGhost Pro will automatically protect your whole internet network; it gives you an option to protect given apps only—App Protection. It is under Settings. You will specify these particular apps and then select the Connection Profile you prefer.
  • Performance and speed – To determine network speed, you could make use of, for instance. Whether you do the test over a wired connection, such as a basic DSL line, or a wireless connection, you will be able to get accurate speeds by location. According to what we discovered, and what others did, CyberGhost’s bandwidths remain steady and good. Download and upload speeds are within a decent level as well.
  • Availability on other platforms – As hinted earlier, CyberGhost is quite flexible because of its availability on different operating systems and devices. So, if you use Mac, Linux, Chrome, Windows, Apple iOS or Android, you are ready to make use of this service. Even users of Raspberry Pi are catered to, although them and those who own Linux, or Chrome OS must do a manual configuration to start using CyberGhost Pro. If you want to set up your VPN on a home router, like DD-WRT, this is possible and the fun part is that the service will be available to all members of your household. As well, it will be accessible to all devices that are connected to your home router.  In addition, go on and read CyberGhost’s tutorials on how to get make your VPN work with OpenELEC.


Although most of its servers are scattered across Europe, CyberGhost Pro is still a great VPN option for people in other continents. This includes the US, where it has over 130 servers. The VPN has very minimal ads and while speeds keep on shifting, they don’t drop considerably.  Hence, CyberGhost offers a stable performance to the user no matter how many times they connect.

As well, we liked its professional and flawless interface. It was user-friendlier than most interfaces we had seen before and so we consider it ideal for novices and experts. As it has a decent number of server locations, you can quickly choose the server nearer to your location. What’s more, you can unblock a lot of varied content that you currently cannot watch or read. Whether using the free or paid version, you will hide your IP address and open any website you desire to browse. To conclude, here is a summary of things we liked, or didn’t understand.

Things we liked

  • CyberGhost is more robust and secure because it is in a country where internet freedom is fully enjoyed.
  • The fact that users can get a full refund if they return the tool within a thirty-day period
  • The site provides a variety of payment options, and we particularly loved Bitcoin.
  • CyberGhost Pro does not keep serious logs about personal information and this made us feel safer.
  • If one is able to upgrade their free membership plan to a premium one, they can get five VPN connections at the same time.
  • We admired this VPN’s top speeds and performance
  • We loved the Kill switch and the fact that many platforms and internet-enabled devices are acceptable.
  • The site provides a DNS attack and IP leak protection, which made us feel secure and happy.
  • The APP protection feature under settings appeared so special and unique to us.
  • Still we love the Protect Wi-Fi feature that enabled us to browse anonymously on shared wireless connections.
  • Although only available on a few special servers, P2P streaming is allowed.

Things we didn’t liked

  • Few connection logs
  • The Unblock Streaming was great until some of our endeavors failed.
  • Why CyberGhost used HMAC MD5, a poorer authentication technology than HMAC SHA -1 and 2.

Other than the few things we didn’t understand, our overall experience was great. There is no particular thing we absolutely disliked or hated. Ultimately, we would ask anyone looking for a reasonable VPN service to choose CyberGhost Pro. In other words, we recommend this tool to all.