About Us

What We Do

Welcome to VPNpioneer! We unravel the myriad of virtual private networks to connect you to your perfect VPN. We do this by using the wealth of expertise at our disposal to help you make a quick decision, confidently. What more could you ask for?

Our Story

We don’t call ourselves pioneers for nothing. With so many VPN providers on the market, each making bold claims about speed and reliability, we saw a window of opportunity. What if we could help buyers make a decision, easily and confidentially? What if we could pool our resources and give a basis for comparison? Wouldn’t that be great?

So that’s what we did! Five of us came together to launch VPNpioneer, and the result is what you see before you. We offer honest reviews from certified authors, a library of providers that categorize the cheapest to the fastest, a blog we update monthly, and we’ve even pitted VPN against VPN – like an online robot war, but with less battle-rage and fire…

We’ve done the ground-work so you don’t have to, so take a look around and meet your perfect VPN!

Meet the Team

We didn’t find our team of experts; they found us. That’s how good they are. After undergoing a strict screening process, where they convinced us they knew their stuff, we were proud to welcome them to the VPNpioneer team. There’s not much they don’t know, and if they don’t know it, they’ll make it their goal to learn it, so without further ado, say hello to:

Matt Simon

Chief Tester

Matt is the head honcho, the man in charge, the chief tester of VPNpioneer. He’s the guy that made it all happen. After graduating from University Matt decided to pursue a career in IT administration, before realizing his passion of online security.

Legend has it that when lightning struck around 11:00pm on a dreary summer’s evening, his favorite show on Netflix timed out, never to return…

He vowed to never let such a fate befall him again.

After locking himself away to conduct weeks of research and testing, he finally emerged, victorious, having come up with an idea for a website that made choosing the perfect VPN as easy as picking out a pair of socks.

The result is what you see before you. Nowadays, he spends his time working hard to make sure consumers have a place to go to brush up on the most up-to-date tech topics.

Doug Taylor

Chief Editor

Second in command, although he’d say joint-first, Doug is the man who makes sure the content on VPNpioneer is engaging and readable.

He has a fondness for technical writing and online publishing, which he talks about endlessly if you let him, and he’ll often be found in a well-lit corner of whatever building he’s occupying, brushing up on topics such as notation and journalism.

When he isn’t reading or writing, he’ll probably be telling other people what to read and how to write, and we’ve long accepted this is just a part of who he is.

Jake O’Sullivan


Jake comes from a mystical place of good intentions and hawk-eyed detail. He makes Doug’s life easier and less fraught by being on the frontline of grammatical errors. They say he trained with monks in the farthest reaches of the Northern hemisphere, learning their ways and mastering their art, before returning home and sharing his newfound wisdom amongst his peers.

Shrouded in mystery, it is widely believed that’s why Jake has a keen interest in online privacy and tech writing, alongside landscape artistry and Gregorian chanting…

Benjamin Hargreaves


Gaining a bachelor’s degree in software engineering during a time of great progress, Ben is a technical writing genius. His hero is Snowden, who he believes embodies the qualities of a true internet champion, and his favorite thing to do outside of working for VPNpioneer is coding and decoding the mysteries of the universe. When seen in the wild (aka: away from his desk), it is usually in sacred places such as the museum, the observatory or a random data center he’s trying to gain access to.

Madeleine Vanka


The lone female of the VPNpioneer team, Madeleine holds her own against the overwhelming scent of testosterone. When not challenging the merits of Visio vs. Lucidchart, she can be found debating Ben about whose blogpost will create the most engagement. (Doug is often called upon to settle such disputes).

A self-certified grammar genius, she can give Doug a run for his money, if pushed, but is otherwise happy to bask in the certainty of her superior knowledge, which she has polished through years of experience after gaining an English degree in 2014.

Aside from books, Madeleine loves DC comics and anime, often displaying their artwork on the walls of a flat she shares with Milo, her moggy cat.