Mailbox Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Strong encryption that protects your data


  • Expensive service

Mailbox is an email provider from Germany, a location that’s generally believed to be very private. is among the elite cluster of reserved email providers such as Posteo and Tutanota – which are also centered in Germany. In the past, Mailbox has received a recommendation from Stiftung Warentest, a highly respected German consumer watchdog.

Review Video – What Is ?

Mailbox is a well-rounded email provider that enables users to use most of its features while on the free plan; this allows consumers to feel of what it offers before purchasing a subscription. Although it seems a bit confusing when you start using it, the reality is that it’s easy to find and use the essential features with ease.

The easy “Guard” PGP server-side encryption feature makes it easy for non-techy consumers to use the encrypted emails from Mailbox. Mailbox has in-built storage, spreadsheets, an address book, and a webchat feature; it almost matches the functionality you enjoy with Google.

Features of Mailbox

  1. Privacy

Mailbox consumers are quickly reminded that they don’t need to use their real names when signing up.  This is in line with Mailbox’s privacy policy, which allows users to open their accounts anonymously if that’s what they want. Mailbox’s privacy policy is GPDR compliant, meaning that users’ data is only held or processed with consent or on a legal basis.

  • Outlook Web App

Mailbox’s Outlook Web App disables or enables access to the Exchange servers. Additionally, the administrator specifies that the Mailbox account must use a defined Outlook Web App policy if it has already been created. The default access for all Mailbox consumers is OWA.

  • Exchange ActiveSync

The Exchange ActiveSync feature can be disabled or enabled for a specific mailbox. Upon enabling it, you can use an Exchange Active Sync email policy for your mailbox. This feature is enabled for all consumer mailboxes.

  • Unified Messaging

You can disable or enable the Unified Messaging feature. The Unified Messaging feature allows you to send several emails at a go.

  • Security

All communication with Mailbox’s servers is facilitated with tough TLS/SSL encryption for security purposes. Mailbox also uses DHE(EC) algorithms for PFE (Perfect Forward Secrecy), preventing any future decryptions of recorded information traffic.

Mailbox secures its domain with TLSA/DA and DNSSEC technology; this prevents third parties from manipulating data.  Additionally, Mailbox uses X-XSS. MTA-STS, CSP, CAA, and HSTS to prevent MitM (man-in-the-middle) attacks, making it very secure.

Where encryption is concerned, Mailbox allows consumers to use secure emails with either server-side PGP or browser-based PGP for easier use. You will need to download the Mailvelope plugin if you need stronger end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

You can perform a TLS check prior to sending your emails; this enables you to check the recipient’s server encryption standard and transit security. Additionally, Mailbox offers PGP encryption for your received messages, including unencrypted emails.

  • Ease of Use

Opening a Mailbox email account is easy, straightforward, and it doesn’t require you to use your real names for registration. You only need to fill in the Mailbox’s registration form and the Google Captcha, and you are good to go. You can fill in your phone number as a password recovery option though it’s not mandatory. 

Upon successful registration, you are asked to participate in a guided tour; the tutorial helps new users find out about the available features and their location. The guided tour is a good starting point for non-techy consumers. You can access the guided tutorial by clicking on the bubble at the top right in the services option.

  • Contacts Import

You can import contacts from other emails by creating a public address book, clicking on the hamburger menu and selecting the import option. You can use the CSV or vCard format to import contacts. With your imported contacts, you can start receiving and sending emails usually; if you want to import your messages from other emails, you can do so manually by opening the two accounts in one 3rd party email client like Thunderbird or use the IMAP migration.

Additionally, there’s Audriga, a competent migration service that costs €3. Audriga is used to import tasks, contacts, calendars, and emails from your previous email providers.

  • PGP encryption

As soon you have activated Mailvelope, you‘ll be in a position to use Mailbox’s PGP key to decrypt and encrypt emails from Mailbox’s service.

  • Customer Support

You can contact Mailbox’s customer support via the website. You click on Support, followed by the “Technical Support “option. Enter your address and password, followed by filling the form with your concerns and questions.

A ticket-based system handles all your requests, and the replies will be sent to your inbox. Customer support is available even for consumers using the free version. Technically, you will receive answers within 5 minutes of sending your request.

  1. MAPI

Mailbox’s MAPI setting allows you to decide whether you will access emails from a MAPI-enabled email service provider. You can disable or enable MAPI access. MAPI access for Mailbox emails is enabled by default for all users.

  1. POP3

The POP3 setting allows you to decide if you can access your inbox with POP3. POP3 retrieves emails from remote servers. You can deactivate or activate the POP3 setting since it is set as default for all consumers.

  1. IMAP4

Mailbox’s IMAP4 setting allows you to decide if you can access your emails via the Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4 Rev1 (IMAP4). This app enables local clients to access emails on remote servers. You can disable or enable the IMAP4 setting since it’s been set as default for all users.

  1. Archive Option

You can move emails automatically from your primary inbox to Mailbox’s Archive via the configured policy.

Calendar Settings

Mailbox has unique calendar settings that allow you to change the manner that the Calendar Attendant handles the automated processing of calendar items. The following Calendar settings options are available:

  1. Calendar Attendant

Mailbox’s Calendar Attendant is enabled for all users. You can disable or enable the Calendar Attendant, allowing you to dictate if the remaining features on your tab are available. If you disable the Calendar Attendant, you won’t access any of the following features:

  1. Remove the Meeting Forward Alerts to the Deleted Items

This setting is disabled for all users. When you enable this option, it takes meeting forward alerts and removes them upon processing by the Calendar Attendant.

  • Eliminate old meeting responses and requests

This feature is enabled for all users, allowing the Calendar Attendant to eliminate redundant and old responses and updates.

  • Mark Your New Meeting Requests as Tentative

This setting is enabled for all users. It enables you to the newest meeting requests as tentative in your calendar. If you don’t select this option, all pending meeting requests are marked as free. 

  • Process meeting responses and requests

This setting is disabled for all users. The Calendar Attendant processes your meeting requests that don’t originate from the Exchange Server Organization if you enable it.

Cons/What We Liked/ Ideal For

  1. Guides & Blogs

Mailbox’s website has some guides and blogs that carry helpful insights for consumers. Using the information from the guides, blogs, and customer support, you will find it easy to maneuver your new Mailbox email.

  • “Guard”

Mailbox comes with the “Guard” feature, a PGP solution that enables Mailbox’s servers to store your keys on your behalf securely. If you don’t trust “Guard,” you can use the Mailvelope plugin feature. However, you must install the extension in their Firefox or Chrome browsers. Next, you go to the settings in the top navigation, followed by PGP in the Webmailer. You can select Mailvelope.

Pricing & Plans of Mailbox

Potential Mailbox consumers can use the free trial version for 30 days. After 30 days, you must pay €2.50 per month to get the 25 addresses and 5GB of email storage or €1 per month to get three addresses and 2GB of email storage.

Consumers with specific requirements can modify the Mailbox subscription plan; this allows them to access more addresses and storage they require.

Verdict of Mailbox

Mailbox is one of the leading email service providers globally. It’s an ideal choice for consumers who highly value privacy. It comes with many features, and the good thing about it is that it’s easy to register and use, even for non-techy consumers.

Mailbox is a feature-rich budget-friendly email that comes with more features than many of its competitors. For example, ProtonMail email has fewer features than Mailbox but costs around three times more than the Mailbox email. Mailbox is unique, affordable, and secure, making it among the most common email service providers globally.

Overall Mailbox Rating

Rated 2.5 out of 5
2.5 out of 5 stars (based on 246 reviews)
Very good25%

What Users Say About Mailbox

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Zoho Mail Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Strong encryption keep your data safe
  • Fair priced


  • Only 200+ Server

Zoho Mail is a reliable, trusted, and secure integrated email solution for your business’s communication needs. It features Bookmarks, Notes, Contacts, Tasks, and a Calendar, making your organization’s communication easy. It also has an extensive collection of solutions and apps. Zoho is more than an inbox!

Review Video Zoho Mail – What Is Zoho Mail?

Enjoy quick migration from other email providers and easy implementation. It’s ideal for organizations looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable and easily configurable mail program. 

Features of Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail comes with several features, some of which were introduced in August 2021. These features ensure that you enjoy flawless communication with your employees. These features include:

  1. Domains

Zoho Mail allows you to create domain-based emails for your workers and create email groups for various departments in simple steps. Features such as domain and email aliases enable you to manage custom domains easily.

  • Hassle-free Migration

Transferring emails from your former email service provider is simple with Zoho Mail’s migration tool. You can transfer your emails via Outlook Exchange or IMAP/POP server smoothly to your Zoho Mail.

  • Privacy Assurance

Zoho Mail‘s servers enable you to access data, and at the same time, keeps it secure. Zoho Mail encrypts information fully and never sells or discloses it to advertisers, emphasizing the respect it has for your data. Zoho Mail has superior security like TLS, S/MIME, EAR, AND 2FA, and GDPR compliance, adding protective layers to all your data.

  • 24-hour Customer Support

Zoho Mail has a technical support team available 24 hours a day; the team will assist you, whether over the phone or via email. Contact Zoho Mail at [email protected]!

  • Communication and Organization Features

Zoho Mail allows you to track your daily work using a robust calendar, bookmarks, notes, and tasks. Use these features to communicate with your workers and run things smoothly.

  • Zoho Apps

Zoho Mail apps like Docs, Projects, Creator, and CRM enable you to perform several actions from your inbox.

  • Team Up

Hang out and collaborate with your better. Zoho Mail allows you to share notes, create events, assign tasks, or make announcements with your workers. Your teammates can share, comment, or like in a social-media style via Streams.

  • Share

You can share your drafts to have them reviewed before sending them. You share your drafts to converse without confusing replies and forwards. You can also send several emails at once or share folders for discussion.

  • Explore

The explore feature in Zoho Mail allows you to organize your attachments in one spot, by type, which means no more looking for files. You can resend, upload to the cloud, share, or preview your attachments. This feature allows you to explore and do more with your attachments.

  1. Clean-up Features

Set up rules or filters to organize your emails; this feature ensures that your incoming emails are directed where they need to be, which keeps your inbox clean.

  1. Out of Office

You can set the Out of Office alert to let your contacts know you’re not available and that you’ll get back to them.

  1. Advanced Search

Zoho Mail has the Advanced Search feature that enables you to search for anything in your inbox.

  1. Authoritative Control Panel

Use the Zoho Mail control panel to create and manage your business’s mail accounts. The Control Panel is a cloud command center that gives you access to all devices, be it the Zoho Mail Admin app, Apple devices, web, Android devices, or desktop.

  1. User Management

Admins and Super Admins can view every user’s access, remove, or add users, reset email accounts passwords, and create email aliases.

  1. Group Management

You can create Zoho Mail accounts for different teams and assign users as members or moderators.

  1. Email Policies

You monitor everything via audit logs, control your organization’s sending and receiving email parameters, and customize GDPR-compliant Zoho Mail policies.

  1. Two-factor authentication

This feature lets you guard your organization’s data and ensure that all users have secure access to their Zoho Mail accounts.

  1. Streams

Zoho Mail has extensive integrations not just with apps but with other renowned platforms like Zapier; this enables you to connect your email with over 750 3rd party apps and come up with personalized workflows.

  1. Reminder Options for Streams

Zoho Mail has two reminder options for bookmarks, events, notes, and messages, allowing you to set reminders for yourself or other users.

  • Editable Stream Content

If you have made an error in your Streams comments or posts, you only need to click on the Editoption in the Action menuto fix it quickly.

  • Zoho Sheet

You don’t have to download your XLSX/XLS files to use them anymore! You can view, share, and edit your excel attachments by copying them to Zoho Mail’s Zoho Sheet directly from the mailbox.

  • EML Viewer Mails Compose Options

Zoho Mail comes with Forwarding, Reply All, and Reply options. You can forward a single email to all users, making it very convenient.

  •  Keyboard Shortcuts for Snooze and Scrub

After choosing an email, you can use the keyboard shortcut b + w to snooze and scrub your emails.

  • Deliver & Deny Emails Options

The Deliver and Deny is a new Zoho Mail option that allows you to perform different operations concurrently.

  • Export Tab

Zoho Mail’s Export Tab feature accommodates all your emails that need to be exported, and you can download them at any time.

  • System-Level Spam Rejection

This feature provides an additional security layer by discarding unwanted Zoho Mails before they reach your inbox.

  • Email Snooze

This feature enables you to store the not-so-important emails in the Snoozed folder. You can spot the crucial emails easily, saving you time and making it very convenient.

  • Block/Unblock Option

Zoho Mail’s block/unblock feature enables you to block or unblock users directly from the emails you receive from them.

  • HubSpot BCC email address

Zoho Mail’s HubSpot BCC email address feature allows you to send emails from the HubSpot extension. You can add the BCC mail address and attach your emails to matching HubSpot contacts.

  • Unified Calendar

The unified Calendar makes your scheduling intuitive and more manageable; it unifies all your events in a single place, enabling you to manage them efficiently.

  • DRE Connectors

Are you looking forward to improving or accessing the data of Zoho Mail or 3rd party services?  Use the DRE connectors feature and integrate your email with any application that you prefer.

  • Access CRM Templates

Integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Mail has been made easier. With a single click, you can flawless insert the Zoho CRM templates from the compose window.

  • Easy Navigation

You can easily navigate Zoho Mail and access the most-used applications by pinning three extensions at the right-hand side pane. You don’t need to go to the e-widget section to achieve the same results.

  • Empty Sent

Are you looking to empty your Sent folder in your Zoho email? With a single click of the Empty Sent button, you will delete all your sent messages.

  • All Archived View

This is a new Zoho Mail feature that enables you to view all archived emails from any of existing folders.

  • ZeptoMail

Zoho Mail’s ZeptoMail is designed to enable you to send transactional emails from your application or application without any hitches. With Email API and SMTP setup options, it has never been easier!

Pros/ What We Liked/ Ideal For

  1. Mail Merge

The Zoho Mail Merge feature enables you to send personalized emails to many people at a go! It could be payroll alerts, interview calls, or holiday wishes; you only need to add your template and the file source and send your personalized email at a go!

  • Zoho Show

Zoho Mail’s Zoho Show feature allows you to use your PowerPoint attachments flawlessly. You don’t have to download PPTX/PPT attachments to use them. The Zoho Show feature enables you to open, edit, and share presentation-based attachments directly from your emails.

  • Signatures

Zoho Mail lets you add email signatures with your company’s links to websites and logos, making them look professional.

  • User Profile Selection

The user profile selection feature enables you to check in and check out, change the availability status, and monitor the office timings from your profile; this is a critical aspect since it allows you to work remotely.

Pricing & Plans of Zoho Mail

Verdict of Zoho Mail

Having been a commercial email provider for over a decade, Zoho Mail is prepared to solve any challenges relating to enterprise privacy and protection.

Zoho Mail ensures that you manage complex workflows, large data volumes, and user accounts easily. Zoho Hub is undoubtedly one of the best email options for business owners.

Overall Zoho Mail Rating

Rated 2.7 out of 5
2.7 out of 5 stars (based on 18 reviews)
Very good17%

What Users Say About Zoho Mail

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Rated 2 out of 5
February 8, 2023

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Namecheap Email Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Fair price
  • Easy to use interface


  • Not a email specialized provider

The market is flooded with messaging apps and websites, but why are people still using email services? It is pretty clear to everybody that mail is not providing the features like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are giving. Along with that, our mailboxes are filled with promotional and social emails.

Review Video Private Email – What Is Private Email?

The reason is straightforward. Emails are more trustworthy and professional– Practically, they can perform well. Do you ever pay for an email service? If famous brands like Yahoo and Google are providing the same for free, then why should we choose a paid email service?

Your information is the price you pay. Yes, In the free emails services, they are getting space in your privacy. In such cases, Private Email provides you with safer encrypted email services. Your information will be secure for a small number of charges.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the details of the services Private Email.

Features of Private Email

  1. Cloud Storage- Encryption

Solid paranoid encrypt allows the user to store their files safely in massive storage. The key will be available locally, so it will also remain unassailable to third-party invasion.

The storage files are under such protection that the server itself has no way to permit your unencrypted data.

  • Protection form- MITM attack

The tremendous encryption prevents you from MITM attacks. The encryption does not permit any third-party invasion.

The files are stored under a military-grade AES-256 cipher, which will add immense strength to the security of your data. This security is the top concern here.  

  • Filter

It is an essential setup if your inbox is filled with tons of emails. You can screen out the necessary details. You can filter the exact matches, don’t contain anything and everything a message has.

You can manage the mails to any folder and even to the delete bins. Controlling mail data becomes more manageable because of this feature.

  • Business set up

Business needs are more than individual mail security. The business stands, database, and multi-task load can be easily regulated here.

Groupware systems to execute better collaboration deals. The inbox can be customized accordingly– folders, labels, and branding according to your company as well as your domain name.

With a single admin account, you can handle every necessary change and manipulation.

  • Calendar

For professional maintenance, a calendar is a vital feature to mark your updates. Private Email has a full-fledged calendar to update your appointments and task remarks.

  • Email Alias

This is very crucial when you prefer mailing, and you don’t want unwanted mail in return.  As your mail address is public, the chances of getting unwanted mail are severe.

To avoid that, the company introduced an Email Alias, which allows you to end the email alias to prevent from getting return mails.

  • Theme

Private Email is providing a theme-changing option. There are 5 themes you can choose according to it, concerning your needs. 

To provide an outlook according to the system and atmosphere of your need. It will completely change your experience.

Pricing & Plans of Private Email

The Private Email provides multiple plans, which give the user a wide range of choices. It varies with the needs and facilities it offers.

As per the report, the standard plan is the most popular choice. It is mainly recommended by individual users and small-scale businesses. The company delivers all the specialties at specific prices by keeping everything transparent.

PlansEmailCloud StoragePrice (per month)
Business Pro100GB100GB$64.95

Most things remain the same. The significance can be seen in the storage. Apart from this, the free plan has only access to the webmail.

The standard plan offers you access to the web as well as on Android, iOS. The support system will also work actively in the common area.

In the pro plan, they offer specific numerical email aliases with double the storage capacity as compared to the standard plan. Apart from this, the quality of the pro plan and the standard one has fewer differences.

Everything remaining is added in the Pro Business plan; it has a lot of access, customization facilities, and storage. Along with it, you will get the support of custom logos and custom domains.

Private Email – Support

Like other support teams, Private Email has a FAQs section for easy access to the users for their rising queries.

It mostly asks questions a new user can have while using it. According to reviews, most of the questions are answered in the FAQs section.

A knowledge base is also a supporter for Private Email users. You can contact the team through email if you can query regarding the uses and support. If you have a pro-business plan, the support system has a chance of improved quality.

The drawback in the support area is that they don’t have live chat support or call executives. You need to rely upon their mail reply. Along with that, the company has not mentioned any turnaround time for a guaranteed reply back.

Verdict of Private Email

In search of secure email services, we have plenty of options around. But choosing the right and trustworthy plan is more complicated. The best part of Private Email , it is a service provided by TorGuard VPN; they are famous for their security services.

Money is a matter of security and safety. For paying better, you will get better. Private Email is never a wrong choice for a secure mailing service with features and specialties. You can try their services within their money-back period.

If you think they can meet your expectations, then you can be with the service provider. If you find things are going wrong, you can demand money back within 7 days of use. These facilities make it more trustworthy and a matter to think about.

Competition Of Private Email

Most customers prefer Private Email for security purposes. If we do not consider privacy and security, Google and Yahoo are providing everything free of cost.

Again in the case of privacy and security, Private Email has many competitors. ProtonMail is also a popular and secure email service provider. It has a bigger storage capacity under similar plans as compared to Private Email.

The pricing is relatively less in ProtonMail. The company is providing premium plans for $5 too. For price and storage concerns, Zoho mail has plans starting with even $1.

With some exclusive news features, they provide email delete recovery, third-party manipulation notice, and many alert systems at less and reasonable prices.

Private Email FAQ

What is the best subscription plan for Private Email ?

The standard plan is the most recommended. At a low price of $8.95, you will get 10GB of email and cloud storage each. Along with 5 email aliases, you will get contact and calendar synchronization support.

Does Private Email accept anonymous payments?

Yes, Private Email received anonymous payments through cryptocurrencies. They provide complete anonymity in mailing and all of their services.

Does Private Email rovide free services?

Yes, Private Email has free plans on their list. You can have free email and cloud storage support up to 100MB. You could access the webmail freely; for mobile application access, you need to have a premium plan subscription.

Can Private Email have access to my information and files?

No, the user has all the powers. The files and information are stored with encryption, and the users can only access them as the keys are stored locally. The security is under high concern to protect the data and files.

Does Private Email refund the money in case of dissatisfaction with the services?

Yes, they have a complete money-back guarantee. If you have any dissatisfaction with their services, they will return your full money without asking a single question regarding the issues. They are ensuring complete customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Overall Private Email Rating

Rated 2.5 out of 5
2.5 out of 5 stars (based on 40 reviews)
Very good30%

What Users Say About Private Email

No Title

Rated 3 out of 5
November 13, 2022

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Requirements include your company being established for at least a year and with current gross revenue of at least 180K. Eligibility and funding can be completed in as fast as 48hrs. Terms are personalized for each business so I suggest applying to find out exactly how much you can get on various terms.

This is a completely free service from a qualified funder and the approval will be based on the annual revenue of your business. These funds are completely Non-Restrictive, allowing you to spend the full amount in any way you require including business debt consolidation, hiring, marketing, or Absolutely Any Other expense.

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Proton Mail Review 2022 – Buyer’s Guide


  • Strong encryption that protects your data
  • Excellent Spam Protection
  • Old mail provider with good history


  • Not the cheapest solution

Are you using a free webmail account like Gmail? Are you wondering why to switch to a premium webmail account like ProtonMail? Well, we have a reason for you.

With a free webmail account like Gmail, you escape the costs of a premium account. However, you authorize your service provider with the power to dig into your emails. This invasion of your privacy is what a premium webmail account saves you from.

With complete protection to privacy, these premium webmail accounts also help block and remove unnecessary ads due to your recent activity. Well, that’s what ProtonMail is for.

Review Video ProtonMail – What Is ProtonMail?

ProtonMail, a webmail account service, offers you end-to-end encrypted mails with zero access encryption. Besides, it also comes with a file storage system and calendar. So, without delay, let’s get started.

Being the world’s largest email service with total security and privacy, it is committed to increasing its privacy features. Well, you may consider it as a better version of Gmail,, etc.

Now, let’s look into the features of ProtonMail.

Features of ProtonMail

While we have discussed a hell lot about ProtonMail, it’s high time to look over its benefits. So, along with privacy and security, the benefits includes:

1. End-to-end Encryption: With an end-to-end encryption feature crawling into your email service, no one except you and your recipient can read or dig into your mail. Not even the developers can do this.

Well, that’s what it offers its users. You might be wondering that this end-to-end encryption is only for emails exchanged between ProtonMail users. But, ProtonMail also provides these services to a user who wishes to send a mail to a non-ProtonMail user.

A link is sent to your non-ProtonMail recipient, directing him to an encrypted message on his browser. The mail will be decrypted when you share your passphrase with your recipient. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

2. PGP Support: It comes along with a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption software. Once a user enables this option, all the messages of the user get encrypted.

The user is provided with public & private keys. While sending an email, the user would exchange a public key along with his recipient. The recipient decrypts the mail only when he supports the public key with his private key, adding another layer of privacy.

3. Customized Labels: Along with the folder options available for group emails, it also includes labels that you can add to any specific email. You don’t need to fear its interference with your original folder categorization. Even deletion of the label won’t affect the emails in the folders.

4. Quick Filters & Keyboard Shortcuts: The traditional email services have zero-knowledge encryption of mails. As a result, the index or search of any email content seems impossible.

However, ProtonMail comes to the limelight with its fantastic search capabilities, where you also have the option of saving keywords.  These great filter options & saved keyboard shortcuts help you search any email with other details about them.

5. Two-factor Authentication: Adding an extra layer to its privacy features, it pops up with its two-factor authentication. Now, no hacker or anyone can crack your passwords until they have access to your phone. Once you get an authenticator app on your phone, your account is completely secured.

6. Shortened Domain Addresses: With ProtonMail, you can shorten your mail addresses from [email protected] to [email protected] In addition to that, you don’t need to limit your number of lessons from a single account.

7. Easier Migration of information: It comes along with a proprietary app by which you can transfer all data, even from other email inboxes, to a new place. So, if you are a busy businessman, this feature might lure you into getting ProtonMail.

8. Anonymous & Self Destructing Messaging: With no records of any personal data during the initial step of setting up, it allows you to send anonymous emails to anyone. An add-on to this feature is that it also doesn’t track your IP address which ensures zero chances of invasion of your privacy.

Like Snapchat, it has the feature of self-destructible messages where a message is removed from the recipient’s box after a fixed time. These features are alluring and protective.

9. Multiple Themes & Layouts: With six different themes for both dark & classic theme lovers, it has become more attractive. Besides additional enhancements in themes, the user also can customize layouts of icons, composers, and others.

10. ProtonVPN: While registering for ProtonMail, you also get access to its free VPN service, which protects your privacy even while browsing the Internet. Isn’t that amazing and alluring?

Pricing & Plans of Proton Mail

Storing your mails and information under the guidance of such high privacy mail services will surely cost high. If you are thinking this, you are wrong. ProtonMail comes along with a free version apart from its pricing plans.

However, there are some limitations to the free version. Let’s look closer into its pricing plans and choose the best one suited for you.

The various pricing plans are as follows:

1. ProtonMail Free

2. ProtonMail Plus

3. ProtonMail Professional

4. ProtonMail Visionary

Let’s discuss each of these plans along with the features offered by them.

ProtonMail – Free

The features offered by it in its free version are:

1. 1 user, one address: This free plan is most suitable for personal uses. That’s because only one user can acquire an email address to suit his daily needs. Besides, the user enjoys the privilege of categorizing his files only in 3 folders.

2. Storage of 500 MB: It might not sound great. But yes, it’s enough if you clear your mailbox daily. In cases of transfer of high-resolution data, you may need to remove your mail repeatedly.  It has a fantastic feature where the storage is constantly shown to the user. Hence, you can quickly know when you need to delete and clear your mail.

3. 150 mails per day: For personal uses, isn’t this space enough? It must be enough for most people. However, in case you need more privileges, you will need to upgrade your plans.

However, there is a disadvantage to using this version. That’s the limited customer support. Although you will have many FAQs to solve your fundamental problems, the customer service in the free version is not much appreciable.

ProtonMail – Plus

At a reasonable price of $4/month, the  Plus plan offers you a lot of services. You get handed over five email aliases. With 5GB storage and 1000 emails per day, the numbers skyrocket drastically.

You also have the option of sending encrypted emails to non- ProtonMail users. With priority & dedicated customer support, you also enjoy the benefits of having 200 folders for your files.

ProtonMail – Professional

Want to enhance the email security of your business? The Professional plan is only for you at the rate of $75/ year. With storage of 5GB, five addresses for about 5000 users, the user gets the benefits of sending unlimited messages in a day.

Adding on to the features, you also get two customized domain names, autoresponders, and excellent multi-user support. With this plan, you have no minimum count of folders that you can use for your mails. Besides these, the customer service and priority for this plan are pretty better.

ProtonMail – Visionary

With a luring storage offering of 20GB, unlimited folders & messages, ten custom domains & ProtonVPN, here’s what the ProtonMail Visionary plan surprises you with.

Apart from this, you also get autoresponders, multi-user support, and catch-all email for six users and 50 addresses. All of these features come at the price of $288/year.

Verdict of Proton Mail

ProtonMail comes along with unique features at reasonable prices. Now, let’s peep into the advantages of using it over other webmail services. The benefits of using ProtonMail are:

1. Your data & mails belong solely to you. Hence, only you can read them.

2. With zero-access encryption, ProtonMail offers improved security in cases of breaches of privacy and data.

3. With VPN services and anonymity, the issues of hacks from attackers are fewer now.

4. Being protected by Swiss and European privacy laws, the cases and privacy features are addressed more stringently.

5. Along with its data security & neutrality features, ProtonMail is user-friendly and easy to use.

Disadvantages of using ProtonMail

Along with its numerous advantages, ProtonMail also comes along with some disadvantages or drawbacks. These are:

1. It uses a phone number for the verification process.

2. The subject lines in emails are not encrypted.


ProtonMail is a great secure webmail assistant. Although it has two drawbacks, it’s seriously not a deal-breaker. With its database based in Switzerland, you seriously don’t need to bother about privacy and privacy checks.

Rest assured! You and your data are in the safe hands of ProtonMail. But before you get ProtonMail for yourself and your business, look into the pricing and features offered by each pricing. It will help you choose your plan better.

FAQ ProtonMail

Is using ProtonMail safe?

Yes, ProtonMail is safe for users as its database is based in Switzerland.

What’s the price of ProtonMail Plus?

The price of ProtonMail Plus is $48/year.

ProtonMail or Gmail: Which is safer?

Undoubtedly, ProtonMail is safer because of its end-to-end encryption.

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