Fastest VPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Great Speed – One Of The Fastest VPN
  • Exotic Server Location
  • 94 Countries


  • Above Average Price
  • No possibility to choose specific server

The Fastest VPN (virtual private network) is the easiest and most effective way for people to protect their internet traffic and keep their identities private online. As I connect to a secure fastest VPN server, my internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel that nobody can see into, including hackers, governments, and your internet service provider. VPN services protect your personal data, hide your IP address when you use the internet, and let you bypass censorship, content blocks, and website restrictions.

VPN on Every Device.

I understand that people use more then one device because we want our device stays protected.  Fastest VPN is compatible with over 20 devices from brands like Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Firestick, Xbox, Roku, PS4, Kodi, and Linux. While Fastest VPN does not have any browser extensions, the app should work on all browsers, from Chrome to Firefox and everything in between.

Access Global Content.

If you are on holiday or you moved to a different country, you might be unable to view your usual streams. A Fastest VPN will also enable you to connect to the internet via servers in your home country, so you can watch your favorite show or access blocked websites again. Simply you can turn on the Fastest VPN and connect to the VPN server with fastest speed.


Fastest VPN provide you many features such as:

  • Blazing fast speed.
  • Free ad-blocker.
  • 256-bit encryption.
  • NAT firewall.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited server switches.
  • 15-days money back guarantee.
  • User-friendly Fastest VPN apps.
  • Zero logging.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Anti Malware.
  • 10 multi-logins.


Fastest VPNs hide your IP address and physical location while encrypting your internet traffic so that no one can tell who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing online.

A Fastest VPN works by using encryption protocols to funnel all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel a (virtual private network) between your computer and a remote VPN server. This hides your IP address and secures your data, preventing others from intercepting it.

At the moment, you can only use FastestVPN’s version of split tunneling on its mobile apps. Rather than selecting websites to whitelist, my FastestVPN Android app let me choose which apps I wanted to run through the VPN and which ones I didn’t. I found this useful for browsing privately on my Brave browser but accessing my online banking app via my ISP as normal (because sometimes using a VPN with my banking app triggers a security alert with my bank). It’s a shame the feature isn’t more widely available on the VPN’s other apps.

Pricing And Payment.

There are overall three plans for using Fastest VPN- Monthly, Yearly and a 3-year plan.

  1. The monthly plan costs $10 per month with a 15-day money back guarantee.
  2. The 3-year plan save $320 and it costs per month $1.11 with 15-days money back guarantee.
  3. The 1 year plan save $90 and it costs per month $2.49 with 15 – days money back guarantee.

FastestVPN’s prices are very reasonable, especially the three-year option.

For using these plans, you have to provide your email address and select a payment method.

There are 3 payment methods for buying these plans.

  • Credit Cards.
  • Paypal.
  • Crypto.


Fastest VPN support center provides you some services which are:

  • User guides.
  • Customer support assistant.
  • Live chats.
  • Video tutorials.


Fastest VPN keep your data secure with a VPN built for privacy protection for every device. Its connects in seconds. Great value with unlimited bandwidth for fast downloads and privacy extras. It also provides 24/7 support service via email and live chat.


Fastest VPN browse anonymously with reliable security. They have fixed the issues related to DNS leaks. Its secure access with no interruptions. The Fastest VPN app is very easy in use. Torrenting is possible, as there is no restrictions and you have unlimited bandwidth. On the other hand, Fastest VPN speeds are decent, but closer to average.

Overall FastestVPN Rating

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What Users Say About FastestVPN

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Rated 5 out of 5
August 18, 2021

All in All a VPN with a good speed and easy to handle client. Recommended.

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Hola VPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Great Speed – One Of The Fastest VPN
  • Exotic Server Location
  • 94 Countries


  • Above Average Price
  • No possibility to choose specific server

You may have a website or an application blocked in your country or some web contents may be banned from using in your country. If you are thinking what to do, how to access those applications and websites, can have one and only answer- VPN. Numerous VPN products have been introduced till this day by various multinational companies. VPNs have already got popular for their various features which are different in tremendous ways. Some have extended security; some have multiple IP inheriting facilities.

One of them is Hola VPN which is our topic today. Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman launched Hola in 2008 by investigating the idea of peer-to-peer overlay network in order to deploy peer-to -peer caching as well as peer-to-peer routing to get a faster internet connection by reinventing HTTP. As a result, we could get faster and cheaper internet connection to be operable by content distributors. They initiated Hola with $18 million from investors such as DFJ (SkypeHotmail), Horizons Ventures (Li Ka-shing‘s venture capital fund), and others.

As we all know, response times, round trip times, congestion etc. are responsible for slow Internet connection. This is where Hola put a huge mark by introducing caching contents resulting in a much faster and cheaper internet connection.








1,000+ VPN servers 5,000+ VPN servers 1,500+ VPN servers
Super Fast Speed Fast Speed Fast Speed
10 Devices 6 Devices Unlimited
190+ Countries 62+ Countries 50+ Countries
Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, More+ Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS
Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO
Follow this Link for free Basic PlanFollow the Link to save 66%Follow the Link to save 83%
Dedicated VPN for Premium Plan Dedicated VPN Available (after signup) Dedicated VPN not Available
Best Encryption Military Grade Encryption Secure Encryption
Click HereClick HereClick Here
30 Days Money Back 30 Days Money Back  30 Days Money Back 
  Read Full Review Here Read Full Review HereRead Full Review Here

Review Video

Streaming Test

I have tried Hola VPN and found it delivering great speeds I must say! Although there are no strong encryptions working there if you think you need a simple cheap fast vpn, I would obviously say go for HolaVPN!

Features and Encryption

Free and Ad-free VPN service

Hola VPN utilizes resources of the idle devices of the users in exchange for a huge pool of residential Ips in order to have a free and unrestricted browsing experience. For advanced features there is Hola Premium Plan which offers those features for the premium customers. Not only this VPN is free, it also provides you with ad-free service. You can use this VPN as an extension in your browser or an app uninterrupted and free from ads from any parts of the world. So, if you ask, How Hola VPN is free in this ‘No free lunch’ life of current world, this is from the FAQ of Hola VPN website,

“Hola VPN built a peer-to-peer overlay network for HTTP, which routes the sites you choose through other Hola VPN users’ devices and not through expensive servers. Users that opt-in to the peers’ community agree to contribute their device’s resources to the network. Hola VPN takes up minimal resources from these users’ devices. This makes Hola VPN the first VPN service that has minimal underlying operational costs. Users who want to enjoy the Hola VPN network without contributing minimal device resources can do so by joining the Hola VPN Premium service.”

Nevertheless, in exchange of a minimal networking and processing power this VPN offers a value-exchange network which provides basically contents with absolutely no ads.

Community-powered VPN

A community-powered VPN is where in a p2p network, users help each other access contents across the globe by routing you IPs through other peers’ devices instead of expensive proxy servers. This as a result, offers a free accessible internet under affordable costs. This Hola VPN offers this service unconditionally free which not only makes your web surfing experience delightful but also makes you keep a hold on your money.

This way also, while using Hola VPN, your identity remains unrecognizable as this p2p routing helps Hola VPN IP addresses undetectable by your public network.

Premium VPN

If you upgrade to Hola VPN Premium Plan from as little as US$2.99/month, you will enjoy the power of the network without contributing idle resources. Hola VPN Premium also offers advanced privacy and security features until you keep yourself subscribed to this Hola VPN Premium plan. High performance servers are used by Premium Plan of Hola VPN for a dedicated network.

There are 3 types of Plans in Premium service.

  1. Monthly
  2. 1-year Plan
  3. 3-years Plan

Monthly plan bills you monthly. 1-year Plan saves you 49% where 3-year Plan saves you 80%.

One important thing is, all these plans offer you same sort of additional features, which are as follows:

  • Unlimited VPN time
  • Unblock any website
  • 10-devices connectivity
  • Streaming HD Videos
  • 1000 fastest servers
  • Best standard security with encryption

Moreover, you can subscribe to any Premium service with a 30-day money back guaranty. You are never used as a peer in the Premium, so if you are thinking not to contribute your idle resources, I recommend you subscribe to any of the above-mentioned Premium Plan.

Use of Different Technologies

Hola uses an amount of variety of technologies.

Using https proxy or IKEv2, all of their clients are connected to their data center proxy servers.

Once a request arrives at the proxy server, the user is then sent in one of 3 directions:

  1. Directly to the proxy itself
  2. Routed internally to a different data center
  3. Sent to our P2P network

They have this internal algorithm developed by their own that works finding the best route according to the needs of their customers.

Feature of using only VPN not contributing with resources

Obviously, Hola VPN offers advantages with using VPN only if you do not want to contribute with your idle resources over peer-to-peer network. For availing this capacity, you have to subscribe to any one of the Premium Plans offered by them.

After signing up for Premium Plan, you can either install the extension on your browsers or apps, in whichever way you want to use this VPN on your devices. Besides, free users can use the only VPN connection without contributing resources by installing the browser extensions only.

IP Exchange network

Hola VPN is basically an IP Exchange Network which when connected, it routes through peers’ IP locations providing you in exchange of numerous IP locations of the world. If you do not want to exchange your idle resources there are available 3 Premium Plans.

These plans make you use this Hola VPN without exchanging your idle resources on your devices. Also, in Free plans, use the browser extensions if you do not want to contribute your idle resources.


Well, routing through other peers’ resources and keeping logs of malicious activities and contents including other peers’ actions might make it vulnerable for the Hola VPN users. But no such case has been recorded till date on this. Besides, there are Premium Plans which are much safer and secured for using this Hola VPN in case if you want enhanced safety and security or if you run a business and need VPN service for that.

Security Features that Hola VPN Premium Plan supports:

  • Protect PC mode:
  • IKEv2/IPsec, PPTP/L2TP (default: IKEv2/IPSec)
  • Encryption: DES3,AES128,AES192,AES256 (default: AES256)
  • Integrity check: MD5, SHA1, SHA256,SHA384 (default: SHA1)
  • Diffie-hellman group: MODP1024, MODP2048, MODP2048_256 (default: MODP2048)
  • Protect browser/site mode:
    • SSL (HTTPS proxy)
  • Access site mode:
    • Proxy split tunneling (not all your traffic is encrypted)

Advanced Commercial-use Product

Hola VPN and its Premium plans basically are for non-commercial use. For more robust proxy business plan, you can use Bright Data Service. This offers:

  • Developer API that allows controlling the routing of your HTTP/S requests via software
  • Many concurrent sessions
  • Multiple Ips with high bandwidth/high request rate
  • More safe IP resolution
  • Access to 30+ million IPs across the world
  • Geo-targeting options like: country, city, ASN, and carrier
  • Faster IP changing
  • Availing technical support

Desktop-usable App

Hola Pro VPN proposes easy installing Desktop App which is supported for Windows. It is absolutely free with unlimited bandwidth and easy-to-install. Just download the exe file and install on your desktop.

Easy to use

Hola VPN is one of the easiest to handle VPN. The UI is fast and can be quickly learned to use. Anyone who have never used VPN before will be able to use it without any stress.

Installation and Usability

With an easy-to-use interface, Hola VPN is supported in mostly all common platforms basically if you ask me about supporting platform. Currently more than 234 million people are using this Hola VPN. This VPN helps you install it as an extension at any of your browsers, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. on windows or MacOS on computers or smart devices. Just download the exe file or install the extension on your browser and you will be able to experience an unhampered VPN service. 

Besides this VPN is also available on Android and IOS as apps. Moreover, this VPN is available as an exe app for personal Windows computers. Of course, all downloads can be done from the Hola VPN Homepage, accessible from any corner of the world. With thousands of servers in many countries and IPs you can enjoy any content through your devices from more than 190 countries of the world.

Furthermore, you can sign in to any of the Premium Plan at up to 10 devices in any of the platform. This facility is available if you sign in to from your devices.

Pricing and Payments

Hola VPN proposes Premium plans for a more secured connection. Otherwise, the free Basic plan is there for you too to provide you connectivity with the same features. There is also Hola Pro for Desktop Application. And these 2 software cost only 0$/ month where Hola Basic provides unlimited 30mins/hour and Hola Pro offers unlimited bandwidth.

Premium Plans are of 3 types:

  1. Monthly- It offers monthly billing of $14.99
  2. 1-Year Plan- It offers yearly billing of $92.26 saving you 49% with monthly payment benefit
  3. 3-Years Plan- It offers you a 3-year billing of $107.55 saving you 80% with monthly payment benefit

All these plans are offered to you by providing a 30-day 100% money back guaranty. Furthermore, no credit card information is required and no hidden fees is charged.


There is a technical team there for supporting you through your problems while using this Hola VPN. In their website, there are troubleshooting steps and also there is a contact form you can connect to. Also, there is an email address you can mail your issues to. Above all, there is their Help Center answering all your most common queries you are likely to face using this VPN. On a qualified vulnerability report, they also are going to offer you modesty bounties.

In their language,

“We appreciate any contribution that help us keep our users safe.

We will provide a modest bounty of $50 for a qualified and unknown vulnerability report. For critical and high-impact security vulnerabilities we will provide a higher bounty at our discretion.”

Nonetheless, in case you do not want to use the Hola VPN Premium anymore or need to unsubscribe you can mail to their supporting team to remove your Hola VPN Premium Account for free.


Hola VPN offers you free service with ad free connections and contents via routing through peer-to-peer network instead of connecting to a proxy server. When the connection reached a server, it routes to a peer device IP. This way it connects users with the p2p network sharing their idle resources like network and processing power which ideally increases the network speed.

Hola VPN provides unlimited bandwidth. Besides without ads and sale information this Hola VPN provides you with a hassle-free internet connection and experience. Moreover, if users just install the browser extension, they won’t be contributing any resources anymore, which gives a problem free experience to the free users.

Few tips in terms of Hola VPN Premium speed:

  • Connect to the closest country if you just need a proxy IP not specific.
  • Connect to wired LAN instead of WiFi
  • Clear your network cache by rebooting your device

Hola VPN gave 30-35Mbps as an average upload speed and 70-72Mbps as an average download speed based on your selected server location. You can verify yourself by using this VPN service.


Hola VPN is quite a competitive VPN comparing with others especially if you think about its speed. There are other VPNs providing you with better encryption, safety and also better streaming experience I must say. But if you purchase the Premium version of this VPN you will have some much better experience no doubt!

FAQ of HolaVPN

Is HolaVPN easy to use?

Yes, HolaVPN is very easy to use.

Does HolaVPN sell your data?

Yes, HolaVPN does collect your data but you cannot say they ‘sell your data’. There are no sensitive information that they collect along with your bandwidth from your idle device resources.

Does HolaVPN work in China?

No, Hola VPN does not work in China. The network will simple be blocked by the firewall of China.

Is HolaVPN owned by China?

No, HolaVPN is not owned by China. It is run by individuals and the headquarters are in Israel.

Is HolaVPN legal?

Yes, HolaVPN is legal. But you should not do any illegal work by the help of VPN services. Although VPN services are not illegal.

Is HolaVPN free?

Yes, the Basic and the Pro Plan is free.

Is HolaVPN good?

HolaVPN is a great VPN service. You can browse seamlessly and stream any web service using this VPN.

Does HolaVPN slow Internet?

No, preferably not. They offer fast connection by using peers’ idle device resources. So, the speed is undeniably strong.

Does HolaVPN work on smart TV?

Yes, HolaVPN is compatible with smart TVs.

Does HolaVPN have ad blocker?

Yes, HolaVPN does have ad blocker.

How do I get HolaVPN?

You can sign up for the Premium account on HolaVPN’s website. You can also download the extension from the website or even the desktop app for free. Just install and use it.

Is HolaVPN legitimate?

HolaVPN is legitimate. Many users have used this service and expressed their gratitude in their reviews for their trustworthy and loyal service.

So, looking for a VPN but don’t want Ads or Marketing information on your connection?

Need a free Unlimited adblocking VPN Service?

I would highly recommend using this Hola VPN service if you need a seamless uninterrupted unlimited VPN. If you need more secured version VPN, you can subscribe to the Premium Plan. No worries, your safety and security are their responsibility.

Want to report an issue?

Contact their support team. You can mostly find your issue and its solution in their FAQ, even if it is not, you get to use their contact form or email to their email address.

Used enough of Hola VPN, not going to use their Premium Plan anymore?

Just contact their email address. They will remove your account out of any charges. So, no worries, happy using VPN!

User Reviews

Does Hola VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, Hola VPN is a great service that works with Netflix. We have found this is one of very few that will actually allow 24/7 access to Netflix.

Hola VPN has really fast speeds when it comes to working with Netflix. With other VPNs, you may find that there are network-wide blocks, but with Hola VPN, this has never happened to us. And if you are traveling around the world, you can also have this VPN work with Netflix.

Overall Hola VPN Rating

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0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
Very good0%

What Users Say About Hola VPN

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CyberGhost VPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Working with Netflix, Prime & Hulu
  • Large selection of servers
  • Easy to use interface


  • Certain servers are slower

CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN provider which provides VPN solutions for more than 15 million users. We will take a look how good this VPN is performing in comparison to other big VPN names. CyberGhost has actually full-grown since its origin in 2011 and these days have even more servers than NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Review Video CyberGhost

Here is our latest review video of CyberGhost:

Streaming Test In Our CyberGhost Review

They need to finetune those for video streaming as well, and Netflix is simply one amongst the video streaming services they have thought of that you just would possibly prefer to access.

Anyway, to access the Netflix United States of America, all you have to do is to hook up with one of their streaming-optimized US servers.

For Windows users, the app really includes associate choice to unblock streaming, which permits you to travel with multiple streaming service providers. No manual trial and error, simply click and go.

Usability & Installation of CyberGhost

Signing Up in CyberGhost VPN is very easy. You only need a valid email address. CyberGhost VPN accepts payment in bitcoins, so if we want we can register anonymously.

After signing up, you will get a welcome email, which includes a number of useful links for setting up the service.

Multi-Platform Support

For the house that contains a UNIX system file server, a Windows PC, a mack pc similarly to varied smartphones and tablets, you’re in luck! CyberGhost supports up to seven devices per account, which is out and away one in all the foremost generous I’ve seen so far. To be fair, I feel that the common home these days will so have these several devices at least, so it’s an affordable variety to support.

Several VPN service suppliers can cater for the same old unfold – Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and a few routers. If you’ll notice type the list above, CyberGhost even is about Raspberry Pi, some NAS devices, and even Virtual Machines!
It’s all about choice, and for the extent to that CyberGhost has gone to fill out this list, I used to be actually impressed.

Here I once more should insert in a very word of caution for people who assume they will pass through the X devices per account limit by throwing the VPN onto a router since it’s supported.

Network Layout Across The Globe

With over 6,000 servers in eighty-nine countries to decide on from, one might assume that might} be enough to blanket the whole world in virtually every country. Additionally importantly, it will have servers in several key countries and people that are particularly strategically located.

The result has been an enormous boost in speeds since the last time I evaluated them. To be honest, for this wide zone of coverage, it isn’t doubtless that you just will realize many alternative choices that are even close.

Features & Encryption Of CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN Benefits

CyberGhost VPN provides you many features such as:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • High-speed VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth & traffic
  • Ad/malicious content blocking
  • Over 3,700 global servers
  • DNS & IP Leak Protection
  • Streaming
  • P2P sharing
  • Supports up to 7 devices
  • OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec & PPTP protocols

Before I begin my roundup, let Maine simply state my personal position here. If I’m paying for and employing a VPN, I expect a precise performance in terms of speed. I’m not too fussy regarding payment choices and stuff like that and as so much as obscurity goes, just borderline can do for me.

I actually have declared several goodies about CyberGhost and yes, it’s true that they provide many integral extras that you simply most likely won’t notice elsewhere. As a good higher hook, you’ll be able to register for a long-run set up at that are much very cheap prices. wherever the service really excels though, in my opinion, is however well they need to be optimized their servers

Take as a case example the video streaming associated torrent servers that I mentioned earlier. If any of those niches is what you’re after, then I might say that CyberGhost is a completely nice choice. For Torrent fans, video streamers, the geolocation hoppers…you ought to say yes.

However, there’s an awfully massive BUT, in my mind. That’s probably what could place a nail within the coffin for CyberGhost for several people. supported privacy and anonymity, there simply remains an excessive amount of doubt and argument around the info accessible on behalf of me to feel safe victimization CyberGhost.

Whereas the claims by CyberGhost could appear legitimate enough for a traditional company, I say that for a VPN service supplier to be creating use of those ways is solely indefensible. So, take what you’ll for this – worth and performance with the sacrifice of obscurity is your choice.

Pricing and Payment – What Will I Pay For CyberGhost?

There are overall three plans for using CyberGhost VPN- Monthly, Yearly, and a 3-year plan.

Limited Payment Options

45-day Money-back Guarantee!

This once more boils back to anonymity, as a result of CyberGhost solely accepts Credit Card, PayPal, or BitPay. True, BitPay is employed for BitCoin, however, there are actually many cryptos out there and there’s conjointly invariably the choice of money within the kind of gift cards, and so on

Contact Support

CyberGhost VPN support center provides you some services which are:

  • User guides.
  • Customer support assistant.
  • Live chats.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Announcements

Stable Speed – Speedtest CyberGhost

While I’m ineffectual to mention that CyberGhost offers blazing quick speeds, I need to admit that therefore servers show loads of potential. Once prying the speed take a look at the results below, please note that my current broadband speed is proscribed to a theoretical five hundred Mbps. Most of the time I will get close to or a minimum of around 450 Mbps, which is pretty good.

Any VPN is typically doubtless to shave off some bandwidth, so my expectation was that speeds would drop irrespective of which server I used to be connected to. Of course, different factors play into this as well, like the space of the server to my physical location, server load, then on.

Verdict – Our CyberGhost VPN Review

If you are looking to protect your information online, we have found that CyberGhost VPN does just this.

Overall Experience/Conclusion

However, in my opinion, there is a very big BUT that could potentially drive a nail into CyberGhost’s coffin for many people. Because of privacy and anonymity, there is simply too much doubt and controversy about the information available to me. Feel safe with CyberGhost. While CyberGhost’s claims may seem legitimate enough for a normal business, I would say that these tactics are simply untenable for a VPN service provider. with the sacrifice of anonymity is your choice.

CyberGhost FAQ

Is CyberGhost VPN easy to use?

Yes, CyberGhost VPN is very easy to use. In fact, many raves over how user-friendly this is.

Does CyberGhost VPN sell your data?

No, CyberGhost VPN will not sell your data. In fact, since they have a no-log policy, they do not keep information about you. The only information they keep is for helping engineers when there is an issue with the VPN.

Does CyberGhost VPN hide browsing?

Yes, CyberGhost VPN does hide your browsing. The company feels that anyone online has a right to privacy. You can browse anonymously if you desire to do so.

Does CyberGhost VPN work in China?

Yes, CyberGhost has servers in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. It is very consistent in China and can help evade the Great Firewall. There are not any servers located in China, so this is perhaps the reason why it does work there.

Is CyberGhost VPN owned by China?

No, CyberGhost VPN is not owned by China. It is run by individuals that want online security and privacy. These people also believe in freedom from censorship. This company is not owned by any Chinese person or business.

Is CyberGhost VPN legal?

Yes, CyberGhost VPN is legal. VPN services are not illegal. However, you should note that anything that is illegal without using a VPN is also illegal when using a VPN.

Is CyberGhost VPN free?

No, CyberGhost VPN is not free. This is a premium service in which fees must be paid before being able to access your account. However, on some mobile devices, there may be a free trial to access. You can also try out the VPN service for a full month. Should you decide on this service is not for you, you can obtain a refund.

Can CyberGhost VPN be traced?

CyberGhost VPN can not be traced. As nothing is logged, your IP address will not be able to be traced back to you. This service keeps you completely anonymous

Is CyberGhost VPN good?

CyberGhost VPN is a great service. Not only is it fast and reliable, but it has over 3,000 servers. This allows for no congestion while being on a server. The locations are scattered across the world with server locations in various cities.

Does CyberGhost VPN slow Internet?

CyberGhost VPN won’t make the internet speed slow. While using this VPN, you will see an internet speed that is consistent and reliable.

Does CyberGhost VPN work on a smart TV?

Yes, CyberGhost VPN is compatible with smart TVs. You should note that there are some that will not work. While using a VPN on your smart TV, you can change the location so you can encrypt traffic, stop censorship, and slow down bandwidth throttling.

Does CyberGhost VPN keep logs?

CyberGhost VPN will never keep logs. They value user anonymity and privacy too much. In their privacy policy, they explicitly state: “We do not collect logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries. We also never store connection logs, meaning no logs of your IP address, your outgoing VPN IP address, connection timestamp, or session duration.”

Does CyberGhost VPN have an adblocker?

Yes, CyberGhost VPN does have an adblocker. In fact, malicious pop-ups will be avoided through the 256-bit AES encryption.

How do I get CyberGhost VPN ?

You can sign up for an account on the CyberGhost VPN website. Once you have picked your plan, enter your email, then select the payment method.

Is CyberGhost VPN legitimate?

CyberGhost VPN is legitimate. Many have used and trusted this VPN service to stay anonymous and protect their information online.

Overall CyberGhostVPN Rating

Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
Very good0%

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Private Internet Access VPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Great Speed – One Of The Fastest VPN
  • Exotic Server Location
  • 94 Countries


  • Above Average Price
  • No possibility to choose specific server

n this review I will take a look at Private Internet Access VPN. I will take a deep test with this VPN show you the advantages and disadvantages. Here you can also find some relevant YouTube videos to Private Internet Access VPN.

In this age of high internet usage our privacy on the social media and the protection of our digital footprint has become a big concern. On the other hand, being dependent upon the internet for most of my daily works, I would like to surf freely through the internet and check any website I want securely. Private Internet Access VPN is a technology that is going to provide us all the security we need online. It is a Virtual Private Network for personal usage. It masks Internet Protocol address of your computer and prevents it and your actual geographical location from getting revealed.

It provides multiple security levels to prevent revealing our personal information online. They do not keep any log or database regarding our personal information as well. The technology of the Private Internet Access VPN has been designed in such a manner that it will be able to work with the technology present in our gadget already.

Private Interent Access Review Video

Streaming Test In Our NordVPN Review

Does Private Internet Access Work With Netflix?

Can you watch US Netflix with PIA? In this video I have recorded a step by step guide how you can do it. Take a look below:

Does NordVPN work with Amazon Prime?

Features & Encryption of Private Internet Access VPN

This VPN supports all operating systems. Windows, Android, Linux, macOS and iOS. In addition to these operating systems PIA also offers VPN plugins for the browsers Firefox, Chrome and Opera and there are detailed setup tutorials for routers and many other device types.

With the help of Private Internet Access VPN we can access a Private DNS (Domain Name Server). With this you are able to avoid censoring of your ISP.

Surf With Protection – Built In Kill Switch

In case the virtual private network gets disconnected suddenly due to some reason, it has got a feature called internet kill switch which switches off all the applications connected to internet to save us from getting exposed. Even if the VPN is not working our data in safe with us.

Another new feature added to PIA is a tool called MACE which blocks ads, pop-ups and trackers. Surf through the web without annoying ads, pop-ups and trackers. Private Internet Access VPN takes care of that as well. This software is similar to Cybersec from NordVPN you can read about it here.

Usability of Private Internet Access VPN – Easy To Use Software!

PIA usability stands out if you compare it to other VPN provider. PIA will help you to complete security of your digital footprints.

Security from public Wi-Fi: If we log onto Wi-Fi at public places then our device is prone to attackers. Public Wi-Fi is not at all secured and has a very weak security. Personal VPNs saves our gadget from these kinds of attacks as well.

Using online cloud storage: While transferring our files and data to some cloud storage our information is at danger. VPNs encrypt and secure your data from being attacked.

Playing online games: With Private Internet Access VPN, playing games online with our friends will become even more secured.

Is Private Internet Access Good Fore Torrenting? – Great Server Speed! Stay Secure On The Web

Downloading anything from torrent might actually become a bit harder once we start using personal virtual private network. It cannot distinguish between legitimate contents like downloading games, updating software etc. with illegitimate contents like downloading pirated contents.

Avoid Companies Digitally Stalking On You 

Many organizations store cookies on our computer to keep tabs on our online activities like which pages we visit the most, what do we do in social medias etc and keep sending us ads and pop ups based on our searches. They might also be able to keep tab on our ISP. A personal virtual private network will prevent all of these by making it appear like our IP address is changing every time as if it’s a different computer.

Pricing and Payment of Private Internet Access VPN

Private VPN has three kinds of pricing options:

  • 1 Month Plan for $9.95 per month.
  • 1 Year Plan for $5.99 per month.
  • 2 Year Plan for $3.49 per month.

As you can see, the 2 Year Plan is the best plan economically, but if you want to try it out first before using it permanently then use the once a month option. Keep in mind even when you choose a 2 year plan you have 7 day money back guarantee which gives you enough time to test out the service.

If you want to have a longer test out period time take a look at NordVPN which is offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

You can make the payment for your Private Internet Access account in many ways. From Google wallet, PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoins, CashU, OKPay over Ripple accounts to credits cards. If you are concerned about your privacy you can do the payment even with a gift card, which you can buy with cash.

Support Rating of Private Internet Access

With Private Internet Access you can enjoy 24X7 customer services. We can get all kinds of supports via their live chat feature. This feature is far better than some instruction guide that might not even cover the particular problem that we might be facing.

Options To Reach PIA

  • Live Chat
  • Ticket System
  • Email

Their agents are there to help any time of the day and will provide us with a solution in no time. Their agents are very polite and friendly and most importantly they know what they are doing; they have deep knowledge about Private Internet Access VPN and they will be able to guide you through anything related to that.

PIA Offers A Well Made Knowledge Base

I can recommend the well detailed knowledge base of PIA. It covers general questions, FAQs, payments, technical and best security practices. Also several questions are covered with a video.

Speedtest of Private Internet Access VPN

After using private VPN services your download and upload speeds are bound to increase. There is going to be a huge difference in speed in your web browsing. Some tests have revealed that Private internet access increases the latency speed by 13.5 percent.

Of course this percentage will vary from country to country. But with a personal virtual private network, the browsing and other internet activity speeds are bound to increase.

Verdict Of Private Internet Access

Pros of using Private Internet Access VPN

  • Private Internet Access provides ease of connection. We do not need any professionals to install and activate it. We are just a click away to start enjoying the exciting features of personal virtual private network.
  • The advanced features of private internet access and the top notch security provided by it is one of the main reasons to use it.
  • Your internet activity is going to get much faster after adopting this technology. Get your works done in a jiffy with private internet access.
  • They have multiple payment options for our ease of bill payment. They have options for credit cards, PayPal, Amazon, Google wallet, Bitcoins, Ripple accounts, CashU, OKPay. You can also buy gift cards by paying cash and pay your bills accordingly.
  • It supports any platform of operating system on your device whether it is iOS, Windows, Linux or Android.
  • Private internet access does not require any additional technology or software to be installed in your computer.
  • Another attractive feature of this technology is its Virtual Private Network kill switch. Your personal information is safe with you even if the personal VPN gets disconnected somehow accidentally.

Cons of Using Private Internet Access VPN

  • The technology of private internet access provides no opportunity of free trial before actually buying it.
  • The amount of feedbacks obtained regarding errors is very less.
  • We cannot choose the server of virtual private network of your own choice. It will be allotted to us by them.
  • If you are an active torrent user, then personal virtual private network on your device will create disturbances on your work even if you are downloading nothing illegitimate. It cannot distinguish between pirated movies or just some operating system upgrade.


If we overlook some minor drawbacks of Private Internet Access VPN, it is no denying the fact that it is a very useful in this era of too much digital usage and the digital crimes to it. With private internet access all of your data whether it is a photo in your social media account, whether it is your personal information entered while claiming for insurance or whether it is your files being transferred to cloud storage for back up everything is secured.

Overall Private Internet Access Rating

Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
Very good0%

What Users Say About Private Internet Access

There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write one.

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Private VPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Strong encryption that protects your data
  • 63 Countries
  • Easy To Use Client


  • Only 200+ Server

VPN is one of the most usable service people use these days. Since many years, these VPNs are being used for multiple purposes. Some want faster speed; some want privacy where others require enjoying blocked services. This way, VPN has become a crucial part of our life. One of these VPNs is Private VPN. This is a VPN that is Swedish based.

This VPN has its high capacity of providing you with a fast and secure connection with stability. Besides the factor where this VPN stands out is their fluent customer support. They also offer free trials that helps you test the product and then decide whether to go with their VON or not. Their product’s functional abilities are bound to make you stick to Private VPN. This VPN will help you use your world wide web across the globe by being facilitated with immense privacy and security with stability.

Among all other VPNs this VPN is the one which guarantees you completely about their safety and security and stability measures. Not only this, but also your privacy is in their highest concern.







200+ VPN servers 5,000+ VPN servers 1,000+ VPN servers
Super Fast Speed Fast Speed Super Fast Speed
6 Devices 6 Devices 10 Devices
63+ Countries 62+ Countries 190+ Countries
Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Kodi, Android, More+ Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS
Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO
Follow this Link for a Trial FreeFollow the Link to save 66%Follow the Link for Basic Plan
Dedicated VPN Available Dedicated VPN Available (after signup) Dedicated VPN for Premium Plan
Secure Encryption Military Grade Encryption Best Encryption

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

30 Days Money Back
30 Days Money Back
 30 Days Money Back 
  Read Full Review Here Read Full Review Here
Read Full Review Here

Review Video

Streaming Test

I have installed Private VPN and found it really efficient and fast. It was streaming my favorite show on Netflix seamlessly. I also tried this on Android and the connection was smooth.

Features and Encryption

Secure Encryption

Private VPN provides best privacy to their customers by providing a safety encrypted tunnel across their devices and the Internet. Safe encryption facility helps secure your data from the malicious contents. Your data could be like, your personal information, your communications or your login credentials. In case you need to do any presentation or anything regardless of your location, that is in a public wifi. You need to secure yourself with this VPN turned on.

All the servers of Private VPN utilize military-grade AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption code with 2048-bit DH key to ensure your internet connection is safe and secured from the public network and all that, without interrupting the performance of your web surfing speed and experience.

In their language,

“AES 256 means that if someone wants access to your data, he or she would have to try an astounding number of distinct combinations — 2 to the 256th power, as a matter of fact — to successfully hack into your files. PrivateVPN provides all our users with this high level of security, the same security employed by the U.S. government and military. Whether you’re an Internet or social user, a gamer, a student, a world traveler or simply a citizen seeking to secure your data and identity from prying eyes, you need the secure connection that PrivateVPN provides.”

Privacy Protection in Public

This VPN hides your IP address in a way, so that, your identity remains hidden from any marketing organizations, spammers or hackers. In case you are playing a game blocked in any place and you need to be playing this in a Public WIFI. But you don’t want to be logged, then this VPN is there to help you to crack your job as you want preventing eavesdropping, data snooping and information theft in public Wi-Fi hotspots. Just turn on your Private VPN service and you are hidden entirely from your public network.

No intruders will be able to access your data or decipher your activity throughout this Private VPN network as the encryption system of Private VPN Network will prevent them from doing so.


There are two mechanisms by which Private VPN takes care of their speed. One is Lower latency and the other is Maintaining High Quality Network support. Both have discussed in the Speed section. But this is undeniable to say these two mechanisms help Private VPN as to be one of the fastest VPN overall.

Zero data Logging Policy

No logs kept of your browsing so, your activity remains completely private in public network. This abides by the Swedish privacy law where no users data is saved privately to be used by the government.

IPV6 Leak Protection

This Private VPN has this IPV6 Leak Protection to secure protection in leaking data. The network automatically disconnects once an intrusion happens and your identity is never leaked.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Private VPN provides unlimited bandwidth. You will be able to use any amount of data, upload and download any size of files with this Private VPN. They will not charge for this nor they will restrict your bandwidth limit.

Freedom from Monitoring

This Private VPN provides you full freedom from being monitored or logged from browsing your web. Your activities around your internet connection are guaranteed not to be monitored. This happens when you access to a network or browse through sites and send emails or chats- things you do not want to share. Then what you can do is instantly turn your VPN on and do the stuffs you were hesitating to do before.

Cross-Device Compatibility

This Private VPN has this compatibility across multiple platforms. Be it Windows, Mac, IOS, Android- this VPN allows to be connected anywhere. In case you reach somewhere where you don’t have your windows desktop but you have your Android Phone. So, all you need to do is turn on Private VPN on your mobile and finish your task.

Bypass censorship

Private VPN has the ability of bypassing censorship to access any restricted content from any corner of the world. Suppose you need to access a blog for your job purpose. The site blocked in where you live. And as you have your deadline coming near you, the thing you are required to do is download this Private VPN service. Turn on the VPN and enjoy your activities safe and private from across the whole world. Private VPN offers an alternate route around content filters which allows you to choose any remote server. This remote server will be from the provider’s network. Your IP address will be hidden. So no worries of getting recognized.

When you want to access any restricted content from any country. Simply download Private VPN app. Install it, open and select a server in that country and then connect. Not only you will able to enjoy the restricted content bypassing censorship but also you will be hidden by acquiring an anonymous IP address.

User Friendly

This VPN has a really user-friendly UI. Does not matter if you are new to tech or you have not used technology for a long time. The Private VPN interface is so easy to install and use that you will not face any trouble making use of it. It will be like; you have been using this Private VPN for a long time.

Variety of Protocols

Private VPN service offers a variety of protocols to make your web surfing journey according to your requirements. Whatever you need during your browsing will be right there as per the protocols of the Private VPN service. When you are using Private VPN, you can either set it to the automatic selection of protocols or you can also set it up yourself manually in the following order-

  • OpenVPN with UDP/TCP
  • OpenVPN over TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol
  • OpenVPN over UDP, or User Datagram Protocol
  • L2TP/IPsec
  • L2TP, or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, was developed as an upgrade to L2F (Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol) and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol).
  • IPsec, or Internet Protocol security
  • PPTP, or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  • IKEv2, or Internet Key Exchange version 2

Installation and Usability

PrivateVPN is available on all operating systems on computers and mobile devices and also on kodi or on a torrenting version as an application. Simply browse through Google, search and select Private VPN and download your required version of Private VPN compatible on your device that you want to use.

All the download urls are in their website, just google and search.

The procedure is simply,

Buy a Private VPN service plan. Download the app. Follow the instruction manual and then connect to your wanted server and browse.

Besides you can connect 6 devices at once using this Private VPN. And, the servers are across 63 countries in the world. So, you are going to have a great user friendly speedy experience.

Pricing and Payments

There is a 7 day trial version to try and test this Private VPN and ensure if it keeps up to your needs. Then you can decide whether you want to purchase a plan or not.

There are 3 offers to purchase a Private VPN plan.

  1. Monthly- 8.99 USD billed every month saving you 9%
  2. 3- Month plan- 17.99 USD billed to you every 3 months with a monthly paying facility saving you 39%
  3. 12 Months- which is currently offering 24 months offer for 59.99 USD billed every 12 months after 24 months saving your 77% cash with monthly payment facility

Lastly, all these plans offer you a 30-day money back guaranty. Also, you can pay in any of the 4 currencies by the way. You can pay with Credit Card, PayPal or you can also pay with Bitcoins.

All these plans guarantee:

  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Ultra fast servers in 63 countries
  • All OS platforms
  • Best standard security & encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth & server switches
  • 30-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee


The Private VPN supports all time for any user having troubles in anything using the product. There are FAQ links to go through which basically have all the common issues and their solutions. But still, if you need anything privately you can contact them via the Contact form on their website. Or, they are also active in the social media platforms. You will find them in the Facebook, twitter, google+ and YouTube if you need any sort of help.


Lower Latency Higher Speed

Private VPN offers the fastest speed, irrespective of your location. Be it your home or Public WiFi. This VPN offers the highest level of speed. This means you can surf through the web anywhere any time with the effectively same amount of speed. Sitting any corner of the world, if you intend to login and do some office work and you are connected to public wifi. This is the VPN you need to turn on and do your job safely and in speed. The server which is near to your location will give you a lower latency and the one which is far away from you will give you a higher latency. Whether you’re in North America, Europe or Asia, Private VPN provides ultra-high speed with lower latency by facilitating nearer server connections around the whole world.

Private VPN gives 85-93Mbps as an average upload and download speed based on your selected server location. Just download and install the service and test yourself, no confusion!

High Quality Network for High Speed

High Quality Network is the internet capacity that the VPN Providers purchase either directly or from hosting companies which result in multiple blocks and hops. There are many VPN service providers which purchase internet capacity from hosting companies. In Private VPN, internet capacity is purchased directly from the IP transit providers meaning, the connection will skip multiple blocks or hops.


One and only downsize would be there are no free plans and no adblockers. Otherwise, there is basically no major disadvantage of this Private VPN service, this is a super fast and affordable VPN service available. Besides, if you are not sure whether you should buy an offer or not, you can definitely use their trial offer. You won’t regret.

FAQ of PrivateVPN

 Is PrivateVPN easy to use?

Yes, PrivateVPN is very easy to use. .

Does PrivateVPN sell your data?

No, Private VPN abides by the swedish no law policy. So, there is absolutely no scope of track your logs or sell your data.

Does PrivateVPN work in China?

Yes, Private VPN does work in China. In fact, this VPN is one of the most suitable VPN service for use in China.

Is PrivateVPN owned by China?

No, Private VPN is not owned by China. This is Swedish completely

Is PrivateVPN legal?

Yes, Private VPN is legal. VPN services are not illegal. But you should not do anything illegal using this service.

Is PrivateVPN free?

No, PrivateVPN is not free. But they do have a trial version to examine their service before purchase any plan, if you want.

Is PrivateVPN good?

Private VPN is a excellent service to be used in anywhere anytime. It is fast, reliable and has a good number of servers around the globe.

Does PrivateVPN work on smart TV?

Yes, Private VPN is great for smart devices.

Does PrivateVPN keep logs?

No they don’t.

Does PrivateVPN have ad blocker?

No, they don’t offer this.

Is PrivateVPN legitimate?

Private VPN is legitimate. They abide by no-logs policy and are conformed to their terms and conditions.

Need an absolutely secure, stable and private connection to avail all the restricted contents across the internet?

Thinking if you are or you are not buying this VPN? If you are not sure, then take a moment and use the trial version first. If it suits you, then no confusion. You are free and sure to buy any of these plans of Private VPN Product which is available in all computers, smart and mobile devices.

So, it is actually one of the bests for your running business or job. Nonetheless, you can use this product anytime, any where, for any purpose, the choice is yours. So, Good Luck!

User Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

What Users Say About Private VPN

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ProtonVPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • 55 Countries
  • 1300+ Server
  • 10 Gbps Capable Servers


  • Above Average Price

VPN is a product used for hiding your identity through a public network. Why do you need VPN? Because there are various malicious contents and hackers in the network you are using. So, along with enjoying any restricted content in any country you can also stay hidden from all these dangerous components. Numerous numbers of VPN services are available across the globe right now. Among which Proton VPN is one.

The story of Proton VPN began in CERN in 2014. Several scientists, engineers and developers are behind this VPN product. Now there are 1318 servers in 55 countries around the world. What facilities you will get using this VPN will get to you by reading through this review. So hold on tight.







1318 VPN servers 200+ VPN servers 1,000+ VPN servers
Highest Speed (up to10 Gbps) Super Fast Speed Super Fast Speed
10 Devices 6 Devices 10 Devices
55 Countries 63+ Countries 190+ Countries
Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux More+ Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Kodi, More+ Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS
Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO (for Plus and Visionary plans) Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO Tested with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & HBO
Follow this Link for Free PlanFollow the Link to save 66%Follow the Link for Basic Plan
Dedicated VPN Available Dedicated VPN Available Dedicated VPN for Premium Plan
Highest Strength Encryption Secure Encryption Best Encryption

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

30 Days Money Back
30 Days Money Back
 30 Days Money Back 
  Read Full Review Here Read Full Review Here
Read Full Review Here

Review Video

Streaming Test

As a Plus user, I have used this VPN service and found really smooth streaming. The shows on HBOmax were significantly seamless. I would highly recommend you this VPN as this not only gives you the strongest encryption and safety but also superb experience in streaming.

Features and Encryption

Secure Core Servers

There are 55 countries with 1318 servers of Proton VPN around the world. Among which 89 are secure core servers. This is available to Plus Plan users of the Proton VPN. For extra safety, these secure servers are fully owned and operated by them.

There are 1222 Plus servers in 55 countries which are available to Plus users. This server has streaming support, adblocker(netshield), support for file sharing protocols, blocking ads, routing through Tor network support. And also, the speed is 10 Gbps maximum.

Proton VPN has 396 Basic servers across 40+ countries. This is available to Basic and Plus Plan users. It has adblocking and p2p file sharing protocol support.

Apart from all these there are Free servers. There are 23 free servers in 3 countries available to the Free users who cannot afford purchasing a plan. This plan has medium speed.

This is how they respond when asked about the functionality of Secure Core Servers:

“Secure Core allows us to defend against this threat to VPN privacy by passing user traffic through multiple servers. When you connect to a server in a high-risk jurisdiction like the US, your traffic will first go through our Secure Core servers. Therefore, even if an attacker monitors our servers in the US, they would only be able to follow the traffic back to the edge of our Secure Core network, thus making it far more difficult to discover the true IP address and location of ProtonVPN users.”

Strict No Logs Policy

According to Swiss Privacy Law, no data of users should be kept to be seized by the government later. This is exactly what followed by the Proton VPN also. No user data is logged. So, safety and privacy ensured.

High Speed connection

This Proton VPN has high speed connection of up to 10 Gbps. This speed of Proton VPN connectivity is expanding day by day as scientists and engineers are working out behind it. Moreover, Proton VPN also uses tactics to get over cpu limitations like, single threading and cpu overloading. For this, Proton VPN uses multithreading and redistribution of processes across multiple threads.

Proton VPN also uses shorter paths algorithm to get the shortest routing path for connection of the Proton VPN network across distant countries. This tactic is known as VPN Accelerator since this tactic increases the speed ravishingly.

Packet forwarding is another thing done by the Proton VPN for increasing its connection speed. Forwarding packets through normal packet processing paths, as known traffic, they simultaneously increase connection speed with lower latency.

Open Source and Audited Apps

Proton VPN has their apps on open source and audited. You can find their code in Github and their audit data also gets releases from SEC consult. Anyone can criticize and view and examine their code. So, this VPN can be called one of the most transparent VPN Service.

Adblocker (netshield)

Netshield is an adblocker available to users using Proton VPN which works by blocking malicious contents, spams etc. from accessing your devices. Once you get connected to ProtonVPN, your DNS requests are encrypted to prevent DNS leaks in order to not to expose your browsing history.

Netshield offers 3 levels of protection:

  • Don’t Block
  • Block Malware only
  • Block malware, ads and trackers

By default, ‘Block Malware’ is selected. You can change this selection later on any platform. Clicking on the shield icon lets you control the shield protection. Your connection will be reestablished if you are already connected to a VPN server and change your NetShield settings. During this time, ProtonVPN will enable Kill Switch automatically to prevent DNS leaks. Proton VPN will ask for your permission to make reconnection or disconnection if you adjust netshield while you are connected. Proton VPN Adblocker Netshield connection can also be controlled by the Linux CLI users via CLI Interface on Linux computers.

Strong Encryption

Proton VPN uses only the highest strength encryption to protect your Internet connection. This means all your network traffic is encrypted with AES-256, key exchange is done with 4096-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA384 is used for message authentication.

Forward Secrecy

The encryption done maintaining such a procedure that the encrypted data cannot be decrypted later. This way privacy of your connection remains stable. They have selected their cypher suites very carefully. With each session, a new encryption key is generated by Proton VPN, so decryption of your encrypted data is almost impossible.

Strong VPN Protocols

Using Proton VPN, you can be sure that your VPN connection will not ever be compromised since the connection is maintained by strong protocols arranged by this VPN – IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN.

Physical Security of the Servers

The secure core servers are stored safely underground and the other at a high security datacenter outside of Zurich requiring biometric access. Indeed, Proton VPN is way ahead in thinking of the safety and security of their consumers by providing not only secure connection but also protecting their secure core servers.

Full Disk Encryption

All Proton VPN servers are protected by full disk encryption. This encryption system not only protects the software in it but also configuration settings and data. Even if encryption key is compromised, attackers will not be able to access the data on it crossing this encryption system.


This Proton VPN is one of the most trustworthy VPN service until today. When you browse internet and do sensitive stuffs like office emails or sharing credentials, it’s a matter that you have a trustworthy network connection which no one can attack or intrude. No interruption is allowed in the middle of office presentations, right?

Proton VPN works the best in there being the most trustworthy VPN of yours. Such a safe and secure and hardcore stable connection provider is definitely hard to find.

DNS Leak Prevention

Proton VPN protects your privacy by sending DNS routing through an encrypted tunnel and also not depending on any third party DNS providers.

Kill Switch and Always-on VPN

Kill Switch and Always-on feature is something which not only secures your connection but also protects your identity from revealing by securing your IP addresses. Kill Switch disconnects the connection in an interrupted event and Always-one reestablishes the connection automatically saving your private data.

Tor over VPN

Proton VPN comes with Tor support built-in. Through Proton VPN servers that support Tor, you can surf your ways through the Tor anonymity network and access dark web sites. This provides a convenient way to enter such Onion sites with just one click.

Open Anonymous Account

Proton VPN respects your privacy so they don’t force you to provide identical real information of you into their Account opening form to open account on Proton VPN.

Easy to use interface

Proton VPN thinks about their customers and that’s the reason they design their product interface in such a way that even any newbie feels comfortable using it.

Unlimited bandwidth

This Proton VPN provides unlimited bandwidth where you will be able to use Proton VPN anywhere any time for any duration. There is no requirement of any extra charges.

Installation and Usability

Proton VPN can be connected to up to 10 devices at a time. It has multi-platform support for any operating system in between Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and IOS. This VPN can be connected to computers mobile phones and any smart devices with these operating systems. Also, user friendliness of this Proton VPN will make you use it with comfort and ease.

Just signup for your account, buy a plan and download and install the service. For apps, you can download the suitable app for your needed platform and then sign up and you are good to go!

Pricing and Payments

There are basically 4 plans that Proton VPN offers:

  1. Free Plan- 0 USD in medium speed with 23 servers in 3 countries and 1 VPN connection. This also has accessing blocked content and strict no-log policy.
  2. Basic – $48 yearly with monthly payment benefit saving $12 with 350+ servers in 40+ countries. 2 VPN connections with high speed and strict no-log policy. Access blocked content and P2P/BitTorrent support with Adblocker (NetShield).
  3. Plus = $96 yearly with monthly payment benefit saving $24. 1200+ servers in 55 countries.10 VPN connections with Highest speed (up to 10 Gbps) and Strict no-logs policy. Access blocked content support and P2P/BitTorrent support with Adblocker (NetShield). Streaming service support and Secure Core VPN with TOR over VPN.
  4. Visionary – $288 yearly with monthly payment facility saving your $72. All Plus Plan features with Protonmail Visionary account.
  5. Also, there is a two year plan offer of saving 33% and an Annual saving offer of up to 20%


There is this Support Center on the website of Proton VPN. You need to search through them for your required content. Mostly all the common issues have been described there. These have been divided into 7 categories.

Still if you could not find your required answer, you can surely contact their support team. The required email addresses are there in their website. They are also active in various platforms of social media.


For optimal performance Proton VPN uses only high-speed servers. All ProtonVPN servers have at minimum 1 Gbps bandwidth, and many of the servers also utilize 10 Gbps connections. This means that even though Proton VPN uses only the strongest encryption, they also provide intensely fast speeds.

Also, Proton VPN uses High Quality Network and VPN Accelerator for raising the VPN connection speed. With the functionalities like, Overcoming CPU limitations, latency and TCP congestion and improving forwarding efficiency this stands across all other VPNs at the top in regards of speed. This has been said that, under normal usage, VPN Accelerator increases speed by 400% or more, when particularly connected to distant servers.

Proton VPN gives 26-30Mbps as an average upload speed and 270+Mbps as an average download speed based on your selected server location. Just try and check yourself.

Regarding their fastest speed available, Proton VPN answered few questions in FAQ,

“Does VPN Accelerator really improve download speeds?

“Yes, although the greatest gains are made when you access a service that is located far from your real location. If you connect to a server that is geographically near you, you may not see significant speed improvements.”


Is the feature enabled by default?

“Yes. This is because there are no real downsides to using VPN Accelerator, but very real advantages under the right circumstances.  You can, however, manually enable or disable the feature in most of our apps. See How to use VPN Accelerator for details.”

Does VPN Accelerator improve speed performance for all VPN protocols?

“Yes. VPN Accelerator will improve speed performance regardless of whether you use OpenVPN TCP, OpenVPN UDP, WireGuard, or IKEv2 VPN protocols.”


The only downsize would be you have to buy the Plus or Visionary plan for streaming service. This should not be a matter if you want the highest security for your service and also, one of the fastest. I would highly recommend you try the free plan first and then buy the Plus or Visionary plans, whichever you want.

FAQ of ProtonVPN

 ProtonVPN easy to use?

Yes, Proton VPN is very easy to use.

Does ProtonVPN sell your data?

No, Proton VPN abides by the Swiss no-log Policy. So, no stress of data logging or data selling.

Does ProtonVPN work in China?

Can say, partially. Some regions may be open and some may be blocked. You can contact the VPN service for recommended list of servers in China to avoid trials.

Is ProtonVPN owned by China?

No, Proton VPN is not owned by China. This is a Swiss company.

Is ProtonVPN legal?

Yes, ProtonVPN is legal. VPN services are not illegal. But you should not make illegal uses of any VPN service.

Is ProtonVPN free?

Yes, Proton VPN does have a free plan.

Is ProtonVPN good?

Proton VPN is one of the most secure and reliable service with great speed. Highly recommend it.

Does ProtonVPN work on smart TV?

Yes, Plus Visionary Plans of Proton VPN do have streaming service. If you signed up for the Free plan, you have to upgrade your subscription.

Does ProtonVPN have ad blocker?

Yes, Proton VPN does have a strong Adblocker feature known as Netshield.

How do I get ProtonVPN?

You can sign up for an account on Proton VPN’s website. Download the app and install.

Is ProtonVPN legitimate?

ProtonVPN is legitimate. This VPN service is really strict to its no-log policy and terms and conditions.

Do you need an upgraded all-in-one packaged VPN?

Do you need the fastest speed?

Do you want a VPN with the most structured security functionalities?

Then obviously I will suggest you to go for Proton VPN. No worries, you can either use the Free version or buy a plan. You might be thinking there are many other VPNs, those also have speed, security, privacy etc.  

Then why use this? Why buy a plan when others offering free service cheaper than this?

I would like to answer to it that, any product with the best service is definitely going to cost you something. It is your choice. Have fun in browsing!

User Reviews

Does ProtonVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, ProtonVPN is a great service that works with Netflix. We have found this is one of very few that will actually allow 24/7 access to Netflix.

ProtonVPN has really fast speeds when it comes to working with Netflix. With other VPNs, you may find that there are network-wide blocks, but with ExpressVPN, this has never happened to us. And if you are traveling around the world, you can also have this VPN work with Netflix.

Overall Proton VPN Rating

Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
Very good0%

What Users Say About Proton VPN

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IPVanish Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Powerful Internet Privacy
  • Unmetered Connections
  • VPN + Backup Protection


  • Use the bonus link to pay a fair price

Most people who want the best VPN are searching for a combination of speedy performance, minimal pricing, quality security, and other features. Despite the unevenness of IPVanish, the product is still a good choice for most users since apps are available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Fire TV, and I will do a detailed review of IP vanish in this article.

With a large server network and promise of delivering speed and reliability, IPVanish is a popular VPN service. Nevertheless, before signing up, take a moment to read this IPVanish review. You will find how it performed when I tested it. There are pros and cons to consider with this VPN.

In an effort to determine how IPVanish stacks up against other VPN providers, I ran a lot of tests to answer the following questions:

● How fast are IPVanish’s servers in general?

● Is IPVanish’s app secure? Does it have a kill switch, IP and DNS leak protection, and strong encryption?

● What kind of stability does IPVanish offer (good reliability)?

● Does the price justify the purchase?

We will review this VPN in detail but let’s first start our article with some basic introduction and history of Ip Vanish. Then gradually, I will move towards its working, features, pricing, usability, support, pros, and cons.

A brief history of IPVanish and its new owners

There is an interesting history behind IPVanish. IPVanish has been sold twice in the past few years, unlike VPNs such as Surfshark and NordVPN.

Based on my research for this review, here is a brief overview of IPVanish:

  • Mudhook Marketing founded IPVanish in 2012, a subsidiary of Highwinds Network Group in Orlando, Florida.
  • IPVanish was also acquired by StackPath, which took over Highwinds.

● PCMag belongs to J2 Global, a company that owns many websites that publish reviews. J2 Global acquired IPVanish as well as StrongVPN, Encrypt. me, and SugarSync, a cloud storage service with strong encryption.

Usability: How does IPVanish work?

IPVanish offers its users the option to hide their real IP address while browsing the internet. The service does this by routing your traffic through one of its own servers, located in many locations worldwide. Any website, web service, hacker, or government looking at your Connection will see an IPVanish IP address instead of your real IP address.

By masking your IP address, the service allows you to connect to websites and services that are not generally available due to geographic restrictions imposed by the content provider or your own government.

Camouflage allows for a truly open internet, providing access to news and information that oppressive governments try to hide from their citizens. It also allows you to watch new episodes of your favorite TV show, which may not be available in your country.

IPVanish encrypts the Connection it provides, thus protecting the information you send and receive over the internet. Hidden Connection also allows you to access torrent servers and other P2P file-sharing services without worrying that a watchdog might discover your actual location or ISP.

P2P File Sharing (Torrents)

IPVanish allows the use of P2P and BitTorrent connections on their network. The service warns users that they will experience slower speeds than with a non-VPN connection due to the traffic carried by the VPN, which can slow down the Connection.

IPVanish reserves the right to terminate the accounts of subscribers who infringe the copyrights of others. Users may not distribute or receive files protected by copyright or other proprietary rights or derivative works without obtaining permission from the owner or other holders of such rights.

The provider also cautions that users may not use IPVanish’s services, software, or systems to display or transmit illegal material, including material that would constitute a criminal offense, result in civil liability, or otherwise violate any local laws or regulations. National or international.

IPVanish website

IPVanish’s website is typical of the industry. The home page contains promotional illustrations and graphics, explaining the benefits that IPVanish VPN provides to users. However, the website is in English. The supplier did not bother to translate it into French, which is quite annoying for non-bilinguals.

The home page offers the usual subscription options and features for a VPN provider. Good surprise, a long list that covers the main features and protections of their VPN service. So we know what to expect. That’s a good point.

The website includes an informative “Why IPVanish” section that offers information on how a VPN works, how to stop geo-targeting, the benefits of using IPVanish for VoIP, how the service helps users bypass them. Obstacles raised by censorship and much more. If you don’t speak English well enough to understand the technical terms, it might be difficult.

Features of Ip Vanish

Ip Vanish comes with a bundle of features. Over time, the feature list of Ip Vanish has increased considerably, and there are more to come in the future. It won’t be wrong if I say that it is one of the fully-fledged VPNs that you can find at present. Let have an overview of the basic features of Ip Vanish.

Top-Tier VPN

IPVanish’s true top-tier VPN app allows it to provide its users with superlative connectivity and speed while maintaining the highest level of security. More than 850 servers in more than 60 countries provide that network of more than 40,000 IP addresses. Consequently, users can safely and anonymously carry out their online activities.

Interrupted Geo-Targeting

Ads slow down internet speeds. Online advertisers know this information because of geo-targeting, which allows them to target ads based on users’ IP addresses, internet service providers, and general location. Because of this, IPVanish uses protocols to prevent advertisers from doing this, allowing users to enjoy ad-free internet browsing every day.

Lower VOIP Rates

Companies and business individuals pay enormous fees to VoIP providers for long-distance communication, particularly international calls. By changing their locations, IPVanish users can save money on their bills.

Regional Content Access

Users can circumvent censorship using IPVanish. They can access their favorite content no matter where they are located and geoblocking and regional restrictions. The VPN app will allow users to open the internet no matter where they are on the globe or what device they’re using.

Multi-Platform Security

With IPVanish, you can protect Windows Phones, Ubuntu computers, Chromebooks, and routers, instead of just Windows, Mac, and Android computers. As a result, all devices and networks are protected to the highest degree.

Ip Vanish Pricing and Payment

IPVanish is available on a monthly or annual basis. With a one-year subscription, you can save $2.40 per month ($28.80 total) for the first year and $7.50 per month ($89.99 total) after that. At $3.19 per month, monthly plans are a great buy, but they only last for one month, after which the price rises to $9.99 per month. While IPVanish frequently changes its prices, it is worth noting that we will update the pricing section of this review as soon as we know. Before deciding on a plan, check the price yourself.

All IpVanish plans used to include 250 GB of free SugarSync storage, but that was changed to a paid extra. However, in the first year for $3.50 and the following years for $10, you’ll still get a staggering 500GB, which is worth almost $20 a month alone. This is still a worthwhile purchase if you will use it.

However, IPVanish does not offer a free trial, and its money-back guarantee is only available to subscribers of yearly plans. Plans billed on a monthly basis are not included. IPVanish accepts payments via credit card and PayPal, but Bitcoin isn’t supported.

Speed: How Fast Is Ip Vanish?

In order to perform my performance tests, I used,, and other benchmarking services in a US location with 1Gbps internet access.

I performed five tests in each site, using the default OpenVPN protocol and the IKEv2 protocol, and repeated the tests in the morning and evening. Then I analyzed my data and calculated the median scores.

Speeds reached 140-150Mbps with OpenVPN, while IKEv2 results were variable across the board at 40-190Mbps, a disappointment compared to the 210-230Mbps the previous test found.

Even so, neither IPVanish nor we were finished. Using a UK data center, I was able to achieve OpenVPN speeds of 290-380Mbps. It’s a decent score for a mid-range VPN, though VPNs with WireGuard or their own proprietary protocols could probably deliver much more than that (Surfshark, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN all beat 500Mbps.)

Using the same testing procedures to measure speeds from a UK location to Asia and Oceania, IPVanish delivered more good news in my tests on long-distance connectivity.

Because the traffic traveled halfway around the world, the results were somewhat variable. The average download speed for Australia was 55Mbps, while 57Mbps was recorded for Japan. 

On the whole, IPVanish seems to be capable of delivering decent speeds. As speeds can vary greatly depending on your location and server, so if you plan to sign up, make sure to test your favorite routes extensively before signing up.


  • Good speed
  • Downloads and torrents allowed
  • Very good security protocols
  • 10 simultaneous connections


  • The company under American jurisdiction
  • Slightly higher prices than the competition
  • It doesn’t unblock Netflix

Security and privacy

By opting for the use of a Virtual Private Network, we are looking first and foremost for security and anonymity. Surfing the internet has never been more dangerous than in 2021, and the trend does not appear to be reversing for years to come.

For this reason, we devote a full paragraph on security during our IPVanish review in 2021.

From a technical point of view, IPVanish offers the main VPN protocols, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP, using 256Bits encryption for the first two and 128Bits encryption for PPTP.

Regarding privacy and anonymity, IPVanish indicates that it does not keep logs about its service users; however, we advise you to be wary of this one because it is based in the United States as a reminder.

So you are not immune to seeing organizations like the NSA snooping around the provider’s servers. This is why the team advises you instead to opt for a provider like ExpressVPN, based in Hong Kong and immune to this type of problem.


Another important point for our IPVanish review: customer support. It is always necessary to ensure the quality of this one and the availabilities offered. Because in the event of a major problem, we do not want to find ourselves abandoned for several hours or days.

This is why we have tested all the services offered by the support of IPVanish. A team of enthusiasts provides it by email 24/7. Unfortunately, it will only be provided in English, which makes sense for a VPN based in the United States.

The IPVanish test leads us to regret the lack of online chat, as it greatly slows down the response time offered by the provider. We are far from the few seconds/minutes of response time from providers like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or NordVPN.


Product name:            IPVanish
Price:                            $ 3.75 / month
Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Fire TV operating systems
Mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Device:                          10 devices at a time
Server locations:              75 countries
Number of servers:               1,300+
Netflix streaming tested (United States)
Torrenting Yes, including the kill switch
OpenVPN 256-bit AES encryption over UDP / TCP, IKEv2 / IPsec, L2TP, PPTP
Logging No log, no transparency report, transmitted data in the past
Jurisdiction United States

Final verdict

Our final verdict is that IPVanish can work fine for you if you’re looking for fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and multiple device connections. But suppose you need a more comprehensive feature list and are concerned about their US-based jurisdiction’s history of logging (although IPVanish says they don’t currently connect). In that case, it may be worthwhile to consult other services first.

After this comprehensive test, our review of IpVanish VPN is very positive. This is a great option for users who need a quick setup, easy operation, and maybe a bit of getting started. Their apps are easy to set up, they connect with the click or two of a mouse, and the service offers responsive customer support.

Users looking for a solid, easy-to-use VPN option and who don’t mind paying a few dollars more for reliable and fast service should look at the IPVanish VPN site. 

Overall IPVanish Rating

Rated 2.6 out of 5
2.6 out of 5 stars (based on 390 reviews)
Very good24%

What Users Say About IPVanish

No Title

Rated 5 out of 5
August 18, 2021

All in All a VPN with a good speed and easy to handle client. Recommended.

Avatar for Tim McMurphy
Tim McMurphy

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Atlas VPN Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Great Newcomer VPN
  • Easy To Use Client
  • Great Selection Of Servers


  • No possibility to choose specific server

A VPN typically enables you to use a private network through a public network by means of a proxy IP address. You may get services accessible of the private network via the proxy IP address as if you are directly connected to the private network.

During this usage, your identity will entirely be unseen by the network. Your IP Address shall be hidden. In these days, various VPNs have been in use. Several VPNs are available, which demand to ensure you with services and features.

However, when you intend to utilize them, you find them not up to the mark. Nevertheless, if I talk about a specific one other than those it would be Atlas VPN. They are based in United States. The Peakstart Technologies Inc. company is responsible for their trademark license. Their Terms of Service are written in agreement with the laws of the state of Delaware.

When I reviewed their website, I saw it said that user’s privacy is their motto until I used their product. This is when I found out they have far better usability than others’ proposed insight.

Atlas VPN puts their best efforts in providing you with shield against surveillance, censorship, and geo-blocks. Not only they take care of your privacy but also, they sustain with your budget and tech-perception.

Review Video AtlasVPN

Streaming Test In Our AtlasVPN Review

We have tested AtlasVPN with many streaming services please take a look below which streaming service it works.

Does AtlasVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, AtlasVPN is a great service that works with Netflix. We have found this is one of very few that will actually allow 24/7 access to Netflix.

AtlasVPN has really fast speeds when it comes to working with Netflix. With other VPNs, you may find that there are network-wide blocks, but with ExpressVPN, this has never happened to us. And if you are traveling around the world, you can also have this VPN work with Netflix.

Features & Encryption Of AtlasVPN


Atlas VPN provides you with multiple IP Addresses when connected to the network. This makes you capable to boost your anonymity without making you swap through VPN networks. Point to be noted, Atlas VPN is the first one in the market to offer you this facility.

This VPN’s safeswap servers run a pool of several IP Addresses. Once you get connected to one, your outgoing traffic will be routed by multiple IP addresses switching through online sessions without any drop in connection. This way it makes it harder for others to spy on your online activity while using this VPN.

At the moment, the feature is available for Atlas VPN AndroidiOS, and Windows users. They offer three different SafeSwap server location options:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Los Angeles, United States

To connect to one of their SafeSwap servers, you have to follow these four simple steps:

Step 1. Login to the Atlas VPN account as a Premium user and then slide up the server menu to see the complete Atlas VPN server list

Step 2. Scroll down the server list until you find the SafeSwap server label.

Step 3. Select the SafeSwap server of your choice.

Step 4. This is it. Now your IP address will continue to route automatically while you’re connected to one of the SafeSwap servers and browsing.

Block Malware and Ads

When you are connected to Atlas VPN, your device gets protected against all sorts of Malwares, phishing viral sites and ads. Even though all other VPNs also facilitate this but with Atlas VPN it is guaranteed to have a safe online journey with a shielded connection.

24/7 support

24/7 Customer Support is available to you if you are an Atlas VPN user. They are enormously reliable to solve your problems any minute.


Atalas VPN has this Tracker Blocker feature that will protect you from all sorts of third-party tracker and phishing sites with full of suspicious ads. This prevents these trackers from following your online activity, thus enabling your safety and security across the online platform. With this Tracker Blocker, your all over web surfing experience also gets enhanced. Because Tracker Blocker increases page load time by blocking unnecessary ads from viewing in the web pages.

To enable Tracker Blocker on your device, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Login to the Atlas VPN account as a Premium user and then click the ‘Shield’ icon on the bottom menu bar of your Atlas VPN iOS or Android app

Step 2. Select ‘Tracker Blocker’.

Step 3. A popup will appear highlighting the main features of Tracker Blocker. To continue, click ‘Explore Tracker Blocker’.

Step 4. You will see all the trackers detected on your device on the top left corner. On the same page, you can also view the detailed list of trackers, their hostname and the exact time they were detected.

Step 5. Slide the toggle switch to the right of ‘Block Trackers’. You can disable this setting at any time.

Step 6. That’s all. All trackers you encounter while browsing the internet from now on will be blocked. Click ‘Done’ to continue.

Step 7. In the top right corner of the page, once enabled, you will see the total number of blocked trackers. On the same page, you can also view the detailed list of trackers, their hostname and the exact time they were blocked.

Step 8. You can sort the trackers by the most recently blocked or the most frequently blocked by switching between ‘Recent’ and ‘Most Common’ tabs.

Shielded Connection

Atlas VPN offers shielded connection throughout your entire online connection. This feature blocks any sort of unsafe data exchanges in between your online connection providing you with a shield. It also ensures data transfer with end-to-end encryption.

Advanced Leak Protection(IPv6)

Atlas VPN works for safety of both your IPV4 and IPV6 addresses by enabling IP Leak Protection. You might know, IP leak happens when you accidentally access default servers instead of VPN servers. But by Atlas VPN, this is not possible for its strong shielded connection protection over your IP Addresses.

Prevents Location Tracking

Atlas VPN enables secured browsing by preventing location tracking by third party entities. With Atlas VPN, it is guaranteed to surf safely through the web preventing others from knowing your locations.

Superior Web Traffic Encryption

Atlas VPN employs AES-256 for data encryption, crafts tunnels with IPSec/IKEv2, and adds SHA-384 and PFS ingredients to the mix. In other words, Atlas VPN ensures secured connection through end-to-end encrypted web traffic you are browsing through.

Network Kill Switch

Network Kill Switch is one of the most important features which activates network killing switch when the connection becomes unstable. This way, not only your connectivity gets a safety shield but also this prevents you from IP/DNS leaking.

Data Breach Scanner

Atlas VPN has this built-in tool named, Data Breach Scanner which ensures not leaking of personal details into any data breaches. Your privacy and security are the utmost concern for this product.

SafeBrowse Mode

This VPN has this safe browse mode which ensures safe surfing across the web. By protecting you from malicious contents and sites online and blocking ads you will enjoy a hassle-free experience with this VPN.

Usability & Installation of AtlasVPN

Atlas VPN affords unlimited device connections. This VPN also ensures connection in any device with safe and quality sessions. Through its features this VPN enables you to have seamless streaming tackling all types of interferences like buffering, lags, geo-blocks, censorships etc. This is available on all platforms including, Windows, Apple, IOS and Android.

This VPN also guarantees flawless P2P connection and file sharing experiences. No matter it is torrent you are downloading or other files, Atlas VPN ensures seamless P2P connection without any speed drops. Whenever you want to grab a deal or coupon online, turn on Atlas VPN and experience a smooth journey.

Besides having a faultless safe and sound connection this VPN servers also offer digital freedom against all odds. Here odds could be any sort of internet restricting and blocking of features on the web.

Atlas VPN offers 700+ servers across the world to be connected to this network of seamless security. And all these servers are offered to you avoiding any differential pricing regardless of your location. Once you click the ‘Connect’ button and that is all. Atlas VPN will connect you with the best located server for you with supersonic speed.

I have used this VPN and have found tremendous service along with zero connectivity drops. I have also utilized seamless file sharing service while using this VPN. In spite of having been to a distant location at my travel plan once what it offered was a flawless and speedy connection.

Contents available to you using this VPN are:

  • Streaming Platforms like, Netflix , Hulu, HBOmax etc.
  • Websites with smooth unblocked stuffs whether censored or not
  • Sports Events- Live Sports experience can come to your room directly via this VPN experience.
  • Games- Atlas VPN will allow you any game right on your lap from any blocked site regardless of your location.
  • Live Events- Live events, news etc. can be watched through the help of this VPN from any part of the globe.
  • Apps- Regardless of restrictions, this VPN helps you download and use apps across the web.

With end-to-end encryption, this VPN server polishes a secured tunnel for your connection and ensures a safe online experience. Otherwise, through Wi-Fi network with your original IP, interrupters might be watching your activities online anytime.

When you are paying sums of money for buying VPNs without guaranties I would recommend to pay and try this VPN with all the latest features and security. The experience you will gain using this VPN with all its features and security concepts like blocking ads, blocking malicious contents and phishing sites, and other interferences, will be like no other.

Moreover, I have also used other VPNs and security is not a guaranteed service offered by the other VPNs. Where with Atlas VPN, it makes you quite stress-free whether it is the matter of speed, or connection drops or secured surfing experience.

Pricing and Payment

There are overall three plans for using Atlas VPN- Monthly, Yearly and a 3-year plan.

  1. The monthly plan costs 9.99 USD per month with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. The yearly plan costs 29.88 USD per year with a 30-day money back guarantee. For monthly payments of 2.49 USD per month there is a 75% savings offer for this plan.
  3. The 3-year plan is charged 50.04 USD every 3 years with a 30-day money back guarantee. For monthly payments of 1.39 USD per month there is an 86% savings offer for this plan.

For using these plans, you have to provide your email address and select a payment method.

There are 3 payment methods for buying these plans.

  • Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Paypal

Whichever plan you subscribe yourself to, there is a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee along with all of its stunning features. All the plans include its features I have talked about above.


Is it midnight and you are alone at your location with your office work and you cannot access a blocked site?

Searching for help and there is no one to help you with the technical stuffs with vpn?

Is it an emergency?

There is a 24/7 support system waiting for you at this contact: [email protected].

Moreover, there is the Help Center on the website online with full of supporting resources to help you. Just go to and browse your suitable content. Browse through the contents and find whichever helps you.

Speedtest of AtlasVPN

Tired of connection drops while using VPNs?

Atlas VPN offers you a connection with full speed connectivity without any interruption. It polishes its tunnels when you get connected with this VPN only to ensure you have a balanced and speedy experience.

Not only speed, but also this VPN offers you a safe connection blocking interferences like, ads, malicious malwares, phishing sites which may occur to make your connection slow. Blocking these drops of connection this VPN will allow you a hazard-free experience online.

Verdict of AtlasVPN – All in All Solid Choice

Whether you haven been trying several VPNs by now or are a newbie, I would highly recommend you to at least try this Atlas VPN at once for a better experience. A smooth and speedy connection with a secured shielded experience you will have.

Nonetheless, as I have used this VPN and have had a satisfying experience. I assure you; you won’t deny the safe and sound experience. Do have a try.

If you need support as I have mentioned above. 24/7 support facility is there to assist you. Good Luck and Enjoy!

FAQ – AtlasVPN

Overall Atlas VPN Rating

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

What Users Say About Atlas VPN

Good VPN For A Fair Price

Rated 5 out of 5
August 25, 2021

Excellent VPN to bypass geo restrictions I can recommend it!

Avatar for Josh Sonnenbaum
Josh Sonnenbaum

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