Best Google Alternatives That Keep Your Privacy

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In this blog post I will show you the best alternatives to Google products (Google search, Gmail, Chrome Browser and Google Drive ).

Google is unquestionably being the best search engine out there makes use of powerful and intelligent searching method to let the users get the best out of a search engine with a personalized experience. This sounds good until a user start to live in a comfort zone. When a user starts seeing everything that ‘suits a user’s taste’, he get detached from the reality. Too much of anything is not good and too much personalization is harmful as well. This is why one should get out of this zone and see the world as it is.

A user knows that Google sure as hell tracks a lot of information about their connection, the system when he performs a search and takes an action within the search engine or use its other services such as Gmail.

Top 5 Google Search Alternatives

So, if Google keeps on tracking a user, the simple answer would be to stop using Google for searching the web. But what would a user use in place of Google? Microsoft’s Bing is not a right option either. So, to address the natives concerned about their privacy while using a search engine, here is a list of privacy oriented alternative search engines to Google.

The best of some privacy oriented alternative search engines to Google are:

Searx is a very privacy friendly and resourceful search engine.


This is a great privacy friendly Google alternative that doesn’t utilize tracking or targeted ads. They also have a zero-sharing policy with other features.


StartPage is basically Google, but without the tracking.

Top 5 Gmail Alternatives

Gmail is one of the worst products a user can use if he is concerned about privacy. Every email, attachment, and image becomes legal property of Google.

A user’s private data is used by Google to dominate the online advertising market and hit him with targeted ads. Staying logged in to a Gmail account further enables Google to track your browsing and activity.

Here are a few Gmail alternatives:

Open Mailbox

Visit Open Mailbox

Visit Mailbox

Mail Fence

Visit Mail Fence

Proton mail

Visit Proton Mail

Top 5 Chrome Alternatives

Google Chrome is a popular browser, but it is recording and tracking everything a user do. So check out these alternatives instead:

Firefox Browser

This is a free, open-source internet browser that is quite popular. A user can also use a variety of privacy add-ons that can block ads and tracking but beware of browser fingerprinting.

Download Firefox Browser

Tor browser

This is simply a tough, privacy-friendly version of Firefox. A user won’t need any add-ons or extensions because it is already configured for maximum privacy and security. This also does a great job for protecting a user against browser fingerprinting.

Download Tor Browser

Top 5 Google Drive Alternatives

If you are looking for a secure cloud storage option, then check out these Google drive alternatives. They are more secure and better for protecting a user’s privacy and data.


Team Drive is a business oriented cloud backup and file synchronization option based in Germany.

Visit Team Drive


Tresorit is a user-friendly cloud storage option based in Switzerland. They offer client-side encryption, but also utilize Microsoft Windows servers, which is one drawback.

Visit Tresoreit

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is an online management software solution that allows a user to edit and share documents with others.

Visit Zoho Docs

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