How To Pay The Lowest Price For Games On Steam

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In this blog post I will show you how you can get most steam games with a large discount. The trick is easy to be done and in most cases you can save between 60% to 85% of the normal price.

Save a good amount of money on your game purchases. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

How To Pay The Lowest Price For A Game On Steam

As you know Steam is a platform where you can get access to games, game forums, servers and game servers. And you are able to buy lots of games online, and download it immediately to a computer to start playing with the friends.

If you want to pay the lowest price for a computer game on Steam you need to be located in a cheap region. For example you will pay more for a game if you are located in the US compared to someone who is located in Russia or India.

I show you one example.

The Game Tropico 6 – In The US For $49.99

As you can see the game Tropico 6 costs in the US $49.99

The Game Tropico 6 – In India For ₹ 1,099 = $15.30

Meanwhile the game Tropico 6 costs in India $15.30

As you can see there are big price differences between the US version of Steam and the Indian version. Now I will show you how can get the Indian version and save $34.69.

First Step To Save Money On Your Steam Game Purchase

First we have to understand how Steam notice where you are located. Steam shows you different prices based on your IP address. As in the example above:

  • US IP address = US market
  • Indian IP address = Indian market

Now I will show you how you can get a Indian IP address. For that we will use a VPN. I would recommend to use VyprVPN since it is one of the cheapest VPN provider on the market. It offers great speed and safety on the web. A VPN can be used for a lot more then just purchasing games on Steam.

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Once you have signed up and installed VyprVPN open the VPN client. Head over to the locations section, select and connect to a Indian Server.

Now you are connected to a server in India all your internet traffic is being routed over India and therefor you are now able to access the Indian version of Steam.

Second Step To Get Your Steam Games Cheaper

Now it is time to create a new Steam account.

This account you should only use to purchase games on the Indian market. You can’t mix games from different markets.

You can do this just in your browser not needed to open the Steam client. Just go through the creation of the steam account and purchase the game. It is no problem to use Paypal or credit card as you normally would do.

Third Step – Install A New Steam Client

I like to keep two Steam clients on my computer. One for my normal account and one for my Indian game collection.

To do that download and install a new Steam client.

Once that is done log in to your new Steam client with the Indian account don’t forget to stay connected with VyprVPN. Download the game and start playing 🙂

Two Other Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN with Steam?

There are two other reasons you should pick a VPN to use Steam.

The first Scenario

In the first scenario, you want to have access to the service anywhere and anytime. Schools and workplaces often ban their networks to reach Steam, because kids or employees could use it to secretly play games. I have written a blog post about how 12 ways you can access blocked website at work some of the tricks might surprise you.

This is an issue outside of Steam’s boundaries, as they aren’t the ones restricting you. Nevertheless you as a user are suffering the consequences. With the help of a VPN you can bypass firewall restrictions at work or school.

The Second Scenario

In the second scenario Steam is blocking certain content for your country.

In some countries certain games are banned or censored since they are too violent or contain other forbidden things. Thinking about how certain Games are censored in Germany. Australia goes similar ways and censors/blocks certain games.

If you are affected by this. Just use a VPN set your location to a different country and enjoy the games. Don’t let the system win!

VyprVPN – Your Best Option To Battle Steam

VyprVPN is worth considering when you battle against Steam. The service promises fast connection times, no matter which location you choose.

As for the actual numbers, VyprVPN has more than 700 servers in 40+ countries. I can recommend this VPN provider due to special gaming features. In addition VyprVPN came up with a protocol that mixes up the metadata; eliminating the chance Steam could identify a user.

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