Ultimate Hack Guide – How to Find Cheap Flights

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I want to show you how you can book cheaper flight tickets with a couple of easy tricks. These are the exact same hacks I have been using for a very long time.

Airlines sometimes have mistakenly published fares, fares based on location or special promotions. Cheap airline tickets are out there if you know how to find them!

Follow these advice’s and you will never be the person who paid most for their ticket!

Here is my 15 steps guide of how to book cheap flight tickets no matter where you want to

1. Hide Your Identity! – Go Incognito

Yes you have noticed it correctly flight price change after you have searched it a few times in your web browser.

This happens based because of the cookies in your browser. Flight prices increase when a particular flight route is repeatedly searched. The flight search wants to scare you into buying the ticket quickly before prices get even higher. This is just a sales trick the price of the ticket has in a lot of cases not increased.

So the best way is to surf in incognito/private mode or delete your browsing history in the browse.

A good tool for this is click and clean for the chrome browser. Keep in mind that a cookie is set into your browser each time you perform a search on a flight search engine. If you want to start with a clean state just close all of your incognito windows and ope

Always delete your cookies or use incognito/private mode before buying a ticket!

In Google Chrome or Safari the incognito mode is enabled by hitting Command, Shift and “N”. For Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, hit Command, Shift, “P”. This will open a new browser window where your information is not tracked.

2. Change Your IP Address – Low Income Country

After hiding your identity the most important thing to do is to surf from a different IP Address.

Airlines and flight searches show you different prices based on your IP Address. If you search for a flight from a higher income country (US, Europe, Australia, Japan etc.) you will see higher prices. What I like to do:

I like to use NordVPN to set my location to a lower income country.

VPN Are EASY to Use – Not a Geek?? No Problem!!

Everybody can use a VPN like NordVPN it is installed in seconds and also changing your country is done in seconds. Take a look at the video to see what I mean.

NordVPN -66% Coupon

Step by Step Video

A VPN masks your real IP address so you appear to come from a different country. Based on that you will see different prices. It is a very easy software to use even when you are not tech safy you are able to use a VPN. What I like about NordVPN is that they have 95 countries to choose from. Once you have installed the VPN client on computer select a country that is a low-income country for European flights (Poland, Latvia, Moldova) for American flights (Brazil, Mexica) for Asian flights (India).

This is not an exact science, so you have to test around a bit. Also here use a incognito/private mode in your browser.

3. Flight Search Engines I can Recommend

Several search engines have inflated ticket prices as part of taking a cut from the airlines. It pays out to search flights on several search engines and even on the airline webpages. Also when you use a flight search engine use incognito mode and NordVPN.

Good Flight Search Engines

  • Skyscanner (best choice)
  • Google Flights (great tool to quickly compare flight dates – not recommended to find the cheapest flights)
  • Cheapoair (another great search engine)
  • JetRadar (special search engine which includes budget airlines, which many other search engines don’t)
  • Momondo (a broad search engine that sometimes shows cheaper fares than Skyscanner)

Sale & Error Blogs and Search Engines

Combine Airlines to Create Cheaper Routes

  • Kiwi.com (with Kiwi you can create cheaper routes with different airlines)
  • AirWander (this tool lets you extend layovers into stopovers so you are able to visit 2 destinations with 1 trip)

Most budget airlines will appear now in the flight search engines I am recommending. But I would recommend to also take a look at the budget airlines separately.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect search engine. So try a combination of the ones mentioned above.

4. Cheapest Day to book a Flight

The cheapest day to book a flight is on Tuesdays. That is statistically speaking.

The second best day is Wednesday. Wait to book your flight in the afternoon.

The reason for this is that prices tend to be cheaper than in the morning when many business travelers are booking flights on their company account.

Many airlines release weekly sales early on Tuesday, prompting competing airlines to match prices.

Tuesday is a very good day to find a whole bunch of deals.

Days to Avoid

Try not to buy tickets over the weekend. Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days to book domestic and international flights.

Keep also in mind not to avoid booking right before public holidays and school holidays.

5. Cheapest Days to Fly

The cheapest day to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays but this depends from airline to airline and from country to country.

  • Cheapest days to fly, U.S. domestic:

Normally Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays

  • Cheapest days to fly, international:


To find out for your flight search go to Skyscanner or any other flight search engine and take a look for a whole month.

Step 1 Go to Skyscanner

Step 2 Enter Your Departure and Arrival Dates

Step 3 Select One way. Even when you fly a round trip since you just want to determine the cheapest day fly

Step 4 on a computer click “Depart” but instead of entering a date, select “Whole Month”, and then “Cheapest Month” so you can browse all dates to see which is cheapest. Hit “Search flights” to easily see which date is cheapest.

Repeat the same step for the return ticket. Once you have determined the cheapest day you can book the round trip ticket.

What Makes These Days Cheap

Why are these the cheapest day? It’s rather simple supply and demand. Most people are not flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. The airlines have trouble filling their planes with passengers therefor airlines try to fill them by lowering prices.

Don’t Fly These Days

Keep in mind when you should try to not fly if you want to save money:

  • Most expensive days to fly, U.S. domestic: Fridays and Sundays
  • Most expensive days to fly, international: Weekends

As I said above, it all comes down to supply and demand. Airlines know these are the days many people like to fly and are willing to pay more for.

  • Fridays: Vacation travelers can make the most of a weekend trip or even a week long trip by starting on a Friday
  • Sundays: Business travelers often fly on Sundays so they are ready for a early Monday meeting

6. Budget Airlines

A great way to safe money are budget airlines. Budget airlines are often significantly cheaper than their counterparts. This comes with compromises such as no free drinks/food, less leg room, expensive charges for not checking in on time or extra cost for luggage. 

So before booking make sure that the ticket and the extras you need are covered by the airline.

Before You Go Budget – Keep in Mind

  1. Check where the airport is located. Most Budget airlines fly to cheaper airports that are further away from the actual city.
  2. Make sure you have booked & paid for your luggage. Some airlines will charge hefty fees if you’re over the allowed weight or if you book extra luggage at the airport.
  3. Make sure that you have checked in the day before you are going to fly. And have your ticket printed out/on your smartphone. Most budget airlines charge hefty fees if you don’t.

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